Letter To The unAustralian Newspaper Editors

130828 JUST DEFIANCE My Email To The unAustralian newspaper editors [small-"n" & "e"] Edition
Aaaand.., following up after a torment-filled sleep lasten nichten, due to media nazis [apologies to Nazis!] haunting my veins, and that brought about by my posted e-ssay yesterday addressing the same criminal intent of the Murdoch media cabal, as put in the previous blog post, below, which I sent, unchanged, to the Australian federal government Attorney-General, Mark Dreyfus, here's a little pearler I just emailed, after a few FAILs and a cut-off internet connections, to HELL OOOOH? Australia's traitor-paper, The [UN-]Australian reporters, journos and editors, via their letter@theaustralian.com.au email.
 Damn them!  Besides, SOMEBODY'S got to say it, the bleeding obvious, and take it to their front doors, albeit by this wee email portal!

Sorry blokes, but I have to say, "your off the charts of good reporting". [NOTE: Probably should have been written "your off the charts of BAD reporting"? But, shit happens!  Like their shit reporting and "journalism" (I sqweem in my keyboard!)]
That your boss, Rupert Murdoch is behind the likes of Tony Abbott as our next leader, and the intellectually and morally impoverished LNP in general, cannot be seen as other than some warped intent on Rupert's behalf, to scuttle the nation completely, or to turn it into a violence-ridden, greedy, insane and brutally administered police dictatorship, or both.
That none of your editors have the gumption to speak honestly about Abbott's blatantly obvious ineptitude in so far as being a true leader, for the increasingly dire economic, climactic and militarist times ahead, displays clearly that they, your editorship are quite, quite, as  JW Howard coined, "unAustralian".
These obvious facts, as to your editorship's callous disregard for ALL "Australian" People, and the increasingly questionable mental health of Mr Murdoch, and possibly his sons, will be seen in future years by us, Australians who hold to Honorable Principles, and to High Ethical Standards, etc., as one of our most shameful eras in journalism.

Your bias and narrow-minded reportage is well below that which many of us know you, as leading media journalists, are capable of.

Truly, blokes and ladies, you ought to be utterly ashamed of yourselves.

.....from the Margins

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw
The REAL Australia.

[I didn't email the following traditional end-piece to my, these blog posts.  Maybe I shoulda?!]
 Adding..., I MEAN ? this dickfaced idiot, Col Allan, [apologies to dickfaces!] Murdoch has imported to conger the worst possible headlines against PM Rudd and the ALP/Greens/independent's government, I MEAN?

What sort of brainless troll would want to go through life with THAT sort of reputation??

Does anyone want to know him?  
If so, they, YOU, fellow gutter-grubs, who have the juvenile temerity to regard and call yourselves "journalists" etc., alleged allies, "friends" evern, of this poor substitute for a human being known by some over there, back it Slimesville ol' Blighty, as "Col Pot", will be hounded back to the shitholes of Hell whence your were excreted, time come!
We are all left to wonder at the ever-lower ranking of the Murdoch boys, senior and juniors, at this pathetic, and clearly mentally, developmentally-retarded approach to controlling Australia's political - yes, I do admit, - circus?  And, of course, control of the telecommunications and televisual media?

Perhaps Murdoch - all three but a disgrace and shameful progeny of the rather more Ethical Matriarch, recently passed-over Dame [?] Murdoch - clammers for evermore power over the world for some hidden, even to himself, bitter resentment at life, at his ancestry, at, even perhaps, his INDIGENOUS heredity?
whatever, clearly trhe old man is losing it, and cannot be seen, heard, or known to hold the reins of such a vast organization.

To whom does the empire pass down to???
Sorry lads?  Thus far you also fail the required maturity and Ethos to have anywhere near the power in such an instrument of mind control.
So..., send me a couple of billion pounds sterling, and the keys to your many mansions, and the offices of course, an' I'll assume control for you.
If you're good boys..., I'll let you visit me here and there, and offer your advice!
Not that I guarantee I'll LISTEN, of course!
I can sense Rupert's having a jolly old laugh!

LIFT YOUR GAME, y' ol' bastard!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of


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