My Comments To WSWS Socialist Equality Party On Housing

130816 JUST DEFIANCE My Comments To WSWS Socialist Equality Party Campaigner Edition

By Nick Beams—SEP Senate candidate for NSW
14 August 2013

If anyone outside my badmax dream of the long night is actually bothered about the coming September 7th Australian federal election, and does want to “MAX A DIFFERENCE!” [copyright!], they'll do the best of doing well to keep an eye on the World Socialist Web Site “WSWS”, which I just spent eyefuls of time and data consumption reading.

They posit sound critiques of several other contenders for the election, mostly against the major parties, and against some smaller ones. I don't disagree with the reasonings or tenets of their arguments, but only say that if we ARE True Fella Australians, and if therefore we DO want the best for the nation, we have to shatter the major party's hold on power, in all three tiers of government, of course, which keeps control of us, Bleck, white and motley, in the hands of the evermore insane offshore Brit-Euro elite.

So I contend that at this point it is not an issue of being all like ME, and blood-red Communisticalistism [just to confuse the NSA], but more a case of breaking the stranglehold the majors have, by voting up any of the newer, and in this case, the older party you reckon has sound policies, short AND long term. Emphasis on LONG TERM, is how we have to think politically.

The author of the article this following “My Comments” goes to, denigrates the Greens, and again, he has clearly a better handle on our political farce than I do, so I can't mock or challenge his assertions.

I regard the Greens as would-be a lot more RED if they could. But here, in offshore dumb-as-dogshit Astrayliar, to be heard, and to get a seat at the table in Canberra, and in other tiers, the Greens, being Intelligent, know that a more moderate position is necessary to not frighten the horses of evil extreme right wing hexes and spells cast deep into the fabric of the majority of Astrayliarns' minds.

Actually, I reckon a lot of even today's pretty damned extreme right wing LABOR politicians and members would tell you, in trusted company, that the CRAPitalist system is fucking deadly for everything, but hey! The punters have been so dumbed-down by the evil churches and elites over thousands of jewish years that there's little they can do, but modify their stances for a seat at the royal bastards' tables.

Nevertheless..., with this gang of frightened horses, er flock of frightened horses, A? Herd of frightened horses, er, y'know, doing their best just to get their pic in the papers, in parliament, doing better for everyone than if they weren't bothered, and as the whole charade is an evil distracting - charade - it's refreshing to find and read REALPolitik websites of such as this WSWS and their honest and fearless descriptions of how things globally, and here, are, and are apparently fairly obviously, expected to become in the future years, decades, forevers.

Bu-ut, that didn't stop me spotting an edge to bitch about in one of the author's articles, about housing.

So, tune in to the WSWS website, scan their pages, read the one this refers to, then read my comments to the author.

All chunky and juicy REALPolitik Stuff, methinks methinks.


Just red a few of your election articles Nick, and Salute You Comrade!

Ran out of impetus to read all this one though, sorry.

I also see the future as being well beyond the "home-owner dream" cum delusion for today's newbies.

But this involves several points that, under Your Recommended Revolutionary System, would be significantly different also.

Perhaps the primary one, is "work"?
We must challenge the very heart of our psychotic fixation, bred over centuries, with the mass-produced items our "modern" culture has come to accept as OK.

1st would be to rid our beliefs' systems of the utterly unsustainable lifestyles of MAXIMUM-CONSUMPTION [MAX-CON] the crapitalists have force-fed our genes to accepting blithely.

This goes directly to the impending "energy crises" plural facing this and every generation from here to eternity, perhaps, and that the MAX-CON culture is untenable.

This, goes directly also, to the delusional dreams we've been imbued in, since the 1/4-acre family block and house packages were "created" and popularized by ours-truly, the Victoria Australia "land-boomers" of the last 3 decades of the 19th century.

One Ted Bailleau, the direct descendent of a leader of that rort, that elitist assault, on all aspects of a Humane and Social Community.

It is clear, that once things do hit rock bottom, in terms of supply of essentials, foods, utilities, transport, education, and shelter, etc., the delusional dreams of individual "nuclear" families living alone in urban nightmare, maximum INsecurity houses, will fail the mum-dad-2-point-2-kids type of set-up.

It must be made clear to your Comrades that that ideal was in fact a product of the crapitalist profit-first system, which went significant ways to destroying the Tried-and-True "Extended Family" models, by offering the already segmented workers such little patches of utopia.

The "nuke-fam" house is the smallest possible "house" they could devise, which gave them maximum profits from the subdivisions of what were meant to be "publicly-owned lands", maximum division of the People from each other nightly, maximum drain [and tax] on their purses, via the "death-pledge" of the evil "mort-gage", with usury, of course, and many other most dangerous negatives to the larger Group, one being the heinous and destructive psychological effects upon children raised in these anti-social closed environments.

I'm sure you agree with these explanations, for they really are self-evident.

So, many things are dangerously wrong with the modern culture, aye?

To Unite in housing, and in the [decentralized] Agrarian fields, in terms of work, in Cooperative Education of all of us, is 1st, the Most Economic - ie., "economies-of-scale" future for housing, for everyone, and for the absolutely and primary need to reduce demands on resources for energy, for the maximum reduction in terms of manufacturing little more than pollution, thus is the only way a True, Scientific AND Completely Humane Local, National, and Global government structure stands a chance.

Personally, ha! It's too late, methinks.

But, I'll be swinging my Socialist Sword to my last breath, against the egomaniac elites, "the lords of sick" - 80-to-90% of white Australians, no less - who deem this world and the Workers, theirs to play with as it suits their ignorant perceptions and insatiable desires.

All Strength To The Revolution!

It must be said, as if I need to [?], I didn't write near as much as could have been on this issue.  

Like, on the major PSYCHOLOGICAL REVOLUTION [Which Revolution ISN'T psychological????] the species needs to relearn how to live and work together harmoniously, ET CETERA!

But as usual, I stress out a bit writing most anything today, especially straight to the website window.

But I reckon the key points were made clear.

Brayakooloong Gunai Aborigine Outlaw.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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