Waking Up To An 140 BPM Heart Rate

130727 JUST DEFIANCE Waking Up To An 140 BPM Heart Rate Edition

So I wake up at the usual 4:00am, because of about every person I made eye contact with over the last few months on my trip south plying me with their awry occult projections, with a heart rate up around 140 beats per minute, and confirm that much of it was also coming across the southern Pacific Ocean from South America.


Pope Frank doing his thing aye?

Down in South America drumming up support from the Brazilian “flavallas”, the Latinesque name for the poorest shanty-town suburbs of Brazilian cities, undoubtedly offering the cheering poor fools, still wedded to catholicism, for lack of any Intelligent discernment, or facts about how base that cult has been for ooooowh? 1600 years, bribes to stay with the church of unholy witches, in return for projections of wealth to their struggling neighborhoods.

Talk about a propaganda campaign!

Catholicism took a large-ish hit in the last couple of years with the ongoing exposures of child sexual abuse - pedophilia - throughout it's global diaspora, so heavy and accurate a hit it was, that the last pope, I refuse to use the name he gave himself, Joseph Ratzinger, resigned. Resigned because I drove hard at bringing to light in many nations' media, that he himself had been a pedophile, in his earlier days as a priest in his homeland of Germany.

Does he deserve any credit, or “forgiveness” for doing the right thing, short of throwing himself off the vatican balcony with a fixed rope around his neck, and resigning? Resigning was, if it was only his decision, and not the recommended path to ease the tensions building in Germany, but around the catholic world, surrounding the exposures of pedophilia rampaging, but one thing. Speaking openly, publicly, about his past evil acts, is quite another thing.

Were Ratzinger to go public and confess to the world, it would surely destroy the church.

To an Atheist, a victim of the same evil cult, NOT A BAD THING!

But this is not an age of Honor, or Honesty, nor Courage, nor Dignity, nor Integrity. And, for all the stupidity of Harry Potter-type witchcraft rampant, it is neither the “age of reason”.

It is the age of delusion. Of ignorance. Of chaos and degradation of all the good Human's once held highest. Ask any catholic woman!

As I wrote to a political dissident recently, “I suspect it will all end badly?”

And, from where I sit, so it should, if only to drive it home in the TOO LATE category, to the idiot whiteguy christian dreamers, that they are responsible for their own actions, and while they leave the hard yards to their little puppet lamb, they bring disaster upon the world, enough to destroy it all.

The church, and this latest foray into the last remaining “stronghold” of catholicism - Latin America - by the new poope [TYPO!?#$%^??], to drum up support before the church goes bankrupt, and with any fortune, dies, is the start of the new popularity and propaganda campaign, since the heat was taken off it by Ratzinger's resigning, now wants to sell itself anew, with the entirely convincing “poor church” label as this new bloke has started selling it.

Down here in it's repository for emigrant souls from the Hell-houses of Eurape, Australia, the scandals of pedophile priests has gone off the media hit list, even though the royal commission inquiry is still active in Melbourne, and only a few articles make news on the few news sites from overseas I happen across, mainly via the limited portals of Google news.

[About the only one I've noted recently were articles which were actually trying to demonize the one Honorable NSW Copper, DCI Peter Fox, in the Hunter Valley inquiry in catholic priest pedophilia, who stood up for the victims and has fought doggedly to expose the pedophiles there.

According to the news, his own workmates were shitting on him for his Honor.

No surprise there!]

The classic “GW Bush” method, of “MOVING FORWARD!!”

Moving fast forward so the media and the public become vacuous of mind of such evil and discrediting affairs, so the church of unholy scum can pick itself up again and with some heavily mediated new face, return to the fray of luring new souls into it's vortexes of dark materialism, in the endless war against the other side of evil - the protestant freemasons.

But - my 140 BPM?

On top of Poope Frank's dark past, coming from another Latin American nation to the top seat of catholic evil, Argentina I think, where he's recorded as siding with the right wing tyrant Augusto Pinnoche's or such regimes who killed a lot of freedom fighters and democrats, and actually is recorded as dobbing-in many of his own people to the regime, perhaps only to save his own arse, this new poope is certainly no more holy than the last little poker of children.


Pedophilia has been part and parcel of most western religious cults, and for a lot longer than any of them have the balls to admit.

There's no secret that in ancient Greece, it was not at all denigrated, that men, usually I'd guess with some level of skill and/or achievement in society, had their own boys, mainly as apprentices, learning from the adult males, the trades they specialized in, but who were also taking it up the what's-it, from the “master”.

Being an accepted custom across the culture, made it free of stigma, so the boys were as likely to mature, but also with a sincere guide to adulthood in their masters, without many if any psychological maladies of the kind we hear being spoken of in today's inquests into church related pedophilia.

But, as well, I suspect that the same pedophile relationships existed a lot in ancient Rome's upper classes, then and right through it's history to today.

Some percentage would have become adults without any mental trauma, and are as likely balanced and mature adults for it.

But, outside of these areas of simply “serving” masters who also were sincere and good mentors for the lads, and were paid in kind, of the “bending over kind”, and as well as in these more benign relationships, the act of sodomy is also an act of capturing the sodomized boys' soul, in the larger picture, the larger “war” to win souls in the endless fight against opposing cults, forces and power-mongers, pedophilia has been forced onto, into, helpless children to capture them and thereafter be wedded to the fucker's cult. Catholicism, freemason, jewish, etc etc.

In Australia, unmentioned evils have raged for at least a century, and but one of many, exists in the elites of Adelaide, South Australia's capital, where whole “gangs” of the magistry, of senior judges, have operated fucking unwilling children from the many orphanages across that city.

More than a few boys, and as adults, have been murdered to maintain the silence.

