Corruption Is A Mental Illness

130715 JUST DEFIANCE Corruption Is A Mental Illness Edition

Recently, Whistleblowers have captured the world's media's attention.

Each organization and government exposed by Righteous Whistleblowers have thrown every possible accusation back at them to take the focus off their own corruption.

Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning has endured the most disgusting ordeals since he bravely put the truth out for all to see, as to how unconscionably warped, unethical and illegal the US war machinery is, and every attempt by the seriously biased and therefore corrupt prosecution has been made to also label Manning as mentally disturbed, etc.

I think everyone watching the case, and so watching Brad's ability to maintain a straight, sentient and honorable perspective and “face” against mountains of pernicious corporate media and government, will mostly be impressed by his enduring stability.

I noted one at least, usually fairly [or unfairly] right wing online journal write how their opinions of Manning have changed to being more positive since his trial began.

No secret has been kept or made of his own personal sexual predilections, which a seriously straight arsehole like meself would normally not regard as a healthy mentality.

But, what do I know?

I don't shy from being overtly anti homosexual, so it would, or should follow that I'd be anti-whatever Brad gets his jollies from.

Personally, I'm stuck in a freeze-zone and rail at the thought of having sex with anyone, male or female, due to decades of maltreatment by females who weren't telling me what I didn't know about meself, and the agenda they had for me.

Now, though, it's not only a case of my being seriously without any sexual desire because of abuse, but also because I am so insulted by my own ignorance as to sex, not so much now, but in all the years I was sexually engaging with women, that it sickens me to think of me, my “thing” going for it with any willing female.

But as well, I now cannot think of sex without seeing the willing female as having a secret agenda. Like the Black Widow spider, which sexes the male, then DEVOURS him.

So, in all of that, most of it imposed, I admit to having a mental illness, in that I cannot even think about sex without feeling sick, at least “off”.

So, that anyone other than myself can think of and have sex, with other humans, male or female, makes them, mostly that bit less ill in mind than I, I might say.

So Brad's preferences are not an issue, in terms of assessing his mental health, methinks.

And, to the contrary, I'm very much more inclined to see what he has done, in his bold act of exposing the heinous crimes committed by the US military, as proof that he is indeed, a very healthy minded person.

The very opposite of someone suffering any mental illness.

Therefore....., one might use this, against those who accuse him of being sick, and lay the same charges against them?

I refuse to believe that any court judge, or prosecution lawyer, cannot see that those they are hired to defend, the prosecution defending the US military and the US administration who 1, sent the troops to the 2 illegal wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, and 2, essentially gave the orders to troops to commit the war crimes, do not see their defendants as being wrongheaded in some way or ways, to work to enable war crimes to be committed on the scales they have.

Another way of looking at it all is that the wars were commissioned by people with specific economic interests, against the safety and well being of those people of the nations they invaded.

As for any mental illness in the perpetrators of the Iraq war, in this example, I return to my factsis, in that wealth accrual on the scales we witness today, in any nation's upper class, but especially in each nations' 1% of the most wealthy elite, there is unquestionably a dysfunction of mind at work, leading to my conclusion that indeed, personal, or even family accrual of excesses of wealth, is both the sign and the cause of the most serious, and as likely the most cases, of mental illness.

My disdain and disgust at the general level of ignorance across the “modern” world, is as much because this has to be explained to most people in these cultures of blatant opulence, who are so deeply absorbed into an excess of everything that they cannot either see it or think it out for themselves. WOE to the church, for making masses so stupid, merely so as to have their little Jesus puppet appear that much above the throng, and thus that superior and wise intellect.

Wealth tends to have the wealthy place more emphasis on wealth, than on well-being of the spirit, of only because the easy life wealth enables, makes one lazy in regard to thinking “outside the square”.

And, while some see the trap, and do not fall for the popularity wealth brings, most are either in perpetual sycophant-mode - “..you gotto like [or respect] ME 'cause I'm RICH”, which is another psychopathology, but sycophancy in reverse, or become absorbed in the popularity charade, slowly going crazy running to every possible party of the upclub classholes, to retain or gain popularity where one can enter the most elite “in-crowd”.

These all demand endless focusing on retaining, gaining wealth and popularity, or appearing to others to be one of the wealthy sette.

All of which are psycho-pathologies of the most ridiculous and culturally, most dangerous kind.

Dangerous to the self, for it breeds ignorance of the true spirit we are, the foremost cause of mental illnesses, when not an illness [an evil hex] imposed upon us by malicious or foolish others, and it tends to demand that we “sell” wealth and the gathering of it - greed - to everyone we meet, both in support of our own wealth-psychosis, and so-as to increase the numbers of the same greedy kind in our world, so-as to trounce by numbers any who challenge our dysfunction.

Succeeding in “selling” all these aspects of greed serves the darkness by convincing others, wrongly, with bad incorrect untrue logic, that we need not be ethical or moral in how we live our lives and in how we earn enough comforts for ourselves.


More annoyance here, for needing to say that in as many cases, people attain to some level of personal comfort, in lifestyles, by the fact that the culture to some extent has been ethical. But distinction is necessary because of the last few thousand years, parochially, some level of ethics has benefited those within the dominant victorious culture, for those within that culture have treated their own ethically, but have maltreated those outside their own nation, culture, clan, with absolute disdain, and totally unethically.

