September 7th - End The Farce! Vote For Your Favorite Minority Party

130805 JUST DEFIANCE End The Farce! Vote For Your Favorite Minority Party Edition

Long and Impartial analysis of Australian politics repeatedly confirms that our heaviest burden is the middle tier of our state parliaments.

If anyone is interested, they'd do well to do some maths on where our taxes go.

Like, ask the bureau of statistics
1 How much is the total of all our taxation intake?
2 How much of it all is given to federal, state and local government? What percentage of the total does each get?
3 this requires a degree in economics or accounting from here on, and also a team of investigative journalists and private investigators, to find out how and where each level of government distributes what it gets.

I don't have a clue - about much at all - nor about these figures sought in the 3 questions.

But each of them work on crony compacts, so each gives out YOUR taxes to whomever greases their palms most.

Church cults dominate this arena, with all corporations existing through the dark manipulation of the church or religious cults, both of the masses, though less now we all know of the dark sides of magic, and the abuses of it by the false religions, and by blackmailing anyone who is shunted into or climbs into the political arena.

That being so, minimal amounts of all taxes taken go to social projects for the real greater good, of every citizen, regardless of creed, color, or class, etc.

Of course, class, is but a result, a product of the age-old game of preferencing the ones who suck the elites, the best.

Australian politics, at all levels, is a battle between the most powerful cults, the right wing freemasons, the “left”, catholic.

Anyone who doesn't partake directly of either of these cults' forms of funding their own sides' corruption , does it a bit harder.

They do not win much of the cake from those who control the purse strings in distribution of our taxes.

This is why we have crime, so those who for whatever reason are not fed by the dominant cults, can put food on the table and have a roof and car and motorbike, etc.

Without "crime", the world would be in a perpetual state of war. 

No ruling cult could dominate for long because crime is only something nominated as such by the ruling powers, thus delineating the rulers, from the rest, who're left the option of either starving, or becoming "criminals".

The ruling warlords, who presume themselves, for being on top of the pile, as good, and who make the "laws" and thus invent categories of good people and criminals.
Criminals are allowed to be crims, by the elites, so the crims are too busy figuring ways to steal, from the elites and from each other, so the criminal classes, the 90% of us, stay off the case of bringing down the rulers.

But, in the final analysis, crime, THE crime, of "elite maldistribution of the resources" ends in everyone being annihilated.

"Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination".

In the final analysis, the resultant bullshit we know as "politics", as well brought about by the elites, who are of course THE criminals, for making those outside and below their class, fight to survive, by the elites being 1, the lords of sick, ie., culturally and generationally insane, and 2, ignorant of their responsibilities to the whole realm, world, planet, and the people, no matter which creed, color or class, thus the people have no option but to become crims,  also has the world, or just a nation, or even a wild western town, end in self-annihilation.  

But is works the other way, of course - wild western town, nation, then the world.

"Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination".

Nevertheless, the larger the playing field, the longer any ideology, cult, nation, clan, club or gang can last, before they self-exterminate themselves and everything they've fed off.

So, if we want to survive, long term, like for generations more than our own personal bags of skin flesh fat bones and excrement, we have to take an interest in both crime and politics, with the specific intentions of ridding our little world/s of both.

Crime, is actually, as much just a word describing the various ways enterprising people get by, and is called crime because some adviser to the warlords has suggested he make that way of living “illegal”.

The same applies to corruption, bakshish, or whatever.

Practices are only corrupt because someone makes their wealth either from that exact same trade, and wants it all to themselves - like the IMF and the global "illegal drugs trades" - or because those who make their wealth by that means are a threat to those in control.

Of course, some practices are clearly bad for the people, so are outlawed.

Nevertheless, the booolllshshit about GW Bush's “war on drugs”, where the US administration went to war against their political/ideological/drug-trade opponents, was invented because the opponents were making too much money, thus becoming too much of a threat to the GW Bush mobsters.

The same, sort of applies in Australia between the three tiers of government.

As the states have existed longer than either the federal tier or the local councils, they have gathered greater levels of power, by controlling the corruption.

The great Eddie Obeid and coven being the latest, if not the last generation of the 1808 English “rum club”.

Naturally, after a time, man being as resilient as we generally are, no matter how dominant either side is from the start, the other mob will muster the grunt to fight back, if only so as to not let their opposition pieces-of-shit win, but as well, to regain or claim the advantage over them. And, of course, to grow their own wealth.

After a time, such feuds and wars, rarely won outright by anyone, become a business of both doing deals with each other, or with smaller clubs of the others, and eventually we have “politics”, two-party style.

That way, the first two, becoming the two to dominate all debate and eventual distribution of government funds - ie., YOUR taxes, in the main - share the spoils, scratch each others bum, if not overtly lick it, and that way stay in the upper echelons of wealth, as opposed, to all other players.

Especially any other players who don't lick arse, or who don't like the whole phenomenon of cults. 

 Especially the cults who claim to be “religious” ie., inferring/presuming some “holiness” about themselves, and who make grand displays of bowing to some indistinct thing called “god”, when all-the-while they're degrading everything their feisty eyes set their gaze upon, human, animal, mineral and vegetable, with the most demonic hexes and spells and curses they can imagine.

This way, the dominant paradigm survives.


But, as with "playing with the devil" it all goes wrong after a while, and the devil takes over.  aka modern, western "religion".

The political class evolves into one above the vast majority, and nothing is ever really done anymore for the 70 to 80% of the people.

"Progress" becomes committing the nation to whichever fascinating things the upper class sees, and desires, to suit their own dreams and ideologies.  Dreams and ideologies which are so shallow, unthought-out, superficial and in the end useless and dangerous to life on earth.  Junk food for the mind and for the planet.

