Murdoch, Telstra, Coal Seam Gas, Federal Opposition Parties - And The Public Interest

130827 JUST DEFIANCE Murdoch, Telstra, Coal Seam Gas, Federal Opposition Parties - And The Public Interest Edition

Immediate and Completely Justifiable Action Demanded of our Nation's "Top Cop", the Attorney General, Mr Mark Dreyfus!

Since before 2000, when the United States branch of the global Murdoch media cabal effectively won the US Presidential election for the Illuminati corporate Republican party, positing their inheritance-puppet George W Bush into the chair, Murdoch has been inordinately active in influencing politics. Politics -global.

Everywhere his News International, News Corp, News Ltd has reached, and spread it's bias and bigotry, journalists and half-smart people have seen cause to be more than a little concerned about the power Murdoch has been building and deploying.

There are roaringly obvious examples across the white, 1st world nations, English-speaking ones most, that Murdoch has manipulated the minds of the public, and not merely via his in-yer-face media mediums of newspapers, TV, hollywood, and the internet, but through the perhaps harder to expose “opinion pollster” corporations, as they've grown into, with their dubious successes, and thus, blithe acceptance across the known world/s.

Now, and for perhaps well more than the last decade, all media resort to whatever the larger opinion polls publish, almost as if they're “gospel” on whose winning the election campaigns.

Along the same line, one has to ask whether the various, typically unscrupulous “betting agencies”, once singularly taking bets from punters on the geegees and the dogs, horse and greyhound races, are now not roped into the same cabals' secret and utterly pernicious, totally undemocratic - therefore illegal - agendas, of manipulating public “opinions”, or “unsubstantiated theories” in the election processes?

Why do I “feel” this is the case???

However..., being on the margins of the margins, of the margins of society, of cults, of politrix, of alien invasions, and of about every other thing, and not thing, influencing, and it seems, from afar, fucking the planet and humanity, I cannot be sure of any of these suggestions.

And..., for little else to do with my pensioner-time pre-death, reading the news articles that are deemed safe or such enough for me the puppet to read, I'm generally even more bemused by the content.

How the fuck can any society let itself get into the shitful situations-plural, it/we/they, have?”

Perversion! Corruption! Ignorance! Evil! REALLY fucking stupid people!

And some majority of them believe marijuana is bad for us?

NAH! There's gotto be something else, which is fucking the news, or the reality, or the subtle fabric of the existence, we commonly call “the Universe”?

Whiteguy”? Women? Christianity? Jews? Hollywood? Freemasons? Aliens? Unloosed witchcraft?

In a nutshell.... ALL OF THE ABOVE!?

Actually, I dunno! [?]

But there's some funny business goin' orn, out side of my perview, that NOBODY's - tellin' me?

And don't the Murdochs, and the current federal parliament opposition parties, and the British High Commissioner in Canberra, et al, et al, make hay with me being kept in the dark!?

The only thing I can put the unwarranted license Murdoch and the opposition parties are abusing, to enable them to break all conventional laws around the political processes, and around being required to tell the truth in politics, etc., is that they know of some naughty business that the current Labor government has been up to, and are holding it over the likes of PM Kevin Rudd, and all his merry eMPees, in a blackmaily kind of way.

And..., if the current government, or the lesser partners in the current government coalition, break their silence on how ILLEGAL the Murdoch media, it's covered networks, and allied combinations are, and have been, then the Murdoch gangsters will unloose the world's mightiest expose on the smiley-sweet-comfy-fanny CATHOLICS, and throw toolboxes of spanners into every parochial “Cronulla”-type suburbs' right wing mindset, setting off the worst level of social unrest the piddly little middle-power nation has seen.

[Outside, that is, of the 24/7 endless conflict that is “Sydney”!]

So.., what is it???

Ummm...? Anything to do wiff - Jesus?

False messiahs?

Bad magic?


Naughty caff'lics!

