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Brayakooloong Gunai Aborigine Outlaw
18th July 2013
Copyright Max N Cook 17/07/2013 [date first scribed]

This follows the post below this one, which I wrote over the last few weeks, about the Whistleblowers in the news, the latest, Ed Snowden, presently stuck in Moscow airport waiting for things to settle so he can go to Ecuador, Venezuela or another Honorable nation for political asylum.

These Blues lyrics take it further though, and say/sing what I've seen for a while - that even the wages and salaries we take for granted, as a way to pay our way through life, are bribes.

So sad, really, that from the hardball-cynic view, almost everything the modern western materialist world's people, and the aspiring billions take for granted, and as necessary merely for survival, are also really a sick-sick-VERY-sick western hegemony's, the global elite's, bribes for us to be allowed to live.

Allowed to live so they, the elite, can stay on top of the economic and material-wealth world.

In the perfect world, where the LAWS were Evidence-Based, and Scientific, therefore True, Proper and Correct, we would not need nor even desire the larger part, perhaps 95%, of all the shit we think we need to survive.

Ask any Aborigine!

Happiness, is not a consumer item, not a commodity, not a service or material product.

Lots do know that money cannot buy happiness.  

Sure, when we're stuck in a culture which only recognizes material wealth as a measure of our existence, it's even dangerous to live without at least some material trimmings/trappings.  

Dangerous mainly because the idiots sold on materialism will hunt you down and leave you in the gutter, if you show any disregard for material products and any perceived need, for them.

This too, is a sign of how insane the mainstream is/are, when they, the majority, is so steeped in the ignorance of placing material wealth before personal intellectual and material balance, and happiness, condemn those of us who know better, who live without any excess of material trappings, and even go to the extent of making one's life as miserable as they can.

Typical whiteguy, as far as I'm concerned.

So..., here's my latest songing on the subject.

I Dedicate the lyrics/song, to All Whistleblowers, but mainly to the world's current Champions of Being Honest and True,  

Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning of the United States Military, 
Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, 
Edward Snowden of the United States of America, ex-Booz Allen Hamilton, 
and to those who have dropped off the media radar, 
John Kiriakou, ex-CIA analyst, 
Jeremy Hammond, 
Et Al, Et Al.

All Strength To You! Champions For Human Justice!

Corruption is a mental illness.

Corruption is a mental illness.

Every pound/euro/dollar, is a bribe.

Corruption is a mental illness.

So don't give me your crazy lies.

Corruption is a mental illness.

Every shekel you save, is a bribe.

Corruption is a mental illness.

Don't want to hear your crazy lies.

Been in us since the fall from Eden.

Been with us for a long long time.

So long we just don't see it.

So now we only know the crooked line.

Corruption is a mental illness.

Your weekly wage, is a bribe.

Corruption is a mental illness.

So don't give me your lost-tribe lies.

Everything the school's teachin',

Everything the preacher's preachin',

Tells you how to take a bribe.

In University you learn.

To treat what you earn.

As a qualification.

To take a life-long vacation.

From being honest with yourself.

Morals hide on a shelf.

Take the silver known as wealth.

'Til you forget.

That all of it, is a bribe.

Higher up you get,

The safer the bet,

Salaries and bonuses,

Are high-end silencer bribes.

The next step of course - is government!

By which I mean, you work for the bank!

O' course c'rruption's only so.

'Cause of, c'rupt law.

Corruption's only so,

'cause the rich steal wealth from the poor.

That's why,

Corruption is the rich man's madness.

Landlord's buy, the poor with a bribe.

Corruption is the wealthy madness.

So don't give me that high-end white faced jive.

They say it's the devil in us.

They say it came with “the fall”.

They say it's money, they say it's greed.

I say it's 'cause they don't let us, grow what we need.

Corruption is a mental illness.

Disruption of the intelligent mind.

Corruption is a mental illness.

Make True Land Laws, an' see-e what we find!

E'ry nations' got tales of crim'nals.

All tell the same ol' score.

Started out fine an' upstandin'.

But turned bad, for some greedy elite war.

Man's soul can take a batt'rin'.

Can get up again and again.

But we's all got a limit.

When it's impossible to forgive it.

His tolerance comes to an end.

After living amongst evil.

after tryin' to hold a good line.

E'en the best of the noble.

Will take the money,

Jus' to, void the fine.

After fighting evil.

Tryin' to hold to the truth.

E'en the best of the noble.

Will take the money,

to the landlord's noose.

Corruption is a mental illness.

Every thing, is a bribe.

Corruption is a mental illness.

So don't give me your crazy whitefaced lies.

Brayakooloong Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of


Hell's Gate Warmongers

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