JUST DEFIANCE Sunday PM News Blanket

130721 JUST DEFIANCE Sunday PM News Blanket Edition

Earthquakes rattle NZ.

Lots think a colder global climate will reduce earthquakes, by reducing the planet's core from making the crust want to expand so opening tectonic plate gaps.

MaaayBE? Maaaaybe NOT?

3, 5.7 to 6.1 rattlers near Wellington NZ these last few days sign that our Great Mutha Eartha will rattle if she wants to rattle, hot, cold, or in between.

For all the “cosmic injustices” at play, since whiteguy started serious ecocidal malpractices, Mum Eartha IS NOT HAPPY, JOHN, Tony, Kev, Vlad, Davie, Mum 'Lizzie, et al ET AL, [NOTE, excluding me mate, Barra there!] and all those MAXIMUM CONSUMPTION “fuck everything”-WRONG WAY type idiots who do not get off their bad culture - the vatican, lambeth, salt lake city, sinny, cantbearya, astrayliar, hollywood and pasadena, [very low case, all of you], very much in the lead there, and Mum Eartha has not just the right, but the pressing need to shake us out of our current wastage trends of CRAPitalism.

So..., don't think bad magic can repair your BAD CULTURE, whiteguys, such that you can all continue blithe and blindly to FUCK EVERYTHING!!

The Big Mutha will knock you all over, 'less we all unite to reduce, reuse, recycle and redistribute ourselves on Her surfaces.

Russia Releases Jailed Dissident

I wrote a bitch to Vlad the other day on reading the news of that Fella posing a threat to Vlad's autocracy being charged with spurious crimes was jailed.

So it's good to see someone somewhere near the Kremlin has some sense, enough to release that Bloke again.

Here's what I failed to plonk on the RT website...:

Being influential in 2000 in bringing your President Putin to power, after the failings of the big guy Yeltzin, I feel I gotto say out loud, perhaps via this RT site,

"Vlad! Wake up, Dude! You were hoisted to the chair for the accurate perception that a person with your astute spy talents were what the chair needs.

That did not mean that you should become a tyrant!"

If Vlad cannot see that this IS a time of global change, and that such draconian tactics are well out of time, and belong in the old centuries, that the People are no longer going to be oppressed and silenced, then I vote you OUT, Comrade!

Yep! You are no doubt answerable to other powerbrokers, no matter how much authority the world thinks you personally have, perhaps the same Chinese Mandarins who met with Russia's secretly on your border in 2000, who then dug you out and posited you to the President's chair?

But if you don't lift your game and be a bit more liberal in government of yes, a very big nation, thus with huge affairs only the best informed "Demos" and their government could peacefully and efficiently manage, things will very quickly get out of your military's control, and you'll have an HUGE breakdown of civil order and thus financial stability. Et cetera!

If..., that's how the hegemon has actually planned it - fine! Bring it on!

But don't grow old in hiding with the ensuing nuclear war on your conscience.

Not that I'd care...

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

Palestine and Israel Talks Might Restart

Cause for optimism?

I doubt it.

Israel might be reading the tea leaves and seeing that they will only increase global opposition to their warped illegalities, such as their insane and totally contrary to any good religion, expansion into Palestinian Territories.

Because it is a surprise to hear today that they made mention of discussions including a return to the 1967 borders.

Perhaps BDS Et Al are breaching the walls of deafness?

But Palestine has to be stoic on the matter of whether they come to the table and talk again with Israel, purely because, if TRUE LAW was Fully Recognized and adhered to, by Israel, they would have to admit they do not actually have the right to be there, at least not in the form, and proclaimed state they have had since 1948.

But realism shows the Jews are not likely to wake up and humbly either leave, or even begin [NOT MORE “PROCESSES?!”] re-negotiations toward removing not just the fucking WALLS, but even the BORDERS of their precious little false god coven-state.

Making the latter choice would make waves across the world, no doubt.

But..., not making such a choice is equally a catalyst to the future being one HUGE and endless war against their phoney zionist BOOOLLLLSHSHSH-IT, GUARANTEED!

So..., with a Rising Collective of Indigenous Earthlings, and others, becoming better informed as to the evil nature of false god zionism, and of the warped trances they've draped over so many, of just the last 150 years, restructuring the region there, has to have as the lead “chip”, Israel eating a bit of humble pie, recognizing that their “orthodox” fundamentalist spells have been exposed globally, and that they can't just “look into the natives' eyes” anymore and steal their land and resources.

