Face It, Whiteguys....

Face it, whiteguys, you've lost the plot.

America's population is roughly 3% of the world's, yet they consume some 25% of resources.

Upholding that culture and lifestyle is delusional and, for the damage it does to everyone else and everything on earth, it is 1, reprehensible, and 2, only worthy of attracting every other less consumptive culture to rail against the USA, and of course, your economic and cultural "masters and mistresses" in Britain and Eurape.  

Not forgetting the basic progenitor of your delusional and, in the final analysis, evil way of life, Israel.  Or, perhaps closer to the core, "Zionism".

While anyone allows such warped and megalo-maniacal cults, modern christianity, the freemasons, and the umbrella cult, basically the Theosophical Society [TS], one main TS HQ in Pasadena, California, the back room controllers of pretty much everything being pumped out of hollywood's insane imagination factories, right next door, in L.A., another, the TS's occult fools in Chennai, on the Bay of Bengal on India's south-east coast, but spread world wide, to go about their utterly crazy, and now well-exposed "false prophet" agenda, building a false Jesus, the world is only being pushed down to hell.

I also charge the Chennai HQ of the Theosophical Society for their insane and maximum abuse of the most powerful occult forces and causing the 2005 "Boxing Day" earthquake and tsunami in the Bay of Bengal, which killed some 220,000 people, and the recent one off Aceh, in western Indonesia, and of using these heinous methods to overpower other more honorable cultures and bow to their colonialist and evil attitudes.

It's is up the the world of Intelligent Warriors to  bring these warped cults to book, and even to their own destruction, for the sake of the whole planet.

There is NO DOUBT, they are the WRONG WAY cult, and beliefs system, and the core groups which must be targeted and forced to come out and admit their failings and dark mentalities, and that they are prepared to be humble and honest for once, and cease their idiotic activities, once, and, for all of life on earth.

ISRAEL!"  You, especially.  using such deadly media, in news organizations, but most influential, hollywood's genre of "hero" movies, to persuade the world to bow to your violent and completely insane, unreasonable ideologies and "maximum-consumption" agendas, must be, and will be, RESISTED and DEFIED by all Intelligent Youth, and Elder Groups and sections of all societies, from now on.

As well, the false prophet you hoped and deviously planned to become your Zionist King, sees your foolishness and archaic "golden calf tribe" WRONG WAY cult flaws, and is at war against your stupidity.

Like the Great Buddha, He, sees Man's greatest enemy is ignorance, of the kind Zion and all western, christian cults propagate and inculcate, by subtle dark force and/or by violence, terrorism and war.

The surge of Intelligent Dissent is growing, and like a maximal Pacific tsunami, will like a giant wave, war against the stagnancy of your old ways and ideals.

This goes to Syria, to Turkey, to Egypt, South America, and to Intelligent Dissent in more and more nations, to all Warriors on the streets now, everywhere, fighting to bring their nations and Peoples into the realm of Wisdom once more, and out of the cultures of dead and dying false god religions.

Praise be the faithful, who choose Intelligence, over belief!

Intelligence demands LAWS, not "leaders"!

True Laws, of the Land.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of


Hell's Gate Warmongers

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