Psychological Reprogramming Of Extreme Right-Wing Politicians To Sound Mature Makes Extreme Right-Wing Politicians Who Sound Mature

130715 JUST DEFIANCE Psychological Reprogramming Of Extreme Right-Wing Politicians To Sound Mature Makes Extreme Right-Wing Politicians Who Sound Mature Edition

Will the member for opposition business in the house please resume his psycho-analysis!”

Since JUST DEFIANCE correctly identified one extreme right wing Liberal party politician as being a psychopath, the same extreme right wing Liberal politician went a scampering to his side's psychologists to see if I was correct.

The results were not in his favor. He IS a psychopath, and, as is the norm for psychopaths, he is dangerously immature.

One apt term is “developmentally-retarded” without doubt. And usually, for the depth of their inculcated and genetic disease, without cure.

Nothing to do, I assume, with his being vertically-challenged [genetics], thus suffering that horrible dis-ease suffered by the vast majority of spoiled upperclasshole whiteguys who never went to height school [HAHAHAHA!], of resentment and an exaggerated desire to prove they, in their being short one end, ARE nevertheless as fabulous as everyone more than a few centimetres taller than them are seen by them as being. Merely, usually, for protection.

So..., as right wing incredibly unqualified psychologists and psychiatrists [most, themselves developmentally-retarded too, THE disease of inherited, unearned incomes, and false god religious schooling] use to keep customers, he was counseled and offered “reprogramming”. A process where his mind is evacuated, as-much-as-possible, of all the programming his extreme right wing church-school indoctrination uploaded into his thinks-factory during his years attending their extreme right wing college-cabal institutes for breeding utterly insane nutters - like him - and reloaded his brain with different attitudinal and vocal traits, so that he would sound more mature, and, with the “calmer” software, he would sound more relaxed, less fanatical, thus, more mature.

But a smear campaign on a personal level, y'unnerstand?

Such extreme right wing extremely wealthy psychology programmers are careful of course, to retain all the extreme right wing beliefs, ideologies, scams and means to retain the horrendous global extreme right wing “lords of sick” processing of information and facts, so-as to retain his fanaticism, and uncontrollable propensity to corrupt everything, just burying it beneath his new facade of being a “reborn”, calmer, more considerate, more mature person, cum extreme right wing fanatical wannabe Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler's head of propaganda during the Nazi rein of terror, 1938-1945.

And, my-my, isn't he a new man? Not a REAL Man, just a reprogrammed one.

But obviously his compatriots within his wealth-party of lords of sick psychopaths saw the change in his demeanor, and saw also their own weaknesses in the ways they express themselves, at functions, at dysfunctions, and in places of extreme right wing political dysfunction, our houses of parliament.

So off they all ran, squealing for similar reprogramming from similarly extreme right wing extremely wealthy psychology programmers.

Some of us might have noticed the absence of the great bleeder Tiny Habit for a few days recently, where the great, though less weighty Ho Jockey appeared as the front man for the Driberal party?

Absent Habit, so-as to have uploaded the latest “leader-bleeder” software from his own personal extreme right wing extremely wealthy psychology programmers.

And aren't all the extreme right wing extremely wealthy party members sounding as if they ARE mature enough to be our next federal government?

Not really!

Not for those of us who know that for at least 5 decades, but experiments of the same reprogramming have been done for at least 130 years by the lords of sick extreme right wing secret societies and spy agencies, like Britain's MI5 & MI6, and America's Central Intelligence Agency's “MK-Ultra”, the CIA has been deploying their dark little fingeez into the minds of innumerable victims and patients, to varying degrees and hoped for results.

That each day we have the latest versions of programming, obtainable mainly only by the most wealthy, ie., the lords of sick global landlords' party, aka in Australia, the Liberal/National coalition parties, makes not for anything “new” in REALPolitik terms, merely reprogrammed facades of the same old tyrannical idiots with more money than a good upbringing.

Such methodologies have been deployed by said lords of sick extreme right wing extremely wealthy psychology programmers over and again, and in the infamous “Howard years” 1996-thru-2007 or so, the little cunt Johnette Howard was being reprogrammed daily so-as to face and deal with the endless barrages of accusations against his extreme right wing extremely wealthy psychopathology, on asylum seeking boaties being blown out of the water by our navy [refer, “SEIV-X”], so-as to STOP THE BOATS full of genuine 3rd world refugees from seeking refuge here, while all-the-while Howard's extreme right wing extremely wealthy spoiled 1st world wannabe immigrants from corporate Britain and Eurape were flooding in by jet airliners, merely by their daddies paying-off the government to issue them with visas and even Australian passports.

