My Comment To The Jakarta Post On Free Marxism Courses For Vietnam's People

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Vietnam Offers Free Marxism Degrees taken from The Associated Press, Hanoi | odd world | Fri, August 16 2013, 10:53 AM
Possibly a lost cause, it nevertheless cannot be ignored that the lessons offered by the Vietnam government and colleges, of free Marxism courses, potentially, assuming they are not shaved or edited to suit a narrow political parameter or climate, do great and most beneficial things for the individual's intellect.

I throw this one out there because I cannot be convinced that people focusing singularly on their own well-being, especially in financial terms of “riches” and avaricious hunger for MORE MORE MORE wealth, are not the most ignorant of us, and are the most dangerous threat to everything and everyone.

From a life of inquiry into healthy cultures, societies, peoples and individuals, and sick ones, I'm convinced that personal wealth AND, the brutalizing search for it, is what causes the most mental ill-health. 
Hence my term referring to the wealthiest of us, the ponses who sit in judgment over the British Commonwealth, it's peoples, it's security and long term well-being, the members of the “House of Lords” or, the “lords of sick”.

That of course, includes every rich dick and fanny riding the wave of material domination and ensuing fortune, in any and all aspirational upper-middle-upper classholes, and upper, and upper-upper class houses of the political classes, but perhaps especially of the white western 1st worlds of Britain, Eurape, the USA, and Australia, amongst others.

They are so far into their own greed and opulence, they cannot possibly see nor understand just how fucking sick they are.

But.., I reiterate, that's the way it goes in this universe, it seems, Amoeba, to Empire, to Self-Extermination. 

There have to be planets and even pockets of intelligent life across the spacial infinitude, where such failings do not overtake reason and balance and democratic common sense.

But it ain't here, dudes!

And, no matter what “the peepull” manage and maybe muster from here-on down the pipe of bullshit politrixs, by our bullshit profiticians, and fostered and flogged to us by our “market forces” - never more insane than these last couple of centuries - it eludes me seeing any possible halt, cure, remedy, or final solution, to the shit that's developed to now, other than a major nuclear war dropping us all, monarchic and market forces included, back to the Noble Stone Age.

So.., it was a little bit of intellectual refreshment to read the linked article off - Go - ogle - news pages, via the Indonesian “Jakarta Post”, from Associated Press, about the Vietnamese government saying “NEVER SAY DIE!” for the only TRUE Cause for Humanity's survival, and offering the People of Vietnam free courses in Marxist thinking, etc.

So, refreshed and inspired, I wrutt this to the Jak Post pages.

[Just Defiance]

Everyone needs such understanding and appreciation of the broadest cultural and governmental insights as put by Karl Marx and his compatriots throughout history, so-as to more accurately assess any political condition, situation or candidate.  

His and others of his "Communist" ilk, gave the world treatise' which were not merely knowledge on larger fiscal issues of a nation's management, but explained better than even most "modern" western fields of psychology and psycho-analysis, the propensities of the human being and mind, individually, socially, culturally, and thus economically.

The vast majority of cultural and economic failings, and dangers, across the world, are results of the people assuming, but being led "by market forces" to assume, that self-interest and personal riches are more important than a solid grounding in what and why government exists and functions best, ie., for everyone.

To not ensure everyone has a deep intellectual grounding in the "Common Unity" side of life, ensures the failure of the society, the nation, now, the planet, and, the mental health of the individuals.
The USA, and Australia, the prime examples of these failings.

Governments which fail to know this, and to ensure all the people are given free unfettered access to these Giants of modern times, thought, philosophy and politics, quick enough become the very enemies of the People.

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