So, this, if correct, is why the shiny blue-eyed blondie, wonderboy PM Rudd, and his cohort of crusty, 4th century Roman caff'lics, are mute on taking the highly illegal and inexcusable Murdoch media TO COURT, over their illegal abuses and manipulation of their media networks to warp the public's, voters' minds into voting down the actually GOOD, and Intelligent federal ALP/Greens/Independents government?

And aren't we all a bunch of silly-wallies? To be so swayed by such megalomaniacal rascals?

After reading a couple of choice news articles on the fantastically-more-balanced newspaper the Fairfax-owned “The Brisbane Times” website, [ Murdoch's vicious attacks on Rudd: it's business ] which I had play audibly again this morning, one going to the filth of Murdoch's imported attack-dog, from his post in New York, Col Allan, his reason detre, and their generally developmentally-retarded profit-centred approach to life, politics and the general public, the other I guess, exposing the failed accountant wannabe House of Reps New England candidate for the “squatter's party” Barnaby the betrayer Joyce, and his affairs involving seamy coal seam gas hopes and hoped for future bonanza in northern NSW
[ Barnaby Joyce to sell property to avoid CSG 'conflict of interest' ], my “faith” [a word NEVER used lightly nowadays!] in Australian Journalism has been restored.

Both articles were of the type we have been starved of for a while, I think, for they, the latter at least, was the kind that went out there, into the region, and sought out locals, not just a girlie on the town's mains street, who gushes when anyone talks to her, or bigoted Bill of Nowheresville who tells whatever the bighouse boss orders him to, but enough to give the guff, albeit less than evidence for court, on what the underlying intentions of Barney the Betrayer [of those in the electorate he's standing in] have been, for some 7 or more years.

Betrayal” in a word.

The same article's reporters went into other intimately related aspects, involving the squatters' party ex-bosses, John Anderson and the bloke who followed him into the same chair, whose name I couldn't be bothered digging out, but accounted for their connections to Barney Betrayers purchases of otherwise “mongrel country”, to be right in the centre of then, the expected and highly lucrative coal seam gas CSG extraction boom.

Now, being no expert on most things, other than being a puppet, I first overlooked the problem eastern Australia faces with this CSG stuff. But re-reading the article, it reminded me of the really precious “Artesian [?] Basin” underneath a very large section of eastern Australia, which is precious as a water supply for a lot of the country, for farming and for human consumption, and which is endangered enormously with exactly this type of “fracking” mining exploit.

So..., nevermind methinks, that Barney Betrayer sold his couple of thousand acres of that land, because, being found out, he knew instantly it would be rather a conflict of interest, regarding his putsch to become the New England Rep in Canberra.

The The Brisbane Times, of Fairfax Media, has done the people of that electorate proud, as they say, by telling of this quite dubious venture, involving the wannabe Barny Joyce's Nationals party ex-bosses, and now, Barney's campaigning manager, ex-Nat party chief, John Anderson.

Here's the link again:
Barnaby Joyce to sell property to avoid CSG 'conflict of interest'

Now, being the puppet I am, I admit that my interpretation of this and the other article, may not accurately retell the story and the facts, as the articles' writers so well put them.

So, go read them yourselves!

However...., after rolling over the info gleaned from them overnight, I am still of the considered opinion, such that it is beyond “unsubstantiated theory”, that, in regard to Rupert Murdoch sending his ruthless exaggeration and bullshit expert attack dog Col Pot, er Col Allan, out here to stomp Rudd, by the absolute abuse of their media empire's 70% ownership in Australia, of most all of our media, purely in order to kill off the absolutely indisputably excellent, world-class National Broadband Network, under construction for the vision and planning of the Rudd government, which directly challenges Murdoch's monopoly Fox media channels thingee, [READ THE ARTICLE!], Murdoch, and, or, his attack dog Col Allan, are flagrantly misusing their influence, to the point of breaking the law of the land, here [and in the USA, and in Britain], by influencing the political processes outside of their legal rights.

By Buddha I do go on, don't I?!

If, our girlie boys Australian Federal Police, AFP, and if it is within their charter, the Australian Secret [Security?] Intelligence Organization, ASIO, have what it takes to be our nation's law enforcement agency/ies, then it is well within my rights, and duty, as an Australian citizen, to ask, tell, order them to ARREST Colin Allan, for attempting to illegally interfere with our federal electoral processes.

