Whose Side Are YOU On?

130723 JUST DEFIANCE Whose Side Are YOU On Edition


Never a pleasant thing.

And, always, somewhere, a war wages.

This fact really makes a mockery of the peace freaks.

Comfy fanny, white - usually - and comparatively upper-upper classholes, get all humpy when a Realist, or someone not so spoiled as to believe the world is all sweet and lovely, is either shit on by upper upper classhole brutes - egomaniacs, psychopaths, or, for whatever reason, fate, fortune, a good upbringing, taught to seek facts, not unrealistic selfish illusions, and by great fortune is also raised to place Honor high in their personal code, talks out of turn, or, talks straight and true about CORRUPTION.

Corruption which ALWAYS precedes and upholds the comfy fanny lifestyles of the upper upper classholes.

So..., far away and economically above the throng, who must daily do battle with the world around them, the world controlled and despoiled by the elite comfy fannies, elite, spoiled comfy fannies chatter amongst themselves and “decide” to campaign to “end war” HA! To, “MAKE PEACE, NOT WAR!” To..., be politically correct..., singularly so they can go back to their comfy fanny pads, smoke more ganga, drink their champas, red or white wines, eat their preferred exotic apperateeffs, entrees, side dishes of ridiculously priced and sourced nibblies, light years away from the places where the peoples their forebears have massacred into submission to thereafter be slaves to the 1st world, grow for a pittance, the exotic foods and nibblies the white comfy fannies peck at, while being so righteous, as they plan protests to stop war.

Or..., something.

Spoiled upper bracket children, living off other people's blood sweat and tears, never really having done an HONEST day's work, let alone a lifetime's, organize their girlfriends to protest against the brutalized blokes have been to the wars set up by the elite comfy-fanny's forebears, come back shell-shocked forever, are ignored by “Veterans Affairs”, feeling, knowing, they're being discarded by the society they naively went to war to defend, gave limb and life to protect, soul and sanity to save, and with tolerance burned from their souls, lose it when some smug bitch stretches the truth, their patience, and bashes her.

Or..., something.

“MAKE PEACE, NOT WAR!” The sheilas call out, marching SO FUCKING STRONG together down mainstreet, after a bloke, or the son of a Veteran, or even the grandson of a Veteran, gets so fed-up with comfy fanny bitches stating their right to wear seductive lingerie on the street at midnight on a full moon, and rapes her.


Little miss comfy fanny is a bit up herself, what with having daddies inheritance to save her being realistic or doing an honest job to get through life, AND what with having the gold firmly between her loins, knowing it's every normal blokes desire, and knows, or thinks she knows, she can play with men, mess with their mind, until they make promises she knows they can't keep, breaks his codes of honor, until he, only really trying to be polite, is on his knees, and before he knows it, is at her beck and call.


But she insists on being on her lazy back, while the bloke does all the work, is worn out, and she, lying like Cleo-fucking-patra, is “looking into his eyes” transfixing her Eve's gaze on his, eyes, penis, any orifice she knows her ectoplasm can be projected into.

Down the track, he comes across a women he comes to like, and the feeling's mutual. They start to get it on.

But Ooop? He says something she finds wrong, she goes cold, shuts down, turns off.


It on! War.

He's called a rapist.

Meanwhile, little miss comfy fanny, back up the track, giggles. Her eyes shoot a glint of - Eve... ill.

Been going on forever. Since “the fall” at least.

Eve...., ill.

Whose side is she on?

Who knows who got into our soul 1st?

Who told the 1st lie?

Who was the 1st to believe it? To be seduced by it?

When did the separation between truth and bullshit begin?

Was it the earliest priests, who saw they had an advantage over the flock. Thereafter to use it.

Today, wars rage, seen and unseen, by some, by everyone.

And, to the devil's delight, it spreads inside everyone, such that they, knowing it and not, are at war with themselves.

Inside. Deep inside. So deep, most have never even been aware of the differences within the deeper subconscious levels of their own minds.

Most, unaware that a war rages in them, have been chosen for one or the other “side” of the most powerful competitors, as often, both claiming the “good” side.

Whichever, the person, up above the war, assumes they too, are on the side of good.

For themselves. Or, for the group.


For whom?

For the poor bastards still reeling from their ancestors being massacred by YOURS, BITCH!?

For the poor bastards living minute by minute in ceaseless warzones, fabricated by YOUR CULTS, BITCH!? By YOUR CLASS, BITCH?

Fanny comfortable at night is it? Bitch.