Australia thereafter, and during, but in REALPolitik terms, since 1788, wound her way around the latest 2008,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16-to doomsday GFC, by this method, of happily, and under the customs tables, taking the many many millions of dollars/pounds/euros bribes to let little Louis/Fritz/Gino/ et al, find a nice piece of OUR ABORIGINE's real estate to hide away in until they lost “..enofff off zer aksent, to get by ass an ossey”, as often, in the ideal little haven of Nimbin northern NSW.

ZISS iss zee advantage of zee “multiple occupancy communities”, where a queue-jumper without zee papers can hide for decades until zee authorities are either paid off or just forget about him/her/it.

So, Johnette Howard was being reproged daily to forget everything thrown at him and the offshore party in parliament and media in the days previous.

Such reprogramming works on hypnotism, and sucks out all tendencies of guilt, of feelings of culpability for crimes committed the day and/or centuries before, and reprogs the thinks-tubes to just, like the great US President GW Bush made famous and part of the lingo of extreme right wing extremely wealthy politicians, keep MOVING FORWARD! Like a steam-train in snow country, on a steep downhill slope. Plowing through everything in it's path.


So, the reprogged new, calmer, more mature version-cum-veneer of our extreme right wing extremely wealthy politicians, are today reiterating the old language they used when our elected PM Rudd was being hounded for trying to introduce “the Most Honest Tax”, of the National Land Tax.

Will they succeed in subverting Honest politics once more, so their lords of sick global landlords over THERE in the British house of lords [of sick] can sleep easy knowing their kiddies are guaranteed and few years yet of living in luxury ON STOLEN ABORIGINAL LAND, down-here-down-the-shithole of Astrayliar? And everywhere else sycophantic kiddies of the lords of sick claim to be the BRITISH COMMONWEALTH!

I guess that all depends upon the quality of our current ALP government's and the Great PM Kev's reprogramming?

BALLS! Kev! It takes BALLS to be Honest!

And Wisdom, of the Intellectual Mind.

Hence, my recent “JUST DEFIANCE ArtWords” Poster, today blogged to www.justdefiant.blogspot.com.au stating, not just saying, but stating, that

REAL Men, are Honest, …..among other Virtuous Things.

And..., regardless of what media wants you to say, or what the dropposition will hound you into submitting to say, in the long term, THE PEOPLE, will Respect you, for being Honest.

ESPECIALLY, when it comes to ECONOMICS, TAXATION, and other, more virtuous things.

But, a warning on psychological reprogramming!

It doesn't work on all mentalities!

Betrayer of his People, Barnyard the reJoycer, but one example.

Tiny Habit, another.

The list of extreme right wing extremely wealthy politicians, in which reprogramming fails is endless, because...., the programmers run on software which is in constant crash-mode, flawed since the Fall from Eden and the ensuing WRONG WAY religious cults, and their colleges, and needs reloading/rebooting/reprogramming by the minute, which in the end is merely one huge head full of sticky plasters over last-minute's sticky-plasters, over the minute-before-that's sticky-plasters, ad infinitum regressing backwards to the big bang.

Or a nano-second after it.

Which is why they are the classic and elite of the WHITEGUYS - The FUCK EVERYTHING People.

So, with change being life itself, we are Wise to expect it, come election day 2013.

And to that, one would be Wise also, to expect, plan and vote for The GREENS to Rise to the Call of Wise Change-Agents, and be elected to take-over from the draconian parties of the extreme right wing extremely wealthy and extremely unsustainably stupid MAXIMUM-CONSUMPTION politicians in our federal parliament's Opposition seats.

As for psychological reprogramming, as is the flavor of the stupid and spoiled extreme right wing extremely wealthy upclubsters of our fashionable spoiled brats suburbs and extreme right wing extremely wealthy religious false god cults,

...IT'S CULTURAL, not personal.

So, running to idiots with magic to be reprogrammed, who charge the earth - literally in their MAXIMUM-CONSUMPTION lifestyles - to be uploaded the superficials of sounding intelligent, and HAHAHA! mature, is but another sticky plaster over the previous FAIL. So, forget it!

Until we, THE PEOPLE recognize the roots of all evil are in the culture, and until we go full tilt at correcting our MAXIMUM-CONSUMPTION stupid and spoiled extreme right wing extremely wealthy ways of living and wasting everything of REAL Value, MAXIMUM-CONSUMPTION stupid and spoiled extreme right wing extremely wealthy ways of living and wasting everything, inherent in the Brit-Eurapean religious AND political false-gods BOOOLLLSHSHSHIT, and colonialist expansionism, and their unconscionable, genocidal, planecidal, false-economies ways, we's doomed to repeat the same fuckups they have been fucking everything with, since Eve conned Adam with an apple.





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