I'd Like The Form To Apply For A Coup D'Etat Please

130730 JUST DEFIANCE I'd Like The Form To Apply For A Coup D'Etat Please Edition

So, having thought about politics, and the bullshit thereabouts, and therein, for a few decades, and having spent time occasionally over said decades weighing up the feasibility and veracity of effecting a Coup D'Etat in Australia, it became obvious the notion was farcical.

So, lured and driven and prompted and sprucked endlessly as I'd been for decades, since about 1860, like for about 15 decades, to be a revolutionary leader, I came to the conclusion that before I commit myself to anything of the sort, I was already superfluous.


Not suited to the, or any role, anywhere near of that nature.

This realization, once spread around the globe, really pissed off the insane cult of power-mongers of old, old Britain and old, old Eurape.

Shit happens!” was my retort.

Bu-ut, for their marginalizing me for not wanting the job, I did keep thinking here and there, about what the world, and, parochially, what Australia would benefit most from, in REALpolitik terms.

And, again and again, the conclusion reaffirmed itself.

A Coup D'Etat.

However, along the way, for years well before I had any idea I was not just any typical, normal type of CIA MK-Ultra, or Tammany Hall puppet, before it finally breached my psychological defenses that I was in fact THE, puppet, perhaps to-end-all-puppet-ry, I'd also assessed the worth of those any self-respecting Coup D'Etatarist would co-opt to assist in enacting a national Coup, obviously those with all the guns, the military, and came early enough to establish that no matter who I was, I would be being but - a puppet - of fools - to call on our military to carry out a take-over of our seriously awry government, parliament, and civilian authorities.

It's not even worth going into why. Other than to say “factions”.

Nevertheless..., with age, it's suggested, comes Wisdom.

And, if Wisdom is anything like it's cracked-up to be, it gives one something of advanced insight to one's actions, and even to end-results of one's thoughts.

So, in the melee happening in my cranial parameters, it's perceived that the world is but one illusion, plastered over a shitload of other illusions.

Just whose is the most recently, or most dominantly overlaid, and whose is/are the endless mess of others preceding the top, latest illusion, is anybody's guess.

But, in the end, when you're dead, none of them were, or are.., real.

That's why they're called “illusions”, I s'pose?

But one things for sure, putting oneself in the firing line of a whole bunch of quite imbecilic, and utterly power-drunk-insane dicks with guns, ie., military personnel or coppers, is deeper than illusion, it's delusional.


Nevertheless, after forty years smoking the happy weed, one should stop and start to think straight. So, I did.

And STILL, a Coup D'Etat was the thing the nation, but also, then whole stupid psycho planet needed!

Sorry! You got the wrong Revolutionary!”

Besides, being a Revolutionary, of the Intellectual type, it figures that I would not take the usual revolutionary path, of trying to effect a Coup D'Etat.

Otherwise, if I did, by now, after about a zillion revolutions, all apparently in the end, failing, I'd just be another failure, and, would be doing the usual which is not really, revolutionary.

Sort of status-quo pseudo-revolutionary.


So, I slept on it, for about another decade, then got up one morning and went to the Post Office.

Well..., we all know how painful it is going to the local rural Post Office!

Right from 9:00am, there's always a queue about a mile long, and the PO workers are rushed off their tootsies looking for mail and stamps and bags and whatsits.

Nevertheless.., I got to the counter, and asked

Can I please have the form to apply for a Coup D'Etat?”

The Post Mestress was typically only half listening, and as usual, asked me to repeat myself.

Can I please have the form to apply for a Coup D'Etat?” I repeated with nonchalance.

I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean, exactly?” She said.

A Coup D'Etat form, please?”

We-ell...! Didn't that set the cats squealing!

After the police took me outside the post office, and grilled me, and after I convince them that this was the most peaceful way I could satisfy my mentors and puppet masters, they laughed, undid the cuffs, agreed with me and let me go.

Not surprisingly, the Post Office did not have a form to apply for a Coup D'Etat.

So, back in my luxury apartment, overlooking the Riviera de Rubbish Dump, I carried out the standard procedure appraisal of the day's actions.

Failed Coup D'Etat” I noted in the dirt.

So, leaving the illusion I was born into behind, I leapt into the 4th dimension, and took hold of the global telecaster, and played a tribute on it to the recently passed over J.J. Cale, one of the Gods Of Blues and other Grouse genres of modern Music.

Then.., with the same telecaster, broadcast worldwide, the rectitude and urgent need for everyone to enact their own Coup D 'Etat.

If they preferred going to their local Post Office, and enacting it there, fine!

If they wanted to be more daring, go to the local police station, and like at the Post Offices, ARREST the employees - “Citizen's Arrest”! Better!

Completely legitimate. And.., as I've assessed for about three, NO! fifteen decades, absolutely urgently necessary.

Of course, it's worth having a barrow load of highbrow language and legal terms to baffle the employees with, otherwise they'll out baffle YOU, and the Coup D 'Etat, will be all Coup Day Poof! Up in smoke, and slam goes the cell door behind you.

But, come down to it, anyone who does NOT perform, does NOT enact a Coup D 'Etat, SHOULD BE ARRESTED!


In your fucking loungeroom!





Doesn't matter! Just get used to it, so that when you're in a more useful, more effective place, it wont be so unusual for you to perform a citizen's arrest.

Like I said, “Come down to it, anyone who does NOT perform, does NOT enact a Coup D 'Etat, should be ARRESTED!”

Beeeee-cause..., if we all did it, then it would be THE DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION, all the theorists and philosophers and insane nutters since Gorrie the Gorilla picked up the 1st club, and invented technology, have been thinking about! Dreaming about. Hoping would happen in their own lifetimes!

And, on top of that, if everyone enacted a Coup D 'Etat, [theoretically], we wouldn't need guns!

It would be the most peaceful Revolution ever!

However..., because we all run on different software and programmes, there might be some confusion, I s'pose?

But..., if we all knew what we needed, it should sort itself out pretty quickly, aye?

But..., if we all knew what we needed, we wouldn't need a revolution in the 1st place, or, in the last place, or anywhere in between the fall from Eden, and Armageddon....?

Outta here!

Whoever they are... ARREST THEM!

Brayakooloong Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

And.., To
J.J. Cale,
Blues' Legend,
Just Passed Over...,
May Buddha Rest Your Soul,
In Blues' Heaven.
[I'd wager He's up there in Heaven Arresting His Fellow Gods
with some of His Finest Blues' Rhythms]

All Praise the Immortals!
And J.J. Cale
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of


Hell's Gate Warmongers
REALPolitik Outlaw Journalism

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