Indeed, I'd say, that most of the mental illnesses which are growing in the human population, mostly in, and out of the modern west, are caused in the delusional whiteguy upper classhole insatiable and stupid desires for more more MORE.
An impartial analysis of "progress" and the direction the modern world has taken, will see that very few of all the fantastic products of progress have ever been really necessary, and most everything of progress has been stuff desired by the brainless elitist egomaniacs.  

Worst of all, as I've made posters to "depicture" [JUST DEFIANCE ArtWords @ http://www.justdefiant.blogspot.com.au ] the gross majority of everything to have come out of the elite's indistinct term of "progress" has only ever contributed to the most real and present danger-cult, whiteguy psychosis of "FUCK EVERYTHING".

So, as we race toward September the 7th election date, the two options the voters have, are rich white Liberal/Nationals, and rich whiteguy Labor. 

Two sides of the same FUCK EVERYTHING culture.

Each is backed by vested interests, who ply millions into each side, and as often, into both sides in the same election campaign, purely to keep the genuine, People-Oriented policies and their representatives and mouth pieces out of the game, and out of any positions of power.

"People-Oriented policies", being one-and-the-same-as "Planet-Oriented policies".
Positions of power being mainly where taxes are apportioned across the nation.

Federal projects. State projects. Local council projects.

All designed, run, managed, supplied by a few cabals, covens, clubs, controlled by graduates from each of the two dominant cult, banker, corporate, schools and universities, etc.


The first thing any genuine political collective would tackle were they interested not in winning or fighting their way to being given a larger slice of the tax-cake, but in fixing the reality to being more equitable, is to go hard at shutting down the three tier government cabal, by closing the state parliaments.

But as the two dominant cults share the states with the federal arena between themselves, rotating the chairs mostly once the ones in, have been found to have taken too much at once, while the two main parties remain dominant in the federal arena, the states will never be gotten rid of.

So..., to end the states, we have to break the dominance of the top two parties in the political class.

And what better an event to do this but on September the 7th 2013, by voting for anyone not connected with either the ALP or the coalition of Liberals and Nationals.

Fortunately, as in the 2010 federal election, there were and now are, more than two parties with preferences to choose from.

Of course, familiar, if not so liked, in Australia, we have THE GREENS.

But also, now, we have two more substantial parties to choose from.

Bob Katter's Australian Party [Offline now, so the name might not be exactly right?]

And Clive Palmer's party, the name of which now escapes me.

So, we have three parties outside of the two most corrupt parties [three actually, but the Liberals and Nationals usually don't compete against each other in electorates].

And, no less relevant, and often more effective, are the Independents.

There are also other, smaller parties running, and I wouldn't begin to guess how many there are. But before the election, so not knowing how well the two newest, largish parties will do, Katter's and Palmer's are running a fairly large number of candidates across the nation, and for Bob being in parliament longer, he's got a lot more respect and thus financial support, and Palmer is fucking rich himself, and will I expect win a lot of funding from his own industry of mining.

So these two can afford to run higher profile campaigns, thus before the poll can be expected to have far bigger chances of winning even just a few seats than the smaller, lower profile, essentially local church group parties.

The WikiLeaks Party, sprung from the Noble Charge against the dominant corporate powers and accelerated into our consciousness by WikiLeaks' boss, Julian Assange, being thrust further into the media spotlight by a filthy campaign of defamation by the - O! Dominant power players of the western world - the IMF cabals of catholic and protestant and other aligned forces.

If I were in an electorate where the WikiLeaks candidates were standing, I'd most certainly VOTE for them. But they quite deliberately, in their first entrance to politics, are only trying for seats in the federal Senate, the House of Scrutiny, for lack of recalling the usual term for it.

And, not being a party of fucking rich mining magnates or cattle country politicians, and, being the party running on their PROTEST against the very thing politics runs on -CORRUPTION - they don't have the funds to make a loud entrance into the media's spotlights.

For that, they are the Best Party, in the Senate, to VOTE for.

Along with THE GREENS, as far as I can see it all.

So, as all the seats count to who wins, and, contrary to everything the current Lib/Nat opposition says, a government made up of three or more parties IS good for the nation.

If everything was OK, running well, with no corruption, and everyone was wealthy enough to not want or need to be corrupt to get a life, perhaps two opposing parties would be OK too?

But then, we wouldn't even need politics, would we?

As things are, the national, state and local council situation/s are disastrous, for the majority of voters.

And, as I say atop, while we have the states, things are not going to improve.

Corruption will increase, on all levels, and no genuine - NOT reforms - but CORRECTIONS - will ever be effected.

And the best way we can peaceably effect the circumstances necessary to correct the national/local government, tax and distribution of wealth situations, is by breaking the strangle-hold the two major parties have on the nation.

So, as there are three other large parties now, from each “side” of the mainstream political spectrum, the electorate could finally make the most effective headway in CORRECTING our political, thus, in reality, the ECONOMIC situation, and FINALLY silence the harping crap broken promises we are all fucking sick of, from the BOOOOLLLSHSHSHITing mouths of the two majors, who regard it their unassailable right and privilege to talk shit by the hour, while we all slowly drown in their elitist land and taxation thefts.

Also, if we can break these cult cabals, we could also rid our True Fella Country, and those of us who would be True Fellas if the major bullshit religious cults let us, of the major religious cults, their secret agenda schools and much of the class structures they rely on for their existence.

If I had a place, I could call “a house”, with an address where the AEC could send me election pamphlets etc., I'd VOTE.


So..,should YOU!

Brayakooloong Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

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