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130729 JUST DEFIANCE Scientific Intellectual Atheism RULES OK! Edition

For some cosmic reason, I went back to the Google+ pages this mornin', and found yet another Pearler on the Atheism conversation page. Sorry I can't show it here.

But, on topic and relevant or not, it inspired me to scribble this....,

Following a religion, to me, an Atheist, is OK, if the followers and the "priesthood/clergy, et al", follow True, Economic Laws, which include not being immersed in material shit, such that they do not live lives beyond an ecologically-sustainable level.

Perhaps Islam, in general, is much closer to living the sustainable lifestyle, ie., culture, because it is some way behind the play of the "modern", technologically-advanced cultures of the 1st world.

Obviously, the modern hi-tech [western] nations and their techno-culture is dragging Moslems into being more techno-materialistic than an Honorable person following their religion with a happy spirit and little material accoutrements, would see as good.

This begs questions of "can people live 'holy' lives and enjoy similar levels of material comforts, without compromising the 'spirit' of whichever 'Pure' religion they ascribe to?"

I think that 'yes', they can.  But that depends completely upon how Honorable the CULTURE is, and or not, enables them to live Honest lives.

I maintain that all of us, develop the characters we do, because of the culture in which we grow. 

So, if the culture is corrupt, as the dominant paradigm of today's global culture clearly is, then extremely few of us can live a life with a clean spirit, thus, be truly religious. 

It follows that as we all know, all religions, just to survive amidst corrupt societies, must themselves compromise their original cultural values.

The more materialistic the society is driven to being, as across the 1st, western world, the less honorable and true any religion in it can remain.

So any of their "flockers" lured, seduced, driven to joining a "religion" - more correctly called "cults" - are already ill-equipped without their own Intellectual ability to discern true ways of thinking and living, from false ones.  But, while some people are better people with that type of support, that's only so if the support network of the cult is also not dogmatic, beyond guiding the flockers to opening their highest mental faculty of Intelligence.

Today's largest religions are going through huge reappraisals, and as we see now in Egypt, Turkey, Latin America, etc, the people are actually revolting against the blind faiths of Islam and catholicism, because the masses are finding their voices to protest against the religious cult hegemony and the endemic corruptions within.

Being "religious" does not only apply to these we call "religions". 

Living a religious life, can also mean simply following one regime, "religiously". 

"Regime", being a regular and consistent schedule of daily practices and habits, like, say, getting up early, Meditating for 1/2 an hour, doing some yoga, eating a healthy and smaller-than-the-eyes want breakfast, taking a healthy and culturally "clean" form of transport to work, working in an environmentally-sustainable job [not, say a uranium mine or weapons factory, etc], and socializing with like-minded people, etc etc etc.

That's an ideal example, I myself wish I could live.

And as I'm using such ideals as examples, living a healthy religious life, certainly would not mean ascribing to blind faith, to stubbornly holding to mere dogma, as we Atheists are so against. 

A genuinely healthy "religious" life would hold as highest, the ceaseless improvement of our finest human attribute, the Intellect, and that demands [oops?] we approach most things, with Scientific scrutiny, ready to discard whatever does not make sense, or asks us to blindly "believe" it.

This eliminates most "religions" as we know the word today, thankfully.

So the entry above, is Excellent-CAPITAL-E!

But politics is religion too.  And while our political cultures are rotten with corruption, we're no better than the worst, most off-the-Path religions.

When we are PROTESTING against all corruption, and Marching, Lobbying, Advocating, "at-the-Barricades" Fighting to force the elites to Institute True Economic Laws into all arenas, religious, political, social and cultural, Atheists can rest, and people who feel happier in themselves following a True, Honest, and even Scientific Religion, will be on the same side.  If "sides" exist anymore.

Here endeth....   hohoho...!




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