September 7th Australian Federal Election

130803 JUST DEFIANCE September 7th Australian Federal Election Edition

Yeah, sounds good to me.

One headline from the dubious of dubes, Sinny's “The Daily Telegraph” reads that “Labor leading us into a black hole”.

It's more than it's worth to insert the links to these, if you like right wing Sinny-type spin, go figure and find yourself.

But on that bland, expected headline, from the right wing MAXIMUM CONSUMPTION Sinny types, such as a low profile Tiny, and getting Tinnier, Habit, the federal Opposition leader, to point the finger at Labor as leading us into a black hole, etc, 1st, a line from the black book out of the forever corrupt Judeo-Roman creed, is “Cast the 1st stone, ye who is without sin!

The right wingers are the ones who brought cause for the “welfare state” they now bitch against, and blame Labor for, by being completely arrogant and heartless to the poor Battlers not of the right name, or clan, or for not having bent over in the past for some aloof rich land-thief-cum-landowner.

Were our passed monarchs and right wing councilors and politicians more intelligent, and considerate, they would have not set the scene to today, by realizing the net worth of spreading the land and it's resources wealth more evenly across the demographic, so everyone could have eeked out a modest but potentially more than content income from the patches they had, or shared - the ideal scenario - with their kin, kind and brethren.

But NO-O! Cry the “enlightenment mobsters” from as far back as the 14th century Britain and Eurape, who found plenty of sex, and other people's land, gave them an excess of self-confidence to want want want to rule the world, at any cost. Usually, the cost being born by those they conquered and stood on, enslaved and exterminated.

Little did they then, and until today, realize that they too, were not so much “Enlightened” in any Genuinely Spiritual sense, but rather were “snapped” by typically Hebrew “golden calf tribe” witches - “rabbis” the other word for them,

Thereafter, their elites could see the hidden occult world/s, could manipulate it, such that they followed the left-handed path for centuries until now, with an illegal and unconscionable “jewish state of Israel”, they invent invent invent the most heinous forms of weapons in nuclear arms, and dangle that threat over the reasonable, considerate peoples of the planet.

So, according to their non-reason, they are so correct as to be unchallengeable, and with that deem it their duty to subvert those who follow a more humble path, providing “welfare” to the masses left behind by the elite wealthy classholes.

So, “Labor leading us into a black hole” is not quite the whole truth.

For the errant selfish ignorant actions of the ruling elite of the judeo-christian empires of ignorance, of the last oooowh? 3,000 years, doing every most-filthy thing they can to keep their greedy fingers on their old empires of stolen land, the “black hole” has been growing exponentially for about ooooowh? 3,000 years.

And now, the last of the empirists, the right wing idiots we now call “the opposition”, use subterfuge, spin and foreign cabalist media, and rely upon the masses inculcated ignorance, to blame Labor, and the Greens, and the Independents, for trying to 1, educate the masses so-as to enable them to cure themselves, of the oooowh? 3,000 years of oppression by - the right wing greedy monarchist upper-classholes, essentially - and 2, try to convince the dills that the right wing centrist greedy monarchist upper-classholes know how to save the planet from the pending black hole?


The black hole they and their forebears created!

I know that a silent majority of True Believers, who are merely People never, or no longer snowed by the spin of right wing politics and religious BOOOOLLLLSHSHSHHIT, dream daily of “THE Peoples' Revolution”, to finally and forever purge the Human Soul-Collective of the ignorance of me-first political/economic delusions, as expressed by the Ho Jockeys of the opposition parties, et al, et al.

The black hole has been coming, as far as I'm concerned, since the Hebrews left Egypt.

But get Tiny Habit, or Ho Jockey, or Barnyard Juice to wax about those deep historical truths?


However..., for whatever reasons, some criticisms of the new Kevin Rudd, that he's making it up as he goes along, may not be far from the truth?

I was “boggled” by the decision, but more by his statement, that future “Boaties” [my affectionate capitalization] would be settled in Papua New Guinea?

Who are we Australians to state that?

Papua New Guinea, while never overtly admitted as such, has always been but a “sub-colony” of Australia, and has been kept as something of a “margin-state” by all our previous governments, aka, the British establishment, primarily, I'd guess, for the huge mineral and other resources hiding in her rugged and beautiful mountain ranges.

