Vote YES For Local Council Recognition In The Proposed Referendum

130722 JUST DEFIANCE Vote YES For Local Council Recognition In The Proposed Referendum Edition

But not without MAJOR CORRECTIONS to the Constitution, and other key laws.

Yesserday, I searched the 'net for the word “treason” and it's definitions, because I was prompted once more by local henchmen of corruption harassment, to check if treason is the applicable word, in charging them with what turns out to be the more appropriate “upholding corrupt laws”.

Treason means “the illegal deposing of a head of state”, more or less.

And how archaic is that? It comes down to the 21st century from something like the 14 century, before anything like “democracy” or fair and equal rules of behavior in courts of law, before evidence was possible to use in one's defense, or in accusing another of a crime. Before evidence had to be considered by any ruling authority like a judge or magistrate, or monarch. Especially in such cases where a monarch or warlord held sway over a people, and, as was the norm for millennia no doubt, regard themselves as gods, with sovereign powers to say rule and do whatever the fuck they liked to the masses, their “subjects”.

So “treason” is in fact, perhaps the very antithesis of “Democratic Rule” “By the People, For the People”, because if the people see the leaders/rulers/monarchs are not being fair, they should have the right to at least challenge any autocrat, if not the legal right to remove them.

I might be wrong, but I think it is still an active rule today, in Australia and in Britain etc. From memory the US Constitution has in it that the people have the constitutional right to challenge the government if there is evidence that the government is not ruling in their best interests. And so it should be! EVERYWHERE!.

Nevertheless...., I got links to Wikipedia, and they were typically very informative, on treason.

But another link caught my eye, so I hit it, and it went to a very inneresting series of pages.

After reading a lot of it [for me], a few more items and links showed me the people behind the sites were some christian mob, and very anti-ALP.
But perhaps more-so, anti the “left-wing” global powerbrokers of the United Nations and it's rather dubious I agree, policies of taking over the world and asserting some, to myself, warped communist central authority agenda. I don't question the accuracy of these sites and of what they exposed to my less-than-well-informed mind about the plans of the world elite.

To me the same elite, are off the path, and so are trying to implement guaranteed “FAIL” systems and governance. But to see this and to criticize it, does not necessarily mean one is one a better, truer path.
So I see some expressed policies of the contributors to these webpages go against the things and issues I've found as what the species need.

So, receiving a brief reply this morning from them, for the email I sent them yesserday, I wrote the following back to Larry Hannigan.

For a change, I don't regard this mob as evil bastards or such, and give them credit for what they are doing, albeit that I disagree with their policies and beliefs, some part of them being right wing christian.

Here's the link to Larry's site. He and his team do seem to be doing some good stuff in terms of law. I question whether they're coming from the best, most impartial position, but nevertheless, appreciate the accusations and revelations they go to.

Even though my own inquiries into politrix and economics arrive at pro-Communist bases, based not on faith and mere belief, but on the sciences of demography, economics and human/land distribution, I am very much at odds with the supposed plans the global elite, in the guise of the UN, ILO, IMF and other organizations have for us.

If I do have a clearer perception of life, and of religion and politics and economics, and if they are closer to correct than the masses and than the elites, whom I charge with all being seriously WRONG WAY thinkers, then it is a given that the plans devised by them are gonna be wrong also.

But challenging them is one thing. Ensuring the challenge comes from a more pure base, is quite something else again.

Every oppositional force and group out of the most ancient lines and tribes from the northern, 'whiteguy” strains, have been off the path since the “fall from Eden” as I put it, so seeing sinister intentions in catholic/communist/corporate elites by their ideological enemies the protestant/freemason/corporate elites, is only gonna exacerbate the tensions, divisions, antitheses and wars between them.

This is exactly whats been happening for centuries if not millennia, and is what's going on now, with the rising-falling tensions between left and right wing powers, aka on the surface, the USA and Russia/China. All of whom, work and subvert and conspire underneath the larger global umbrella organization of the ? Which name are they known as today???

Take your pick?

Me? I'll shovel it, and stay out here in JUST DEFIANCE of all their warped and frantic ideals and plans to construct their towers of Babel.

All added up, it's one massive FUCK UP, and any who partake of the power games and clubs and gangs, only add to the fuck ups, I reckon.

Far better, more Honorable, methinks, if we were all to drop our plans and delusional beliefs, and retreat to something like Buddhist or Taoist Cooperative Agrarian farms, re-learning almost everything we've come to accept as good and the norm for our species.

But, clearly, fanatical enemies [essentially of their own True Spirit and Nature], would love to see their opposition retire to the forests and to Meditating on trippy bells and flutes, so the fucking brutal psychos can march over everyone else and delude themselves they are the winners.

