Somebody Say “Coup D'Etat”?

130704 JUST DEFIANCE Somebody Say “Coup D'Etat” Edition.

Wake up to optimism-inspiring actions by our own be-Labored federal government at last taking over the Sinny New South FAILS ALP branch, as well as the Egyptian military taking over Egypt's government.

Does it make up for last night's occult war I was the centre of up the mountains in Gippsland?


But it was cause for a laugh and ensuing little bit of smiley-smiles to hear the PM has acted to clean out the Sinny “rum club”.

I think I made some allusion to that gang of whores, and “concrete boots” recently.

One line on the ABC news was that Rudd's corp, or coup, was eager to stop “property developers” from seeking office in the ALP.


Of course, being the skeptic-el-cynicale, my 1st response was “what about all the other branches?”, or something.

Yeah, the Sinny ALP has been the head office for corruption in Astrayliar for oooowh? 205 years, but this should not omit the equal hand the other side of the political BOOOOOOLLLLSHSHSHIT coin, in the Liberal party, has played.

Both are as guilty of keeping foreign interests on top of the agendas for NSW, and thus, being the biggest state, of all the other states and territories.

So Rudd and Coup must deploy the same tactic across the nation, if they are serious.

And not forgetting my home state of Victoria, the capital, Melbourne, being where the “nuclear family house” ¼ acre triple-fronted--cream-brick-venereal was “invented” as I heard a politician state recently.

The subdivision of the masses of free land, stolen by one rogue who rose to be something of a governor of this [where I'm located at the mo'] colony in the about 1820s, '30s, 40s, John Batman, stolen from the “Woi Wurrung” Aborigine Nation, via a deal that'd shock the worst Parramatta Road used-car salesman, for the traditional “tea and blankets” or such, and who later claimed with egomassive pride, and delusion, that “I am the greatest land owner in all the world!” or such.

Batman wasn't involved in inventing the ¼ acre catastrophe, no.

But HELL-OH? Another Lord of Sick later known as “Premier”, who was bought into that chair but a few years ago, and ejected again from it but less than one year ago, is the descendent of one of those rogues of the 1890s land grab cabal ex-Brit-Eurape, a bloke by the name of “Bailleau”.

That fella and parliamentarian/land-developer cohorts led the colony/state and the world, as-it-happens [but is NEVER publicly returned to] into the 1890s economic depression, through their outright evil plundering and exploitation of the land and of the new settlers eager to buy themselves a chunk, albeit for the corruption from so far above, way over in ol' Blighty, a tiny and dead-weight parcel of one quarter of an acre.

That the rest of the world essentially followed suit in carving up their ancient and traditional, and stolen land into smallest possible economic parcels, but still large enough to house the evil reduced “nuclear” family, and still call it a “family home”, purely for the greed of the 1st land-grabbers and all who followed, really is something everyone in Australia must remember, as land values - er - PRICES inflate skywards to well beyond affordability, the cause of most mental illnesses, and all poverty and suffering and crime and corruption, and rahrahrah.

Of course, real estate agents are excluded from having to remember such FACTS, because it might nurture a conscience in them.

But, back to the announcement that the Australian federal ALP government has D'Etate'd the NSW rum corps, we thinking, and wannabe Ethical Astray lairs might yet have some hope that the newish ALP PM-cum-Cabinet, has once more got the balls to take this issue to it's right and fitting conclusion?

Spoken to retired Head of Treasury, MISTA Henry lately Lads, and Lasses?

But Rudd already seems to be showing the tenacity we need and should expect from our “leader”, no doubt.

Although, fitting with my prognostications of THE FACT that,


it is clear that the Redesign of the NSW ALP has to now, and must remain being, a collective affair.

No one leader can take the necessary steps to reform.

The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption [ICAC] was instrumental in setting the scene for the current feds to take that step, by grilling the various members of the last NSW ALP government, and exposing essentially what most people knew as the norm across NSW and the nation - massive corruption in land grabbing developers-cum-speculators controlling votes and monies to-and-fro public and private firms around the unjust, extremely bad-nay-DISASTROUS distribution of land, from city waste dumps to large agri-corp farms of mass-biospherical-destruction. The latter being the very root of today's and tomorrows ecological collapse.

So, a Salute to the new ALP/Greens/Independents government, for beginning the root and branch reforms the ALP, but the whole fucking national-cum-global economic system needs so bloody urgently.

Bleeding the morning's news bulletins as much as I can, the question does arise, as to whether the Rudd Coup of the rum club is not more than coincidentally timed with the Egyptian military's Coup D'Etat of the Mohamed Morsi Muslim Brotherhood government?

Reform Reform Reform, being the Order of the new century.

So, why not?

Innnerestink tymes, methinks? Methinks methinks?

Gunai-Kurnai Aborigine Outlaw.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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