So, “MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR!” so YOUR fanny can sit squeaky-clean on fluffy cushions in Upsville, and so you can stroke yourself feeling so good, because you went to a SAFE, mainstreet, and “MARCHED” HA! Yeah, protesting for safer streets for sheilas and immature children wearing miniskirts, and/or for nancy-boys who like wearing womens' clothes and makeup, in public, ET CETERA, marching protected by the most abject sycophantic scum in blue, from grandsons of Veterans, who see the deceit, the theft, the falsity, the upperclasshole delusion, and it's danger to REALITY? To a healthy and stable, strong society?


Nowdays..., uppity women make it into places of power. Corporate boards. Executive positions. Clergy. Police force commands. Even military and government seniority.

How do they make it?

I've heard a scant few talk straight and true.

“Blow jobs!” “Heck? How else?”

Good women, them! Honest. That's why.

Not so deluded about the gold sovereign they bear. Not so over-confident to let their ego get out of check and have thereafter to rely on some low ever-hopeful, eager-for-a-blow-job blueshirt to protect them.

The others. Not all of them. Driven! “Aspirational!” Motivated! Psychopaths!

And didn't mummy push them up the ladder!

Miniskirts at 6 years old. Beauty contests at 10.

By 16, it's got the boys begging, and hexed to the shithouse, or behind it, and by 30 she's on the council.

[I'm gonna be mayor by 35!] she tells herself, and her girlfriends.


Then there's the blokes.

Same trip. Different vectors.

Power. Lust. MORE power.

It's a hex. And it FUCKS EVERYTHING.

Amoeba, to Empire, to Self Extermination.

Whiteguys, in a word. Albeit a gross generalization.

So, when did the Balance get lost?

When did the bullshit begin?

And.., what does bullshit, invite in?

Doesn't matter “what”.

What matters, is recognition that something bad gets in, everytime someone talks shit.

Good versus Good.

good versus good.

Whose bullshit sounds best?




And the coppers protect them?

Perhaps the Common Folks are better siding with overt evil?

Because Madams and Messrs good versus good are full of psychopathic shit.

Insane. Drunk with power. Lusting always for MORE power.

Why? They don't actually know.

Bleck Fella Knows.

“So they can fuck everything”, he laughs, as he takes another swig.

But OH SHIT NO? Don't you dare get up in court, or at council meetings, or in parliament, and pronounce out loud and true, that they're psychopaths. Insane. Unfit to hold the chair! Corrupt!

There's always gonna be some pathetic low power-lusting greazer, in a uniform with fancy badges on the shoulders, ready to hustle you OUT! And charge you with anything but - TALKING TRUE!

Whose side are you on, copper?


Hustled away from city centers all over the planet, for trying to get it out, that the councilors, governors, congressers, presidents, corporate boards, have got a problem with how they see the world.

Hustled away by coppers?

Idiots, loving it when others with guns and badges talk like mates to them.

TOUGH! Ye-arr...

Whose side are you on, coppers?

You arrest the head of the IMF, because one bloke with a false reputation, caught in a dark hex, hangs it on him.

But when THE PEOPLE find their voices, backed by EVIDENCE, and REASON, and HONOR, and COURAGE, and take it, LOUD, but PASSIVELY, to the streets, or to council meetings, you arrest them?

Go to war against them?

What does a bloke come to think, when things get as upside down as this?

What else, but FUCK YOU!

You don't work for the government, not for the mayors, not for the priests, and definitely not for the corporations, you work for THE PEOPLE, arseholes!

Like the oxymoron spy agencies, who call themselves “Intelligence agencies”, “Military intelligence” or such, you pieces of shit say you investigate crime, arrest criminals, are “detectives”, finding out where the deceits and crimes are, bringing justice to the streets.


So spoiled comfy fanny descendents of the elite of genocidal mass murderers can “march” HA! down mainstreet shouting “MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR!” “MAKE OUR STREETS SAFE FOR NANCIES AND COMFIES!”

And ignore - the EVIDENCE! The plain, raw FACTS!?

Whose side are YOU on?

Clearly, not JUSTICE.

Good on yer..., nancies!

[Apologies to women named “Nancy”]

Same question goes to so-called “outlaw motorcycle gangs”.

If..., you are Outlaws, then you'll be at council meetings, and state and federal parliaments, at least lobbying politicians at all 3 levels, however you can, with legal cases to bring them to account.

If Outlaw Motorcycle "Clubs" are affiliated globally, they will be coordinating such PROTESTS, globally, to bring all government and so-called "opposition" politicians to account.


So....., whose side are YOU on?



Brayakooloong Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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