So..., it becomes a conundrum, as to whether it's best to retreat from any such BOOOLLLSHSHSHSHIT feud/battle/bitch/war, and seek one's own personal peace and Yogic Enlightenment, thus leaving evil to prosper, or to return to the fray, and fight to the end against the sons of bitches, just to not let the scum get away with any undeserved and typically completely unjust victory.

The decision is, “which side does one join?”

But there, we are usually less than fully informed as to “sides”. Because there are never really just two options.

Leaping and taking one or the other side is where it all goes wrong.

Usually we are forced to make that choice, because one or both “sides” are 1, already psychotic, and 2, are eager to have as many numbers on their side as they can “volunteer/lure/bribe of force”.

Always, there are doubts as to the sum-total veracity of any side we see as joining. And each and every side in a war of these kind, has multiple flaws and even if in a Machiavellian sense, many unseen evils, if not basic flaws in their arguments.

But these days, time is of the essence, and victory or defeat rely on relatively fast decisions. So an aspirant, or merely someone, say, a child nearing adulthood and some time when they have to choose one side or another, can easily make the wrong choice, and not find out until it's too late.

So I don't know how to get passed this conundrum for newbies, other than to advise that they really should research the options as much as they can, and from as early an age as they can absorb the information and compute it correctly and fully.

“Family” ties are no basis to choose from. Neither are schools, churches, religions, clubs, gangs, or mates.

As far as I can best discern, again, it comes down to studying the Sciences of Law.

Not false corrupt and FUCK EVERYTHING elitist western laws, but the Fundamental and Universal Laws of Physics, how they operate, how they influence everything, even how our minds wax and weave for their influences on our “humors” [a word from older tymes] , and thus how we view the world through our physical senses, and how they, the universal laws of Physics, influence the world on the levels of human to human and human to the land relationships.

1st, such a path can only foster a high regard and appreciation of and for our Intellects, as the highest of all our faculties, and 2nd, have us therefore best equipped to make the best decisions. This, in terms of joining one side or another, all things considered, because it might well be best to accept the flaws of either side in the short term, if a higher goal can be attained to by working with that mob.

But, for myself, being now on the outer to death, this would, or should inspire everyone both within established groups, gangs, clubs and parties, etc., and on the verge of making that decision, to work first and foremost to ensure they are following good laws ultimately, so 1, their own mob are of the highest intellectual fabric and foundation, and 2, that they thus attract by reason, not by any other means, newcomers, and 3, therefore, for all their gang's charters being incorruptible, un-subvertable, are guaranteed the ultimate final victory. Victory, not over the other blokes, but merely over the so-called “darkness” that the Great Buddha called “ignorance”.

To me, that's the only way the species is gonna have a future not drowned in what I expect, for us, and for myself, eternal war.

So, here's the link to “the other side's” webpages. Worth a look for the facts they throw a light on, as to the performances of our political “left wingers”. But I don't think a majority will be taken in completely in regards their “lesser” ideologies [hyuk!] and antipathetic political theories and beliefs.

Larry Hannigan’s Australia

Thanks Larry.

Here are more than a few thoughts on the state of the species, and of laws and this chimera "the constitution", etc.

As said, I'm but a puppet, and too late came to see how much I've been misled, and also how much I do not know nor unnerstand about the complexities of things like the constitution, and the laws surrounding it.

But from your webpages, and my decades of essentially superficial thoughts on the whole matter of government, economics and the rubbish we know as "politics", I am still inclined to believe that all the complexities of such "laws" are but means of protecting the foreign-based elite, "political class", their upclub legal and other "professionals".

The same applies methinks, to the intricate mechanisms and rules within the constitution.

Accepting first, that all our "laws" are not "laws" at all, but means of controlling the Demos, the People, so that the ancient lineages of the world's super-wealthy can keep living in excess as they have always been, means we have to reappraise everything we take for granted as regards "laws", and which actual "Laws" have to be "reborn" if-I-may, and made known right across the masses, and of course, across the planet.

One thing is certain, that the species will not stop the cultural decline unless it addresses our underlying flaws on a global scale.

If any "lobby group", confederacy of organizations, or such, are to really be effective, they have to get underneath all the smear-jobs laid upon every aspect of our education and culture and become absolutely dedicated to reinvigorating the knowledge of the basic laws.

Then, of course, the collective must thereafter commit to protecting the knowledge at all costs.

But getting underneath the smear-jobs, means we have willfully to, if we keep to a True and Intelligent course, disgorge our minds of the mountains of rubbish, which includes the vast majority of the cultural rubbish such as the religious beliefs, social customs and preferred, blindly accepted habits.

Far too much to ask of most white, westernized mainstreamers, because, it challenges everything the most of them have been steeped in by the overwhelming culture [of corruption] they're born in.

But mostly, it would, again, if keeping to the "straight and narrow", have them voluntarily drop 99% of every thing and belief they've assumed into their lives, and become pretty much the very antithesis of our western culture - Nomads, possessing next to no product of the mainstream commodity-consumption culture.

