Report To Counter-Intel Global Command

Report To Counter-Intel Global Command
0817 Edition

Oxygen level LOW, this morning, due to northerlies from the deathzone between the two tropics.

Radio reports more deaths expected from northern Australia across the arid, once agricultural regions of the eastern Australia, due to same nuclear fallout drifting south.

Forced to abandon settlement at old NSW/Qld border, due to same, plus due to influx of refugees from all-points north, from “the Burnett”, west over the range from Brisbane, up through the northern-eastern quarter of Australia, ex-Queensland, and, as Realists knew coming, from Indonesia, Papua, the few remaining inhabited islands in the south-western Pacific, and, Asia.

Mustered enough fuel to convoy south, to the Alps, now called Gunai Alps, the most popular name for the still forested region of south-eastern Australia.

Camped on the southern slopes about as east as we could get, bashing our trucks up old tracks in the forests, clearing the precious bush enough to hole-up for a while. Almost every bitumen road now is impassable. And the major highways, tollways all, are under military observation and regulation. We don't have too many problems with that, other than they're unpredictable, and are inclined to take healthy vehicles for themselves, either for the military's use, or, by corrupt officer's. And supplies. And women.

Generally we're welcomed by locals in from the old coast.

A good reputation for enduring war with honorable practices helps heaps when traveling.

Better still if you've maintained a clean bill of health, escaping the fallout after-effects, and, the common reason for disease and death, ignorance of bush-tucker, of health food generally, and loss of the essential foods to keep the organism functioning.

Nevertheless...., it's a tough time to be watching tele, in a comfy-fanny-pad.

Mainly because you're gonna have-to have about a thousand well-armed and fortified troops around your living room to keep the ferals and yobbo wanderers at bay, and dead, as much as possible, from storming your fort, and stealing your tele. Your power supplies, fuels, kids, women, etc etc etc.

I mean, “Ree-a-llee? How rude of them?”

This, is

Report To Counter-Intel Global Command
0817 Edition

Spent time in the fourth section during the night, observing activities in the warzone.

Massive troop movements were seen, most reacting to the offensive.

Nuclear war.

Civilian traffic, household and business energy supplies have ceased, over what stocks the small collectives and homes already had stored, prior to the war, and all known resources and reserves have been commandeered by the military.

Watching from the Impartial Zone, where I've dwelt in isolation for the last 5 decades, one sees the folly, the futility of military actions, offensives and, as are the most common operation, reactionary assaults on lost case, battles and targets.

Eurape, according to wrong wing news broadcasts, the REAL Orwellian New World Order “Department of Truth”, has recovered from the economic crisis of the 20-naughties, and is amassing it's civilians into “volunteer forces” against the Asian hoards, now marching disciplined and randomly, across from the Mid-East, and further as far as Vietnam etc., apparently heading for the 1st world region safe-haven of Eurape.

Department of Counter-Intel FACTS, reliably reports nothing of the sort.

Eurape's a basket case. Nothing new about that!

Been known by the elsewhere for 3000 years.

But, brutes with the powers, are brutes without minds. So Indigenous Earth has been forced to endure the expansionist slaughter, almost to their own extinction, especially once whiteguy mastered the oceans, from about the oldtime 16th century.

No stopping their MAXIMUM CONSUMPTION wrong way beliefs and madness.

So Eurape is basically trashed. Enclaves of course, of the elites, remain, mostly under siege in their ancient dynastic castles and fortresses. Underground of them.

The once thought to be perennially fertile agricultural lands of Eurape are toxic, many fields still burning after years since the war dumped factory-loads of nukes on them, from about every other region on earth.

Knocked out a few of the natives. Ha! Like about 85% of the natives.

Some who saw it coming, and began well ahead of time to PANIC!!!, and stock up essentials, held on for a few months.

But technology reigned supreme, and most fortified and underground secure communities, were found and bombed to extinction.

Smells a bit, I hear. That putrid smell of rotting carcases. It hangs around too, because survivors are dying all the time for the acid rain, fallout, no diet, disease, etc.

IN that region, the Euro-continent, a collective of non-Eurapean nations DID stop their MAXIMUM CONSUMPTION wrong way beliefs and madness.

One of the fundamental problems living on a remote planet. It all comes to an end, eventually.

However, for their centuries of corrupting every other region's cultural purity, the infection had taken on a carcinogenic life of it's own. So spreading for centuries, few Indigenous nations were not sucked into that whiteguy vortex, and were mindlessly fucking everything themselves. A mild sense of hopelessness driving them all, from the fall, to the fall.

Pretty much always, the bad guys find the isolated paradises first.

The only consolation, is that bad guys are brutes without minds, in-the-main.

Their big daddies, of the almost uncountable numbers of bad guy cults, troops, planets, stellar clusters, are always caught in their own inner warzone,

fighting on both fronts, the superiorist scum out there, who either get it in their heads they are the ones chosen to keep the cosmic, galactic and universal order, or who elect themselves to take over,
against those they have major ideological, illusory, cultural and usually delusional differences with,
fighting covert and overt wars against oppositional other bad guy forces,
fighting covert and overt wars against yer typical wannabe challengers to their posts from within their own forces, and,
fighting the eternal war within their own minds,
fighting for and against their own intellects,
their own conscience,
their own bad judgments,
their own pride of needing to appear correct, to keep the inside-destroyer of humility at bay, and,
fighting for and against the rude but basic fact that it's all illusion, so come-to-it, futile egomania.