As I discerned some years ago, before I had a clue about what I was planned as, it was then and is still clear as daylight that these bastard things the world is being riven apart by, and sent to Hell's Gate [“Hell! Oh? My name's Lucifer! Are you ready to be EXTERMINATED?”] with fool's wars by, “BORDERS” must be completely reviewed, world around.

It will never be acceptable that the arrogant zionist British and Eurapeans sliced the “new worlds” up to suit their own “lords of sick” and their fucking psycho buddies across the Brit-Eurapean monarchies and elites over the most recent centuries.

We, down here down the whiteguy sewer, in Astrayliar, are bombarded daily as we roar near our next federal JOKE er [TYPO!~$%^&#$%?] election, with media BOOOOOLLLLLSHSHSH-IT about 3rd world refugees arriving apace on leaky boats.


There's not a war of the last oooowh? HOW LONG CECIL RHODES? HELENE BLAVATKSY? ALICE in BLUNDERLAND BAILEY? 130 years which has not left every nation outside of Brit-Eurape devastated and on the brink of endless civil war, ETC ETC ETC ETC.

But “O! That's alright! Our whiteguy FUCK EVERYTHING comfy fannies are parked up the hills and mountains on very comfy-thang-you pieces of OTHER PEOPLES' land!”

This, darlinxxxx, is because we are CHRISTIANS, of the lost tribes Brit-Euro branch offices of O? Israel!”

Pity nobody told them they're hypnotized?

O? Yes, actually? Somebody DID tell them!

Now....? Who was it...?

O! That 1st century Prophet from Nazareth!

What was His Name again?

Said something like... “Forgive them Lord, for they haven't got a fucking CLUE!

Nono? “Forgive them Lord, for they know not that some black hole gangster, dressed in rabbis tunics, from the infamous Hebrew sect known to some as the “golden calf tribe”, snapped their gullible little white brains and held them in his trance for ooowh? ABOUT 4 THOUSAND YEARS!”

Ummm? Something very like that, anyway?

My Aramaic isn't the best.

Neverthelesssss...., If anyone in the Middle East claiming to be a Jew today DID have a clue, they would, or should, see that these bastard lines some aloof British elite twat drew across their maps of the planet, would FUCK EVERYTHING and, FOR EVERYONE, while they do not recognize the Ancient Aboriginal Nations and how THEY maintained the peace, trade, customs, TRUE cultures, inter-marriage and, wars, between neighbor tribes.

So, obviously it's gonna have to be one HUGE “pie-bake” to satisfy the insatiably hungry jews, such that they can stop enough and see that the borders, thus THE WALLS have to be rethunk!?

As your own Ancient's KNEW, and even scribed into YOUR TORA, there are certain LAND LAWS which MUST NEVER BE BROKEN.

Like more than Australia's Aborigine have always said, AND ADHERED TO, and none of them needed fucking iphones to remember it,


So..., jolly ho! jews, I think? I s'pose...? Do have a right to exist on our Earth, but like all of us, only if they follow the LAW.

Not some hocus-pocus they thought they divined after a day banging their heads on the wall?

The Islamists mostly know this, and they know the LAW.

So they can come to the table - if they bother - for passed experience has not good memories of some fanatical reactionary recalcitrance from the ILLEGAL STATE - with arm-fulls of ECONOMIC, and by some strange quite unzionist-like REASON, EVIDENCE, FACTS, speak straight and true about putting the recent 2000 year past behind them, bring down the walls and borders, and open everyone's hearts and trading and land laws to LOGICAL, PRACTICAL, SCIENTIFIC LAND & TAXATION Co-habitation.

Dare to be True Israel! And watch the wars around you fall still overnight!

But, clearly, the masses of government departments everywhere will be in chaos for not knowing how to treat HONESTY in National Economic Management, otherwise called “government”.

So, either way Israel chooses to go from here forward, the world is still gonna have ISSHHOOOOZZZ, and we down the British sewer pipe in Astrayliar will still, perhaps dramatically less, have ISSHHOOOOZZZ at least in the heads of our false-god leaders about Boaties arriving.

But the sooner the globe gets on the bandwagon and makes it clear that Refugees are everyone's issue, and that they come from BORDERS, not well invented, like the atomic BOMB, [O! Einstein! Oppenheimer! Jews!] the sooner Australians can be Realistic about letting a reduced number of war refugees in here.