This idea shocks most whiteguys, clearly, because they're so long sold [lost] on believing material wealth is the source of personal happiness.

Any True Thinker/Philosopher knows this is not the case.

So on the surface, it would appear that, for any reduction in the general decline of our world and species, to being a reversal of the endemic destruction written into our "whiteguy" cultural DNA, demands we drop everything and become on-the-face-of-it, rootless wanderers.

But no. I actually defer to the Wise Ways of our Australian and indeed all Aborigines, who were not actually rootless, but had, from the earliest time, very Wisely Structured Customs and Ways in their Nomadic Cultures.

But, a majority of modern world people returning to those perennial Traditions? HA!

So..., if any of us choose to dedicate our lives to making straight the laws of all lands, then we have to figure out what we have, and how we can work with it toward the best possible feasible, achievable end.

Again, gaining any majority of support is fairyland stuff, and I think the species does not have centuries for any "Fabianist"-type passive change to be effective.

This then, to my way of thinking, begs a Coup D'Etat.

And usually, that demands some central group with some leader beginning and leading the charge.

But I do maintain that the whole notion of "leaders" is "lost tribes" thinking.

Also, today, with electronic and occult means of communications at their peak [short of the "next invention" in technology. Mockery there.] the notion of "leaders", which has more failings in it than Scientific Merit, is superfluous. the same applies to "political parties".

As I now tend to harp on about, it is "LAWS, not Jesus!" aka not "leaders" that we need.

And that is in the most simple distribution of the primary Knowledge of Economics, which is the Science on how the species relates with our resources - the land.

Arriving at that, should have us also find that the laws of distribution are, or should be amazingly simple. Pure, and open us to being happier than ever. At least since 1788, [from an Aborigine's perspective].

And..., here is where I dispute what I see written in your pages, about the evils of the proposed Referendum on giving local councils recognition in the federal Constitution.

I do agree that they too are ridden with corruption. But again, this has it's roots in the laws, of the land.

From my studies [as you'd see, I'm an autodidact], it's not the local councils that are our problem in terms of making government simple, efficient and effective, but the middle tier, state governments.

They belong to the past, to colonialism, and to the "tyrannies of the distances" across our wide brown and green and gold land, and to a pre-telecommunications era.

But studies to this arrives at the whole structure having to be "upturned" so that a proper system of government, is 1, minimalist, and 2, has all revenue collected at the local level, by the local councils, and any funds needed to maintain the federal or national level of coordination, be directed from the locals UP to the nation's central "committee".

This would, in the perfect world [HA!] be Democracy at it's purest and finest, no doubt.

So, demonizing local councils is incorrect, albeit that they are as corrupted now, in the present state of massive global offshore corruption of the good laws of the land.

"Good laws of the land", as were brought with the First Fleet, implemented by successive governors up until Governor William Bligh's deposition, and were destroyed by John MacArthur's "rum rebellion" in 1808.

However, I don't criticize your accusations against the ALPs subversion's of the mentioned oaths and rule for our lawyers, etc.

But from my perspective, as many a good lawyer has said over time, the system of English/British law is massively corrupt, and has been for ages.

So any "allegiance" our down-under lawyers are or have been expected to swear to, may well be not in our own nation's best interests.

Indeed, it is more than likely that they are swearing allegiance to those foreign powers who actually own us, "...lock, stock, and barrel".

The old British East India Company, latterly the International Monetary Fund, IMF, who bought the English parliament out of debt, incurred after the failed 1776 American war of independence, "...lock, stock, and barrel".

That included everything then and now, under the administration of the parliament. All her colonies, and all her military forces.

We, who call ourselves "Australians" are no more than "chattels", and all our lands, but resources owned completely, by the IMF privately owned multinational corporation, which is why these issues you rightly address, are able to be driven through without anything near to a Democratic decision.

So.., thanks for opening my eyes more again to the travesties of our so-called democracy, and apologies for sending you my contrary thoughts and divinations on the issues you champion.

Yes, "the Republic" is probably as much a scam to deceive us of even more democratic authority.

However, being myself the puppet of the current IMF/British dynastic elites, conceived to inherit it all, from what I've learned over my 40-plus years of inquiry, the Republic, Properly Structured, is Democracy, far more than any "Constitutional Monarchy" can ever be.


Brayakooloong Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

I doubt I've won any friends wherever they are [Melbourne Victoria, I think?], and whether they can think outside the trances of their brand of jewish branch office christianity is doubtful, but I reckon I gave them as good or better than they offer on their pages, and thus, maybe for them, some food for thought.

But knowing the WRONG WAY christians as I did, if anything I wrote here to them wins their agreement, they'll more likely fall back into automaton mode christian trance-ism, and subvert it to their way of seeing the world and Jesus, and overlook completely the basis of my assertions/postulations/theories/hypotheses and facts, about leaders and laws, etc.


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