People Are Sick If They Cannot Be Critical Of Their Own Sickness

130728 JUST DEFIANCE People Are Sick If They Cannot Be Critical Of Their Own Sicknesses Edition

I tuned into Google's trendoid Google+ for a short while a few months ago, and did enjoy some of the “conversations”, until greasy whiteguy ho's got on my Dissident, REALPolitik case, and did their usual cowardly things by criticizing my approach to the couple of issues raised there, then went silent when I asked them to explain, or such.

Typical whiteguys, they expose themselves to having been.

While surfing those pages, I gained much enjoyment from the astute insightful comments and postings on the few I preferred, “Thinkers” had some choice stuff, and “Atheists” showed beyond doubt, to myself at least, with the many many posts of lines exposing the ignorance and contradictions and utter farce of western religion, that most of what christians, jews and moslems believe, about god mainly are false and delusional. So many posts were so unbelievably funny as to make a bloke role.

Politics” was great, with fearless exposing of the filthy corruption of our public and economic lifestyles.

But..., all were somewhat reserved, because, as the Great Edward Snowden exposed and so many internet users already knew, the dogs of corruption, the NSA, CIA, FBI and other yet to be known secret corporate spies and monitors take notes of everything people say on such public forums, and do actually go after any who talk true about their, or their political and corporate masters', heinous behavior.

But again once trendoid greasers got on, all the “conversations” descended into trivia, farce and shallow crap.

Thanks girls, you proved further my assertions that most white women are more interested in “faith” meaning the misapplication of witchcraft, over the mental faculty they are both afraid of and ignorant of - their higher, impartial, noble Intellect.

But today, I drifted into thinking about a sticky point in mind I'd had since watching and contributing to the Atheists pages.

Perhaps only to counter the blind faith, and evil contradictions of christians, who profess holiness, yet live utterly evil, materialistic lifestyles, but also from studying Islam's general culture, which I do still hold in high regard, compared to christianity and judaism, and noted that the Atheists page was often plagued by anit-Islamist posts.

I don't challenge the usually astute and true postulations they made, about the darker sides of Islamic culture. But it did feel that christians, American christians were using the Atheists pages to promote their bigoted hatred of Islam.

So, it follows that a REALPolitician should have a go at those Americans, about their own clearly fucked culture.

As I try to do, I go to the culture, not the person. Because a simple and clear truth is that flaws in peoples' behavior, are always culturally-based, and are not near as much for any personal dysfunction, or warped thinking.

Warped thinking most always will be found to have it's roots in the culture the person is raised in or forced to adopt.



Came in lyrical format this morning, to whit the mind extended the concept further, deeper into the source of that erroneous way of seducing the masses of movie-goers to think.


And..., where is Zion rooted?

From what I've investigated, the Theosophical Society is the cult driving almost every zionist belief, and may even be the dominant cult behind the ILLEGAL state, the ILLEGAL THEOCRATIC state of - Israel.

Looking into the general ideology, popularized genre of hollywood, “heroism” stands to the fore. And any genuine, impartial inquiry will determine that promoting individuals has more dangers to the wider community than benefits.

Of course, that's not to say that those who do genuinely rise above the throng and do good for the greater whole reality, or for their own community, should be ignored or not recognized.

Many individuals do achieve great and excellent things. But in the western culture, if we look, we see that almost NO-ONE gets anywhere without a lot of support from other people.

A person who attains to excellence never does that without good parents, good mentors, and good supporters, be-they financiers, or trainers, teachers and guides.

So, we really have to engage our intellects when we see a “heroic” figure being championed by such as the money-making hollywood, or in politics.

In general, the hero figure is but an expression of the awriness and sickness of our wider culture, so we should generally be critical, scathing even, but in the least, non-sycophantic, and impartial to anyone who seems to climb on the pedestal or podium with bold words and often with apparently brave actions.

When someone makes an honestly brave move, where they place themselves in the line of fire, such as in the middle of a warzone, and goes the enemy or such to protect their own comrades, 1stly, usually they'll shy from the hero status, saying it was merely Duty, but, 2nd, they should be Honored.

Few however, while impossible to not enjoy accolades to the point of hollywood making a movie around their actions and character, would let themselves become egomaniacs for it.

Behavior of the kind of which genuine “Heroes” are made, is not an egoistic response, but that impartial spirit jumping to, when the situation is seen to need a fast, selfless response.

So, hollywood has tried to re-present these noble types no doubt. But there has been 1, a dangerous failure to see the response such cheapening of the selfless has on the general, far far less than heroic mainstream movie-goer.

And 2, has been subverted into putting the profit-motive first.

The worst aspect of the profit motive as it's grown to being powerful enough to control USA's government, Washington DC, and as well is what finances so much of the disgustingly corrupt and, ILLEGAL state of Israel.

But 3rd, hollywood has encouraged unethical immoral ruthless and criminal behavior throughout the USA, and of course, wherever they promote their films.

Therefore, as it's an unstoppable profit-1st machine, it has taken the whole planet down to the lowest common denominator of cold, cruel ethics-free warzones.

Good on yer zion!

Good on yer theosophy!

Good on yer, heroes!


So, not reaching for the lappie with this little critique in mind this morning, but with the want to make one of my JUST DEFIANCE ArtWords posters, I'll now see what the imagination-tank up here, can produce, to INSULT as many whiteguy mainstreamers, especially USA's movie-going mainstreamers as I can. [battery-permitting....?]


O! It'll also be posted on my ArtWords blog, at

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