And.., to that..., our political classholes really must be Intelligent [SORRY? A BIG CALL!], and begin every effort not to assimilate other region's refugees to our REALLY FUCKING SICK CULTURE, but in the very least, remedy them of their PTS, etc., educate them so they can, once the BORDERS'-WARS have ceased in their native lands, go back and bring their shattered Peoples back to health, physically, mentally, morally and culturally, without the FUCKING WRONG WAY FUCK EVERYTHING WHITEGUY …... bullshit being programmed into them.


There should be NO REASON WHY Jews and Muslims and idiots-er-christians can't live side by side in the same streets.

In FACT, it's the only way any harmony can return!

But.., the whiteguy lords of sick..., are sick! So, they're not gonna find it easy to dig the disease out, because it is a clever little disease, and hides whenever it sees the Intellect coming.....

And..., O? What a laugh! Our super cop federal police have said they'll reward anyone AUD$200,000 if they can inform them of any illegal immigration networks!


Since I posted another exposure of WHITEGUY rich Brit-Eurapean illegal immigration networks centred in the “alternative” [immigration route] Nimbin, more than a few FOREIGN richkids now happily relocated into Australian Marijuana country, have been stalking and spooking me.

Illegal immigration” be thy name, AFP! And, NSW police, and, and, and....., so why do I not get rewarded AUD$200,000???


I might as well ask for the NSW police [and the Sinny rum club ALP] to compensate me oooowh! about 5 MILLION DOLLARS AUSTRALIAN for the 15 years of HARASSMENT, STALKING, TERRORISM, FALSE ARREST, FALSE IMPRISONMENT, FALSE CHARGES AND FINES, BASHING AND HOMELESSNESS since I arrived here in 1998!


O? That's right! Neither ASIO, or the AFP, have any “files” on me, do they?

Earthquakes, anyone?


The name “Trayvon Martin” of Florida USA, has been ringing in me head since his murderer got off scot-free a few days ago.

Apparently, his killer, is of “Hispanic” descent?

Funny, but of course, not impossible, because his last name is quite Jewish, being the same as one of the world's Song Gods [no relation, I guess Bob?] “Zimmerman”.

Florida is the state with the highest concentration of Jews in the USA. And American Jews, the zionists at least, basically fund the illegal Jewish state of Israel. [With the cashcow of hollywood, outside of zionist wars.]

Israel being also the “religious home” of the world's wealthiest cabals of zionism.

Cabals who have their greedy sick insatiable eyes firmly focused on making a new putsch on the endless wealth still underground in O! Africa. France's recent invasion of Mali but one example.

Africa! The Ancestral Homeland of.., Trayvon Martin!

Goodness me? What does a conspiracy FACTUALIST glean from this???

Speculation, y'unnerstand?

Mere speculation. And setting the scenario for some greedy sick jewish corporate sponsors of O! War machinery, weapon's manufacturer, land developers, and real estate BAD LAND LAWS hunters, to upset some O! Africans enough to invade IRAQ? NO! Somewhere where the defenses are weakest!

GO THE IMF!!! [HELLO uncles!]


Not being familiar with the case, outside of what's been on the media, it still does sound suspect that Zimmerman could get off completely.

6 women on the jury - how many were African-American?

How many were Jewish?

How close to “Tampa” Florida, were the crime and the court case? Tampa being the INFAMOUS locale where the “hanging chats” distracted everyone and illegitimately gave the US Presidency to Dick Cheney TYPO!$%^? George W Bush in 2000.

So, as so often the case in the “free world” of the Untied TYPO!@#$%^&? States of America, Justice goes unseen. Especially for non-whiteguys!

But, like life on earth now, whiteguy has fucked it, and zion has no heart, no mind, no soul, and no remorse.

PROTEST!!! is our only recourse.

As far as I'm concerned, my path is war til I drop, against that evil comfy-fanny whiteguy zionist insanity.

This one's for Trayvon, and all the True Fellas slain by zion.

Australian Aborigines Over-Represented In Our Prisons

And, related to that apparently RACIST event in Florida, Australia's Aborigines are massively over-represented in our prisons. 


So.., this IS an Issue politics must address and correct.

In 2007 or 2008, then PM Rudd, as opposed to now PM Rudd, “apologized” to the “Stolen Generations” and to our Aborigines for the crimes committed against them by the invading WHITEGUYS.

Words” Kev! “Words!”

Bleck Fella here has found their Dignity again, but not much for those yes, Honorable and Sincere words. Other factors cleared the ways for them to get up again.

But it's a hell of a long way from over..., Australia. Jesus ain't gonna suddenly turn 'em white and shiny!