So, again, using the word “ethical”, from the [my, still comparatively] 1st world comfort zone, after my/our forebears have committed genocide upon far more ethical peoples and cultures, is really a more than a bit too arrogant.

Nevertheless..., all of these “trends and fashions” of placing so much importance on making more and more wealth for one's self, are mental illnesses.

Disregarding the well-being of the spirit, is one and the same as disregarding the well being of others, no matter how close they are. This elicits, breeds, an ever deepening selfishness, thus a separation from others.

Becoming absorbed in one's wealth at the expense of honest and intimate human to human relationships, but, a deep and sincere relationship with the natural world as distinct from the human world, is as healthy and for the fallen state of the species generally, is more healthy than human to human relationships in most cases, and the wider the field of relationships is the more healthy, but losing all depth of relationship with others and with nature, is what initiates bad mental health.

So repeating..., “Another way of looking at it all is that the wars were commissioned by people with specific economic interests, against the safety and well being of those people of the nations they invaded.”

Any honest assessment and review of the characters of those leading the charges against the Iraqi administration, accusing Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi government as being responsible for the passenger jet attacks on the New York World Trade Centre on the 11th of September 2001, and who lead the charge for the US to go to war in Iraq, will conclude if all things are considered, that they all suffered from some mental dysfunction.

It might have been greed. It might have been an excess of hubris. It might have been an arrogant [ignorant] disregard for life generally - so common in the USA [not necessarily incorrect]. It might have been sheer brutality. And it might have been all of these and any number more of other mental tendencies, discernible as illnesses or dysfunctional thinking.

The “reasons” given in the 2003 lead-up to the US and Allied forces' invasion of Iraq, were found to have been false, badly assessed and basically, without doubt, corrupt.

So..., given that Bradley Manning is not mentally ill, aside from any troubles he has imposed upon his mind by the evil and insane restrictions upon his freedoms, and that repeated inquiries prove that the protagonists for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were/are corrupt, it is not illogical to arrive at the conclusion that the protagonists for war, were/are, mentally ill.

But, leaving the war games aside, this leads me to the issue of whether people who engage in corrupt activities are mentally ill.

In old religious terms, corruption, breaking the laws, are “sins”.

Sins, typically, are acts of evil.

I find it inneresting that the word “ill” is from an older word, and has been “contracted” or “shrunk” to suit a more modern English language.

The older word is/was “evil”.

Also, many pre-modern cultures regarded mental and physical ailments and illnesses, as reactions or such, to being possessed by an evil spirit.

“Just ONE?”

So, it's not a giant leap to regard people who deal in corrupt financial or, any activities, as suffering a mental illness.

Returning to the trending current issues of “Whistleblowers” and the world's leading media-lit persons in that genre, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, John Kiriakou, and now, Edward Snowden, Et Al, Et Al, all of whom are being or have been persecuted by the “authorities” for exposing corruption, perhaps it's time the media, and all concerned with the Honorable and Righteous Acts of the Whistleblowers, look at those who accuse and pursue them [since the earliest times, to their graves], from the “mental health assessment” point of view?

Because corruption really does fit into the category of “mental illness” when we delve into it, from a psychiatric perspective.

However, every right wing elitist will use that to their own political advantage and slam evermore, middle and lower class people, forced to commit minor crimes just to eat, or to enjoy some semblance of a “customary” socially acceptable life, purely because the laws are themselves so filthy rotten corrupt that the majority have to be criminals to survive.

The majority of crimes are committed because of a surprising few, made and maintained by a seriously sick, ie., seriously mentally ill, global elite, and the surprising few major crimes, are called “laws”.

Hence “the LAW is THE crime!”

Therefore..., who are the most mentally ill?

Surely, it is not only a genius who can divine that those who make and maintain the most damaging and dangerous laws, and who deploy the most brutal methods and forces to uphold corruption, are then, the most mentally ill?

HELL-oh, Cuntstable? [TYPO!?$%^&??!!]

If any nation had truly Wise, Intelligence-based, evidence-and-science-based laws and courts, they would be able to reduce “crime” per se, and thus the need for prisons, death sentences, wars, war crimes and all the punishment, to next to nothing.

Aside from re-education institutes for the global elite. LARGE ones...

A! Here's an idea. Turn ISRAEL into THE global re-education farm, and send all the greedy, insatiable, corruption-hugging, rich bastards THERE!

They could be employed in healthy physical occupations building the prison walls around that theocratic state, already well-advanced in construction, ensuring not that the Palestinians are kept out, but that people suffering irrational levels of greed, sadism, malice, warmongering, ignorance of laws, perversion of laws, beliefs in false and unreal gods, avaricious lust for and despicable disregard for everyone else's common weal, beyond all balance and reason, ie., the wealthiest sufferers of the “lords of sick” psychosis, ARE KEPT IN!

They would be very much at home, among friends, with the BIG-NOSED fanatics already there.

Then, everywhere else, we could implement True Laws, and therefore eradicate crimes and prisons and classes, and class warfare, and taxes, and inflation and death pledges, and the need for Freedom Fighters, and CRAPitalism, and the most seriously mentally ill three generations of whiteguys ever to walk the earth!

All we have to do is classify greedy people who make a life from corruption, as mentally ill.


Where we gonna put all the christian, freemason and jewish whiteguys???

Israel just ain't big enough!

O! and, by the way...


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