And..., it is their, AFP's and ASIO's, duty to respond to this, my request, or, my order, as they do work for me, and for every other Australian citizen, or if we wanna be pedantic, “subject”, and take the necessary action, by bringing Colin Allan in for questioning in regard to his and his bosses overt breaches of the law regarding not interfering with the election processes.


NOT, once the election, highly questionable in itself, as are the Australian Electoral Commission, is over, and we have the utterly abhorrently inadequate, unqualified LNP parties, taking control of the PUBLIC PURSE after September the 7th 2013, in the year of our lord..., ET cetera.

And definitely NOT once said Colin Allan has done his filthy work and flown away back to his pigeon hole in New York USA!


Also..., while this does actually bother me some, for I see that this is or could be quite an higher and more dramatic step, than asking for the arrest of said offender, Colin Allan, nevertheless...  As this interference by all parties under the umbrella of the Murdoch empire, of interfering in the nation's political processes, is pernicious, and is a significant crime, I suspect that arresting just one of the perpetrators, namely Col Allan, leaves the rest of Murdoch's editors, mainly, free to print and shout headlines decrying such a Just Action, and the forces and people enacting it.

And, being a strong advocate of the rights and the need for a "Free Press", or Freedom of Speech across our media, it is to a degree against my principles, although I also see it as very necessary, to call also for our Authorities to arrest all senior editors of all of Rupert Murdoch's media houses, journals and broadcast networks, and bring them in for questioning, regarding said allegations of interfering with the Australian federal election processes.

This, surely must be combined with the sad, indeed tragic need, to halt all news and political broadcasts and publications of these Murdoch media outlets, until after the September 7th 2013 federal election.

What kind of ruckus such a move might incite across Australia, one can only speculate on.  

However, it is the legal and right thing to do, considering the circumstances, so that the election can be given every legal chance to be Equitably Effected, for the overall Best Interests of All the People of Australia.

And, as well..., those in the Proper Official positions, to Act on this Advise, will be guilty of some crime or another, if they do not act as it is said they must, in this document, and web post.

Also..., it is the Duty and the Right of the current sitting Prime Minister of Australia, no matter that he, Mr Kevin Rudd, is active in the election campaign against the said offenders, to issue the orders for said arrests.

Indeed, for Him to not issue said orders, leaves himself open to charges of sedition, or such, against the People of Australia.

In other words, Kev...,  "Man Up!"  

This is your Duty, and your Right.

The People of Australia will I am certain, support you.


to add even more spice to this debacle we call “Astrayliar”, the AFP, and ASIO, are also “asked” here, to take a drive with a comfy paddy wagon down Commonwealth Avenue or whatever it is, to the British High Commission premises, and ARREST, THE BRITISH HIGH COMMISSIONER, one Mr Madden, I believe, [without being online right at the moment].


Let's start with “SEDITION”!

What else would the head of a FORIEGN POWER's spy agency MI6, in Australia, be GUILTY of? COPPER?

I'm sure your Intelligence Officers have a handsome list of charges suitable to apply against the Madden's name and position?

BEFORE the September 7th federal election, please?

The title of this e-ssay includes "Telstra", because Murdoch has some shares in Telstra.  

Given his general illegal behavior in our political processes, as well as known interference in our nation's telephony networks and allied industries and businesses, it is without doubt  that I say he and his entire empire of Fox, News International, News Corp, News Ltd, executive and employees, etc and et al, are not fit to have any controlling shares or influence in Telstra.  

Therefore, as he/they cannot prove their innocence, in regard to the charges of illegally interfering with Australia's federal election processes, they do not qualify to have any control over the nation's largest telecommunications corporation, Telstra.

From my limited knowledge, it would seem appropriate that all shares in any hands connected to the Murdoch cabal, be "resumed" into the ownership and care of the Australia federal government, namely, at this point, the ALP/Greens/Independents coalition government.

So. Mote. It. Be.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw


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