GREENS Attacking Corrosive Culture Of Major Parties

130809 JUST DEFIANCE GREENS Attacking Corrosive Culture Of Major Parties Edition

So, the head of the offshore Australian Liberal party media cabal, Kim Williams, boss of Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd Australia, jumps ship ahead of the election?

That's a TICK for Good and Fearless Media, methinks.

Dare I be so brash and suggest he saw the writing on the corporate toilet wall [bad metaphor Justie!] since one DEFIANT journalist/blogger posted suggestions onto the choice and balanced “The Conversation” online news journal article about Murdoch's shameless interference in Australian politics, and writing that Murdoch, his boys, Lachie and wee Jimmie, as well as his editors, for being so illegal in their messing with readers'/voters' minds, should be assassinated?

Yeah, why don't I dare?

As I recall, 'twas soon after the same fearless Journo/blogger issued similar assertions toward the veracity and rectitude of the same Murdoch media heads, that the elder son, Lachlan, skipped off the step toward taking over, what wee Jamie assumed.



Does influence for the Greater Good escape the law like Murdoch and coy have for so long, with their 'til now blatant misuse of media, and thus, of peoples' voting trends?

I doubt it. But I do reckon I'll have a better time of it, in my next lives, than they will.

However, to be clear, for inexplicable reasons, I've long thought Rupie wasn't all that bad a person, and the lads do win some element of regard from me the most evil anti-mogulist on earth.

As I've been on about for a few..., most of our personalities, characters etc, are more molded by the surrounding culture we are spat into, and usually, like from day one, have no option but to absorb.

Lots come quick to see the errors of the culture they are cemented into, and take a walk, either on the wild side, or do the “tree-change” type thing, and find suitable climates to break all traditional laws, grow enough marijuana to buy a nice patch of bushland, and live outside the throng, off the grid, in but another lifestyle of “fuck everything” ways. And not so fuck everything ways.

So..., trying to consider all things when I write evil things about apparently evil arseholes, considering the overwhelmingly evil whiteguy, mainstream western christo-judean cultures we suffer and become zombies in, which should invert said evil things to being the opposite, if they're about evil arseholes [?!#@$%^??], Murdoch's continual hammering of the ALP, with the occasional pro-ALP campaigns his rags have been known to run, may be more justified than most so-called “left-wingers” can appreciate?

Because, as I wrote and posted in the previous blogpost here, the dominant culture on earth, and down under down the shithole Australia, is really really evil.

And, it is dominated by the two factions of the same cabal, essentially - the right wing Lib/Nats covens of the counter-Rome freemasons, and the left-wing global centrist, false god, covens, perhaps even “THE” ancient Hebrew “matriarchal” coven of the catholics.

Both, history tells, have their births and growth in the crucible of the ancient and failing cult of ancient Israel.

And, as power, corruption, rule, and the resultant thing we loosely call “government” always eventually becomes a conjoining of two previously opposing powers, ending actually supporting each other so both can stay above the rabble, the throng, the mass chaos we call humanity, and share between themselves the spoils of power, rule and tyranny, powers that develop within and outside of the bipartisan elite cabal, do sometimes rail against this comfortable deal between the two leaders of the dominant hegemony.

And, other factors always other factors, have to be considered, if we're being the “all things considered” ATC, type.

Perhaps one major thing here to consider and decipher and debunk, is that even those in media, mainstream and “academic” or of the “Intelligentsia”, most always themselves, as individuals, come from the upper-middle-upper classes.

Always, now, they've been through the churches secret agenda schools, of either “side” of the cult divide - freemason and catholic - and for that, for the privilege they enjoy, of the networks and social connections they are “blessed with” for the schools they attended and learned their trades, and secret agendas in, they too, are bias, even while they may try with every honest and even honorable intention, to be impartial and balanced and egalitarian, the cult-bias is there, forever, until the end of their spirit's time.

Trying to make this clear to any who enjoy the guaranteed wealth and job security donated to them by their coven masters, or, by their master coven, is usually impossible, because they are so welded to every little and large - like TEN THOUSAND ACRES, Phil!? In the Hunter Valley, or such, that it is actually unreasonable to expect them to “...give away all their possessions and take up the cross...” of being honest, in everything they say and do.