But..., those who stay on top, do so by over-riding all these plays at sending them quite incurably fucking insane, by just getting out of bed, or bunk, or stretcher, or bedroll, or swag each fucking day, knocking down their favored or available stimulant, and addressing the day/world/idiots under their command, with the Present Moment hubris of the “FUCK 'EM!” of not letting anyone walk away thinking or boasting they “got 'im!”

Of course, or, of curse, the curse of having fucked up in previous lifetimes to have been thrust down to this planet at this time, to endure the bullshit we call “modern humanity”, every day, some snide and gutless sneak does “get 'im”, and leaves him feeling either less inspired to fight-on, or more inspired to shout FUCK 'EM!, and knock back another stimulant, to carry on. To carry-on with slightly or hugely more violent reactionary warmongering.

Until the head hits the rolled-towel or bundle of clothes of a pillow, and once more, the lights go out for maximum 5 hours unconsciousness, usually 2, 3, as often 1\2 an hour of “sleep”.

So, regards “The only consolation, is that bad guys are brutes without minds, in-the-main”, it's inherent in that fact that they exhaust themselves in all departments, body, weapons and mental health, first.

The universe is half filled with self-destroyed planets, where the same old play has repeated herself, of “Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination”, and, in most of them, the same play has eventuated, what Renaissance nobles of the Italian peninsula called “Machiavellian-ism”, of warlords, who grow so fucking wealthy they are tempted into honor-destroying opulence and arrogance, enough to think they have some god-given right to stay living quite outside all universal laws of equitable distribution and consumption of resources, outside the most basic tenet of “sharing”, assuming lordly or monarchic status, and then, when the real hard facts arrive, remain stubbornly ignorant of right thought right action, and take their own imbecility out on the rest of the world, mammal, reptile, vegetable, mineral and elemental, and FUCK EVERYTHING for their own insane taste-buds, avarice, lust and, that old whore, elitist pride.

Black holes too, are but the results of such egomania, where, bad guys, and, come-to-it, like the old Bard wrote, “there is no good or bad, 'tis only thinking makes it so”, one mobs bad guy is another mobs hero, so black holes result from the condition “thinking”, which usually leads one astray to believing with all their might, that they are right, correct, superior and have the god-given right to deploy whichever powers they can gather, to be able to look in the mirror at the end of the day, and delude themselves they are worth grooming, are beautiful, are right, and are god.

ET cetera....!


But try telling the elite fucking psychos who're leading the current news-sensation planet down the shitter?


Clearly, clans and cults rising from parochial intra-continental battles for more of the neighbors lands, or because he insulted their costume, etc., are less than suitably equipped with the essentials of Impartiality to command, or to influence larger global, and now inter-stellar conflicts.

But, try telling them?


As far as being a Wise command, the wealthy and those born into their unearned income inheritances, are relative newborns, babes not at all aware of the Proper Practices for retaining the all-fundamental clear mind, the only means to prevent and stave-off insanity, wrong decisions, and, pending black hole outcomes, of planetary, stellar, and even galactic destruction.

What can a Buddhist Master do about it?

What can Taoist Gung Fu Master do about it??

What can an Aboriginal Gadjiki do about it???

We went south, away from the fallout zone and away from the human dross from the warzones and dead air zones.

We knew before we started our motors, they'd follow us soon enough.

So, we did what we could to make their progress as slow as possible, as well as leaving for them “hints” of what their real enemies were, and ways to improve their own presences.

This was totally self-oriented. NO Humane compassion of the upper-middle classhole comfy-fannies clubs, most all of whom are useless, ratted idiots now, or fallen, in gutters and/or in their little nuclear family apartments and homes, and gated communities.

Deserted by one and all, once the majority realized they were perhaps the most deadly cultural pre-zombies of all. Pre-zombies so up themselves and best at ignoring that their culture was what brought on the fall, and the wars and aftermaths we now deal with by the second.

So, avoiding “Sinny”, the most central recipient of one early nuclear onslaught, “Sydney” in old terms, we scouted across the highlands, then south-west to avoid the drifting fallout from the 2nd recipient, Canberra.

By half way south, we were running old tractors assumed into the fleet from deserted farms, because even our trusty 4 wheel drive vehicles fell foul of the tracks we had to make across the terrain, since most roads were long impassible.

A mottley herd of horses and cattle had been roped in as well to pull the fleet vehicles. Fuel is the 1st casualty in war. Along with truth.

Then weapons of self-defense.

Sticks and stones, as Bleck Fella had known all along, can break bones, and keep the yobbo hoards at bay too.

But only if we are of numbers enough to keep a barrage up.

War. Stone age style.

And what of the rest of the planet?