Besides, He wuz as much a Bleck Fella anyway.

But it's in my mind to start to focus and make an issue which you will not be able to ignore of this BOOOLLLSHSHSHIT that Aborigines are incarcerated because they have a different “Dreaming”, Reality, and far more Honorable LAWS to live by, and skin.

While the election campaign issues thus far are utterly disgustingly trite, and, regards the Boatie Refugees, SUCH EVIL BOOOLLLSSSHHHIT, and really indict all sides for being so pathetic and UNrepresentative of the nation's actual ECONOMIC, more than political issues for good management, the Aborigine realities like the disproportionate numbers in prisons, and that the most of them/us are ignored by the political class as being Legitimate Australians - indeed, more Legitimate than the whiteguys who thrive and fester for MORE corruption everywhere and in everything they do, so Blecks in prison will not be a lead campaign issue, you better do something about it, and something substantial, blue eyes. And you too, Tiny the zionist zombie.

It does seem to me, not seeing video of either campaigns, that both sides are in a tizz, and are not getting to the issues, of the economy, of the pending implosions of global finance, of privatization, nor of the climate and environment and pollution.

I do see why, I think?


Whichever “side” “wins” the election, your all exposed as traitors.

Begging for a civil war.


Might wake a few spoiled brats up, and clear the fetid unreal political air, if that's possible now?

But if after the election nothing genuine is effected here, and in the USA, and in Eurape etc, things will get very shaky.

Zion will react badly, like they did in the Bay of Bengal, Boxing Day 2005.

And their antithesis will also, leaving nothing comfy for the comfy classholes.

Unless they can be comfy in regret.

But as they're all so massively drugged up on either their illegal drugs of choice, or their pharma shit, they'll as likely just up their dosages, and be normally-numb, ready to be reborn as zombies next time round, til the end of their souls energies.

Suits me!

Love the idea of batting heads off with my 4 foot tyre lever.

Now haven't I gone glum?

Greens Angry About US Military Dropping Bombs On The Great Barrier Reef

YERR?!?!$%^& Right!


Don't you fuckers know NUTIN'???

The rules here are,


There's a nice big hole just south of Alice Springs, called “Pine Gap”, just a few hour west of where you just been!

But better still, and more culturally correct...:


Like I say to the Brits........! But they never listen....!

There were other ISHSHSOOOOZZ I wanted to BITCH about, but lost 'em.....

I look forward to the next Whistleblower news sensation to expose some evil selfish CRAPitalist right wing extreme right wing extreme-extreme right wing corporate government psychopathic spy agency, and for Britain and Sveeeden to DROP THE CHARGES against Julian Assange, and for the USA psychos to admit they had him in their sights, but have grown up and will not pursue him.


For Justice Lind in the US military case against THE RIGHTEOUS Commander FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning to come to her senses and shut down the case and RELEASE BRADLEY MANNING, please, your Bicycle Pump?

I mean..., SERIOUSLY....?

Political Class Indictable For Treason, For Upholding Corrupt Laws

I'd write more on this, inspired [?] from this morning's subtle spooking by a NSW Parks and Wildlife, or whatever they call themselves, who quite deliberately intimidated me at about 8:45am in a forest.

While I hope very soon to be away from this region and state, it is still the case that any and all local, state and federal public servants are liable to being the subject of "civil arrest" for upholding corrupt laws.

I also expect someone above the local henchmen of these small and totally corrupt authorities are trying to push me to trying that sort of quite, indeed MOST Legitimate action, if they round me up and pressure me onto my back foot before I can find some land to rent or buy.

I cannot go passed that facts as per my last 20 to 25 years in Australia, that I have lost everything because of a mass of seriously mentally retarded, developmentally retarded whiteguys of all levels of our society, and in almost every government agency, being so fucking stupid as to not know that some of us do have Honor, that is "Honesty" high in how we live, and that YOU are very much acting criminally by fucking me over.

As I've posted here before, the vast majority of Australians, are guilty of being traitors to their own, to all other beings and humans, and to their country, mewrely in how they live their MAXIMUM CONSUMPTION lives.

As I put it more recently, you do in FACT all suffer from deeply ingrained mental illnesses.  So while I admit to being stuck in this hex of zion, I will persist and defy your bullshit of falsely accusing me and harassing me for no good reason.

FUCK YOU!  Et cetera.....

You are guilty of upholding corrupt laws.

Last last, a bit of good news....!

Cattle die in head-on WA truck smash”

Brayakooloong Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of


Hell's Gate Warmongers

Education &