Pedophilia, in most circumstances, is unconscionably wrong.

But, as with the ancient Greeks, if there is a consent, an intelligent acceptance by the child, not young children, but adolescents, to give over their arse [or other orifices and digits], for some genuine and beneficial return, preferably in wisdom, or skills of the intellect and trade, etc., and, with it, no doubt some advance in knowledge about sex, and thus the dangers therein, with and from both genders, if the complete situation engenders a more balanced adult, then it may not be so evil.

However, one cannot ever condone child rape, such as seems to have dominated the churches pedophiliac trends, as exposed in the recent years.

Unwilling victims, forced to bend over, boys or girls, for one, or worse, gangs of [negatively pictured] drooling clergy, forced to be preyed upon by sadistic filth, dressed in the frocks of the church, cannot not suffer later, if they are also forced to remain silent.

And, as the latest inquiries prove, this has been how the church has maltreated it's children.

So the world, the catholic world, is sprinkled with severely damaged souls, and their suffering and damage is made worse by attending the inquiries and giving up their long held secrets.

One is left to ask whether any financial compensation does ease their pain.

Surely it does to the extent that the victims were also usually kept in impoverished situations by the cults, so-as to keep them disempowered and less courageous, so less able to come forward and expose the filthy fucking dogs.

Worse when they knew the dog coppers would throw them in a cell and bash them or such, or terrorize them in their homes, or, as with myself, force them right out of all society, and into certain death in a gutter, if they dared make a complaint to the local police.

So..., the great big church of WRONG WAY FUCK EVERYTHING pedophile priests is trying desperately to MOVE FORWARD from the last couple of years of Righteous exposures of their insane and evil malpractices, with this latest foray back into the last stronghold of catholic stupidity, South Latin America.

And..., to my 140 BPM wake up this mourning, I detect a determined effort by catholics, male, female, young and poope, to have me, their DEFIANT puppet-jesus, now their most feared anti-christ, die alone in my ute, in some indistinct forest, of a heart attack, so-as to make safe again, the mountains of evils the church has tried and been exposed as issuing, upon my soul, since my whorey illegitimate conception on 16th July, 1954, on the same day mum shocked her “step”-grand-father, John Thomas Willis, into having a heart attack, in the same bedroom I was conceived in.

Bury the evidence and MOVE FORWARD!!!” Hoping that no-one wants to be Honorable and look back, and do the proper detective work and uncover THE FACTS, that I uncovered myself, and since about 2005 have tried to speak to the authorities about.



Male [NONE, are “REAL Men”] Female, pathetic dark-side comfy-fanny witches all, more than happy to inflict suffering upon the male who talks straight and true about their Eve-ill, and the idiot children victims of pedophilia, not of the groin but of the mind, because everything about catholicism, and about jewish and protestant indoctrination, marketed as “education”, in reality is actually fucking the kids' minds, to be but dark little turds, plying witchcraft of a very sad, low and ignorant whiteguy type on those who see the evils and fight against them.

Granted, my sad situation, of being caught by all and sundry who are so stupid as to not know how stupid they are, but with the secrets of masturbation and/or copious amounts of sex, opening their third eye to the occult powers, Harry Potter style, thereafter themselves caught by some unseen witch to be but overly confident magicians, and for it, without any genuine intellect operative, leaves me determined to NOT play anything their way, neither how any of the cults who have spent so much trying to weave my mind to thinking I'm Jesus, or Clark Kent, or Merlin, or Dr Who, I have put on more weight than I've ever had, so the heart is no doubt surrounded with more fatty substance than is good for him.

Should I start exercising? Should I try to get fit again? Should I, merely so I can persist with my DEFIANCE against all the whiteguy scum who want me either to suffer their idiot hexes, or to die?


But we can be sure that Pope frank the false, is now in Latin America to ply the poor with promises of endless wealth if they stay with the church - “the poor church” - and use the witchcraft to uphold it's evil centrist world government agenda.

Only problem they have, is to find another puppet willing to play Jesus.

Not a problem, at all!”

No doubt, the cabals of catholicism, freemasons and orthodox jews have had a back-up false jesus in the making for decades, covering their bases-cum-arses, as they are so good at?

That, as well as for pure whiteguy megalomaniac occult psychopathy, has been what the USA's CIA “MK Ultra” has been all about.

Once I'm not, no doubt there'll be thousands of “Jesus'” running around the planet roping in religious idiots, and offering all the wealth of the world to have them side with the savior's cult.

But I am left with one doubt. And that is whether the last Jesus' recommendation, in his “Lord's Prayer”, about “...lead us not into temptation...” in fact was referring to not being tempted to open the 3rd eye, by false, self-flagellantory means, and playing the cheap cowardly, unwise witches that the planet has become overrun by?

Granted, again, my resultant frigidity, is not merely my RESISTANCE to taking that route and opening my 3rd eye, to thereafter be safe to be around, and then to be constantly plied and surrounded by agenda-ridden catholic/christian/hell's angel-type witches to drink of the poisoned chalice of their heinous creeds and delusions. For as many fuckwits are incurably drunk with power for being close enough to this puppet prince of peace to hex me, and thus “oooowwwnnn” me, like my sheds landowner, and her little little coven of local idiots.

As many if not now, for my utterly disgusting verbal insults via the occult I did not choose to be trapped by, want me both to suffer, and to die, if only for exposing them to their own ignorance and thus cult evils.

Forgive them Lord?”

YOU forgive them, Lord! I'm fucked if I will!

Should the smug bewitching bitches, comfy-fanny middle-upper class catholic women of northern New South Wales, perhaps specifically of Nimbin, get a mention?

Noted, if not mentioned. They'll get theirs.....!

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