So Rudd's line that we Astrayliarns determine that Refugees be thrown onto Papuan territory forever, shows not merely that the current ALP/Greens/Independents government show contempt for any Papuan Soveriegnty, but that all our master elites, from Britain and Eurape have never conceded to Papua's independence.

So Rudd saying that alone, puts severe doubts as to his clarity of mind, and hither-believed Intelligence?

It may be yet another panicked move pre-election, what with the unqualified pressure from the dropposition on this same BOOOLLSHSHIT “Refugees” issue, and a glitch in Rudd and coy's thinking?

But, the other side of the offshore coin of corruptitics, will not last long, if they BOOOOLLLSHSHIT their way over the election line come September the 7th, or 14th, or Grand Final Day, because their homemade “black hole” is coming, no matter what any of the political classholes do, from here until Armageddon.

As I, and many others have said, the whole “Refugees” issue is a global problem, and cannot be solved from the disgustingly parochial perspectives of the right wing monarchists parties.

That they use this to unsettle the government, merely so psychopathic power-hungry maniacs like Abbott can sit his shiny arse in the prime minister's chair, is the classic of all classic “abominations”, and if they do smoooogjgje their way into government, then every Righteous person, young old, left and right, will have every right to DEFY all authority in Australia, and act in whatever ways they can, by being “civil disobedients”.

Obviously, it is recommended that everyone follows Righteous and Truly Legal means, mainly by attending all official meetings of the ruling authorities, armed with knowledge and facts as to any unqualified actions by the officials, and challenge every such activity by the comfy-fanny classes with legal facts.

From local councils to federal parliament.

But.., back to Rudd's failings..., one muses as to whether he's been told to “show stupidity”, in such as his clearly illegal suggestion or edict that Refugees be sent to live in Papua, so-as to bring to the fore, the basic anti-Democratic belief and ideal of these levels and types of “leaders”?

But, I doubt it.

It is just as possible, that Rudd made that decision on settling Ref's in Papua, because his puppet masters have withdrawn their programming, so have deliberately left him to fend for himself, in “thinking”.

Thus, he may not be that Intelligent Bloke I have written much on to now?

But we can be sure, that none of the options to “leadership” in Australia, are any less “puppets”, and essentially, to the same offshore “Illuminati”-type masters.

Masters” [NOT!] not dissimilar to the clearly errant-minded “Dominique Strauss-Kahn” ex-head of the IMF, who was charged with being an idiot toward the physical person of a New York hotel maid, by the NYPD.

So..., we cannot expect better headlines from the black hole media of the Daily Telegraph in Sinny, about the ALP leading us into the economic deficit black hole.

It's coming, and has been since....., Moses went a wandering in the deserts.

deserts” being the most exact and appropriate simile for the baron places of the lost tribes mentalities.

And, contrary to the dropposition's postulations of Labor leading us into their black hole, while Wayne Swan and his Treasury are now treated as forgotten, they did know and see the black hole acoming, and knew the best they could do was to delay it as long as possible, using every possible reserve to keep we greedy and too often stupid Australians above the waterlines flooding over the rest of the 1st world, in Eurape, Britain and the USA.

We still benefit enormously for what the post 2007 Rudd-Swan, Et Al ALP government did, in shoring up the defenses against the already drowning other 1st world nations same centuries-old advanced bad management practices.

And...., I have no doubt also, that the ALP, as well as the Greens, and the Righteous Indies All, see very clearly the rectitude, and the supportive evidence, of my bitches about the inherent flaws and dangers of focusing on “the individual” leader.

And, that the only True Way to Govern, is by a Committee, made up of elected Representatives from every Council in the land.

This cannot be achieved nor begun, while we still have the totally unsupportable, unsubstantiatable middle tier of our - houses of corruption - state parliaments.

Provinces” yeah, of regional Councils with similar geographical and other interests, like agriculture, geography, and perhaps, but no less important, Aboriginal Clans and Nations, etc.

But all in all, the whole concept of “leaders” is the enemy of Democratic Government.