So even in the balanced journals and news rags and media outlets, there''s the underlying cement around their feet, holding them fast to the desks of “limited propriety”, which in the end, suits very nicely thang-YOOO, the overlords of corruption and bullshit politics.

Aka, the Lib/Nats and the ALP major political class parties.

And, a step behind both of them are the dominant global cults of Machiavellianism-gone-very-very-VERY-FUCK EVERYTHING-wrong.

Freemasons. Catholics. Illuminati. Club of Rome. Club of Jerusalem. The Bilderbergers. Brettonwoods, and on, and on, and on.

Murdoch was raised steeped deep in the Brettonwoods type of global media cauldron, of bringing under one umbrella, all the world's mainstream media, which is why he's assuming the right to interfere in our NOT-AT-ALL-SOVEREIGN political basket [case].

All our media has been caught in the same game for decades, perhaps even about 100 years, after the genuine Worker's Party formed, unionism took shape, and the world's elites were for the first time seriously threatened by the masses getting organized, enough to champion the economic sciences of equitable land distribution. That, I think, was really why the first world war was sparked off and fought.

Russian Communism had the same profound, intelligent, scientific roots behind it. And while it showed promise, the elites were watching, and panicked, setting off horrendous counter revolutions everywhere they had stolen the land from the “peasants”.

Australia no less.

And, one of the most effective ways the elites have always diffused popular uprisings, is by infiltrating the Movement, and subverting the leadership essentially by threat and bribe, to turning the behind the scenes play to their elite's advantage, while on the surface, fooling the masses that the worker's party is still working for the workers.


So..., out there in high-end medialand, it's a filthy sneaky, lowdown dog of a business [sorry Dogs!], and it takes a Hell of a mob of Mobsters to keep pace, and keep in the game, without being - “assassinated”.

Lefties” see the Lib/Nats, as evil. And vice-a-versa, of course.

So anyone who appears to side with either side, is for it, from someone. Usually from someone who has been steeped in one type of cult-ure, which thinks and talks and walks and fucks etc., in ways some indistinct historical rite swore them to follow.

Neither, in the end, as we witness in the overall FUCK EVERYTHING culture war between them is taking us all into, is correct.

That one side might win one three year term election, or even some longer timeframe of power, like the USA is enjoying, whatwith it's O! Ancient jewish witchcraft of splitting atoms, does not AT ALL, make them CORRECT, in the culture they force upon previously Wise, Intelligent, Happy, Blissful, and Truly Perennial Peoples, Cultures, Races.

But, as the Wise have written, “DON' TELL EM! THEY ALWAYS REACT BADLY!!!”

So..., threats or lingering allusions of being assassinated for editing a rag with overt elitist agendas, are bold and perhaps foolish statements, unless they too, carry some weight. Some rectitude, Some clear and egalitarian WE'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT type thrust.

And...., as we've seen across all 1st and 3rd world's of the last decade, the People have had enough.

England's “Hoodies” riots. “YO ! THE HOODIES!!!”

Tunisia's Revolution.

Libya's, while to my mind a fuck up, against yes, something of a tyrant, in a world of bigger tyrants he and his Cult were fighting an Honorable war against, and now, it's in a poorer state than it was.

And Egypt! Will Egypt ever find a Balance? Was it more peaceful and equitable before the People took out the military dictatorship of “_______” [?] I'd say corruption was, passed acceptable for too many Egyptians, and as it does, leaving the majority behind, and the only option for survival was to partake of the corruption, which always ends badly, with failed revolutions, interested foreign parties interfering and keeping the chaos alive, and doomed downslides for the over all people, upper and lower.

The “Arab Spring” as it was labeled by O! whiteguy upper-middle-upper class media, taking down a few regimes of elite pro-tyrannical western oil-eating nations/cultures/corporations, effecting no real reforms or CORRECTIONS to the colonialist governments and dynastic Arabian oil families. Oil and heroin, and hashish dynastic families. And spices!

It goes on. Brazil is counting the costs of the recent riots by students and the poor, and trying no doubt to reappraise it's corrupt elite's presumption of forgetting about the majority, for happy go cocaine parties on zee beeeches.