Eurape, according to wrong wing news broadcasts, the REAL Orwellian New World Order “Department of Truth”, has recovered from the economic crisis of the 20-naughties, and is amassing it's civilians into “volunteer forces” against the Asian hoards, now marching disciplined and randomly, across from the Mid-East, and further as far as Vietnam etc.

Upsidedown news, from the WRONG WAY peoples of Britain and Eurape.

Some of us were able to point-out replayed news bulletins, some even from decades earlier, played by the utterly deluded, totally crazymind idiots in media studios, stationed, cornered in the larger enclaves of the central authorities.

No-one will ever know how many people survived the nuke.

We do know that small self-contained tribes, remnants of larger societies and nations survive, mostly at high altitudes.

Some pernicious warlord, did the expected, although always unthinkable, and nuked Hawaii, tipping it's monster rock into the Pacific.

You don't forget that, if you were on high ground enough to survive seeing the wave.

Estimates vary of course.

500 feet high. 100 metres high. Everything in between and every poorly estimated height.

Doesn't matter now.

That, the flow-on effects, globally, melted sea-level ice sheets and glaciers in but hours.

For 15 years the tides and currents were fucked. And still, until the end of life, they wreck coastlines and the chance to occupy seasides below the old 100 metre above sea-level line.

3, 4 billion human beings? “See ya!

“Natural attrition?” Yeah, why not call it that?

Castles are popular now!

Just like the olden days. Warlords rise and fall with the sun, what we see of Him.

Insanity is usual. But we outside the whiteguy enclaves, of MAXIMUM CONSUMPTION, have always seen it coming.

The hardest task is finding enough people with stability of mind enough to last more than a few months at a time, so the gathered mob can construct their little fortress castle, and in between rolling the biggest and best rocks together, digging un-nuked ground to grow food in.

Argh! The Struggle!

Self-perpetuating insanity, is basically what the “northern traditions” evolved to being.

We who escaped the hexes, curses, arrogance spells and masses of cult indoctrination, though no-one on earth escaped the aftermath of their fucking psycho reactionary “WE DEMAND YOUR RESOURCES!” wars, live in perpetually suppressed disbelief at their stupidity and refusal to either see or act to stop themselves from fucking everything.

All because they had for thousands of years, shit themselves about the aliens already here messing with their minds and threatening to invade and stomp humanity.

Calls for help out to the galaxy resulted in other less warlike beings coming down the pipe, and trying to assist we of the idiot tribes.

Having not made their existence so well known, across the galaxy and proximity, and for other classically “cosmic” causes and reasons, they were able to develop their minds and beings to the heights of Intelligence, avoiding the lesser need of resorting to Machiavellianist methods of survival.

This had good and not so good results.

Good in that they were well above the melee happening in the universal aftermath from the so-called “big bang”, wherein alien forms of “life” evolved to all manner of shape and mind, of perspective, of survival of the fittest, and of Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination.

Many of us down here down the galactic shithole, the repository of bad guy souls, on earth, come from those better orbs and realms.

Usually, we are unaware that we are. Often this is because we are not here for any benevolent cause, or mission. It's mostly that we too, have fucked up back in our own realm, planet, and so were sent to purgatory earth, to “do time”.

Whether fortunate or not, some of us retain the elements of the higher evolved minds and cultures still extant and in control of the higher developed planes and planets.

It's subconscious. It runs our characters, and makes some, not all, of us, wiser, less brutal, less “whiteguy” idiots.

Those not of that less populace number, who assume those traits, are usually puppets of the more advanced ones.

But, here too, in fact in most Indigenous Nations, the highest realms and levels of Intellectual ascension were held to, never in fact lost or strayed from, in “time immemorial”.

But for the brutal stupidity of the dominant paradigm of the recent epoch of conquer and FUCK EVERYTHING, the trend is always downward, to a lesser state of mind, to the point where the vast majority, in fact totally insane, cannot possibly recognize nor see the sub-visual, most highly elevated levels of the True Fella. So rarely do the True Fella Indigenous Minds have the space to speak and be heard by the masses lost in the fuck everything mindset.

So, True Fellas being already awake and ascended as they are, knowing the futility of trying to wake up people with rocks on their heads, they do that classic thing, wipe the dust from their feet, and go back to the billabong, for a bong, or such.

And, back in the melee, blinded by their own arrogance spells, the FUCK EVERYTHINGS - fuck everything.

And, everywhere, everyone is left but to endure the aftermath of the global nuclear war.


One grand of sand on an infinite beach.....”

As Kurt Vonnegut would chime.... “So it goes...!”

Or something.....?

Will we ever reach the sanctuary?

It long ago became just “the journey”, that matters......

And..., of the journey.... things that most matter, are immaterial.



Dignity in every thought and action.

Ever-striving to expand the Intellect, by the constant disposing of useless mental activity and clinging thoughts and beliefs.

Ever-striving for Unification of the soul with the Soul of the Universe.

Endless readiness to war against ignorance.

Ever-awareness of the Universal Laws, increased depth, abidance and communion with, and spread of understanding of Them, as God.

Detachment from thought.

Whiteguys' enemy.

Brayakooloong Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Roaming Commander
Global Command
Southern Hemisphere

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