It is no surprise to me, having inquired into Chinese Philosophy and Communism and government, that the Chinese Communist ruling structure, while seen as centrist, has always been made up of O! Local Council Representatives, elected up the chain of authority and those who display the exceptional qualities necessary for the highest, largest level of management, like over ONE BILLION People, sit on the Central Committee.

With all it's foibles, China is doing pretty well.

And I challenge anyone from the lesser populated nations and more crapitalist systems, to do better than the system in China has done over the last 70-plus years.

So..., Rudd's fuckups? Part and parcel of too centralized authority, of too much pressure to appear to have a handle on every aspect of large high level government.

And, as for the dropposition's crap about Asylums Seekers, the issue is GLOBAL, and until THE GLOBE, ie., every nation gets on the case, and tackles the guaranteed FAIL of the world's current ILLEGAL BORDERS, imposed by clearly insane wealthy-disease “lords of sick” Brit-Euro 19th century elites, to call a Commission into starting again, Abbott and his sycophants are themselves but traitors to the species in general.

And so are our media, while they play along and try for readers with shit like “illegal” Refugees and Asylum Seekers coming here.

The only ILLEGAL thing in this whole load of shit, is the ILLEGAL BORDERS.

But as the likes of Tiny Habit and Ho Jockey and the rural Barnyard Juice won their elitist indoctrinations for being born into families of offshore genocidal maniacs, they're never gonna admit their failings, of illegal land ownership, anti-intelligence and dishonorable rhetoric.

It's a guarantee that, were they to be our government, we'll never hear bigger loads of shit as we will from them, once their forebears' black hole finally starts to consume Australia.

As a poster I wrote months ago states it, clear and true


Finally, to throw some practical, reasonable, humane and intelligent options into this “immigration” fiasco, we have every right and duty to be a lot more open to Asylum Seekers and Refugees coming here.

Were we to make it clear to them, that assimilating in less than the 1st 5 years into our clearly corrupted and errant whiteguy societies and cultures, is not on, and that if they must escape from tyranny wherever they are [tyranny encouraged and as oft' invented by the western hegemonies], then they will be obliged to live and work, for a wage, be-it merely board and food, and education, etc., in our most remote regions, on National projects - rail networks, infrastructure, “NBN” etc., and the development of new inland townships, etc., and be expected to learn languages, trades, and customs known to be useful and educing of the intellectual faculties, primarily so they lose all hopes of becoming no more than greedy corrupt over consuming idiots as we seem to specialize in breeding, then letting the rising numbers come here “illegally” as the illegal opposition parties like to slime them as being, would no longer be an issue.

However, while Australians so stupidly believe that remaining a subjected part of the disgustingly culpable and corrupt British “Commonwealth”, and cannot muster the intellect to become our own Independent Democratic Republic, nothing Genuinely Humane will begin here.

What we see in terms of large scale multinational corruption, and any “black hole” in economics, culture and civil and personal discipline, have their roots in the abominably WRONG WAY ideologies of the last 2,000, 3,000 4,000 year old worlds of lost tribe whiteguys.

All the more reason for us to hoist a whole bunch of Aborigines into Advisory Chairs for the Construction of our Democratic Republic National Government.

Sorry, but the current Governor General, “Quentin Bryce” while I guess not a fool or dolt, is more of an insult to that chair.

Being ever “politically-correct”, polite, nice to talk to, and instructed as to everything she says publicly, is not how a person in that Chair is required to act.

Clearly, our political and class structure/s is/are not in any healthy state.

So the last thing we need up that high, is someone who makes no headway into making the situation less corrupt, less Honorable, and more Democratic.

Therefore, again, I advise, that if it is useful for the female gender to be seen to be represented in the high chairs of monarchist power, etc., then the Best person Australia could have there, is not a “friendly”, smiley, delicate flower, but a tough, well-in touch with reality, no nonsense Woman.

Not someone dragged out of upper class tearooms, but someone with the genuine credibility to make Intelligent, Fearless and Wise decisions in terms of not keeping the status quo static, like Tony Abbott wants it, but in curing the nation of it's worst cultural crimes.

So, again, I urge People with the Authority and Determination to do the Right Thing, to elect Marcia Langton to be our next Governor General.



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