These and the many other uprisings happening globally are signs the People are sick of the bullshit, bullshit bellowed by the two elite political sides, sides which own and buy media, and councils, and any gutless “blue pill” greaser who drools at the thought of getting a few pieces of silver, for staying gutless selfish consumption trolls. And weapons of mass destruction.

So, getting to the nub of media bias, when all mainstream media are overwhelmingly mediated, edited, and reported for, by upper-middle-upper classholes, no, not all arseholes, well..., is easy.

But effecting any substantial CORRECTIONS to the reportage, and thence, we might hope, to the charade they are paid 30-pieces, to report on, and gently sway into appearing as favoring one side of ruthless upper-upper-political-classholes over the other side of ruthless upper-upper-political-classholes, takes molotov cocktails on the streets, into the media house windows, into parliament houses and council chambers.

Ken Williams will be easily replaced, by someone well-steeped in the culture of upper-middle-upper classhole bullshit, discretely promised bonuses for working under threat of assassination, and the mill will carry-on.

Will Murdoch take a hint that he is going too far in his blatant bias, and ease back the pedal?

I doubt it.

And.., should he?

Is he in fact being more honorable than we realize, we of the “left”? Does he know stuff the little people never know about? Some evil, like REALLY evil plot inside and offshore in Labor's war offices?

Can it be more evil than those he pays to talk less intelligent right wing shit in the houses?

Well... as both sides of the evil houses of politricks are scratching each others backsides, and have been since King James' spies infiltrated Oliver Cromwell's camp and subverted the - NO! - since the British establishment colonials infiltrated the early Australian Worker's Labor Movement, and wrote out of their original Charter, Equitable Land Distribution, no, it cannot be anymore evil than another side of the coin.

Or..., something?

And, so, or but, it should be no surprise that today's Murdoch press howls that the ex-extreme right wing Victorian Liberal premier, Jeff - “WHERE'S ME 10 MILLION DOLLARS COMPENSATION KENNETT??? - Kennett, [well..., he's still extremely right wing!] has launched a tirade against the number THREE political party of the GREENS, so-as to put the dopy voters off bringing some equity to our politics, by using the minor parties to break the two-party Lib/Nats and Labor cabal.

Obviously, Williams stepping back to avoid the molotov or random act of bangbangs, thus far cannot change the Murdoch cabal's direction of trying to oust Labor.

But one might deduce that the Libs, and the cabalists sharing the spoils, the Nats and Labor, might have fallen onto some smart pills, and have seen that perhaps their two party charade is really genuinely under challenge, if not threat of being molotov'd, by the voters being increasingly sick and awake to their bullshit, and who might well do the Right - er - CORRECT thing and vote up the GREENS.

Or..., as I wrote in the last post, by merely choosing either of the minor growing parties, closest to their own generally fucking sad preferences, of the Big Hat Bob Katter's Party, the Clive Palmer's Party, or the Intelligent, Wise and Earth-Loving GREENS, the People could at last shatter this disgustingly corrupt and terminal charade of the two majors, and thus begin to break down the whole lot of economic bullshit, including the houses of state and territory parliaments.

But..., sure, were such enlightened happenings to happen, it would require the People get off their shit-we're-really-scared boxes, and attend free classes on the Noble Sciences of Physics, and Equitable Land Distribution LAWS, Law in general, and all the accompanying classes of Enlightenment-Inducing Philosophy, and the Arts of Healthy Living, Working, and Awakening the Intellect, ET CETERA..., then, armed with THE LAWFUL FACTS.., attend every council meeting, and also have coordinated delegates hammering the National Committee of Elected Reps by the hour to ensure corruption does not start seeping steeping back in from O! Murdoch's, Rhineharts, Berlesconi's media houses, nor from the likes of the ILO-minati, or the British house of Lords of Sick, etc etc.

Nor from the Haliburton-Rinca [?] conacreters incorporated....!

ET cetera...!

So.., forgetting the forgotten has-been Kennett's last ditched attempt to save the cabal, by exposing their fear of the Righteous anti-cabalist, anti-corruption GREENS, and taking it that News Incorporated boss Williams has decided wisely, for once, to stop enforcing bullshit in the broadsheet rag, The Australian, we might consider today something of a Good News Day.

But, it's only 13:20?

A day in bullshit is a long time.....!

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