Ruddsurgence For Government In Surging Seas

130629 JUST DEFIANCE Ruddsurgence For Government In Surging Seas Edition

Got that calmer feeling, since prince Kevin was rethroned?

Seems less neg-energy hammering the ether, with one poll to now, showing significant lifts for his ALP federal MPs.

All they've got to do now, maybe, is force the dribbling opposition to shut down their super-neg campaigns, trying to denigrate Rudd and the team for more broken promises, about not challenging Gillard, etc.

It'll be inneresting to see if Abbott can stay with his alleged “new look” of positive, not negative? HA!

The real faces and mentalities of the screaming spoiled children of wealthy inheritances were heard by all in parliament after Rudd was rebooted into his elected chair, with the ranting immaturity most observers knew was underneath the leading Liberal federal opposition MPs' pathetic attempts to make-out they qualify as government members.

Government campaign advertizements from here to September 14 would do the government well to replay excerpts from both houses of the last few days of opposition Reps and Senators talking utter lies, and with such childish and unleashed demonic vitriol as to put even me to shame.

ME! Even ME, the most disgusting angry-voice on earth! Shamed by what I heard in parliament from the opposition!


A photo I saw last week, before the re-assertion of Kevy Kingy, of Abbott leaning back in his Lib/Nats' leader's chair, adds to one's disgust at they who were so cocky in believing that they were gonna walk it in.

Any who did not see a blatant facial expression of a demonic type on Abbott's juvenile cocky, glee-filled face fail as judges of people, methinks.

Nevertheless..., the government need forthwith to structure their election campaigns in three or so parts, running simultaneously.

One, must be to do to Abbott what he did [or tried to do] to Rudd. Destroy his credibility.

Not that Abbott really has any credibility. But his determined abuse of language and untruths during the 2007-2010 years targeting Rudd, were so not credible, as to have him, were parliament as it should be, not a house of debate, hyperbola, rhetoric, bitching and obfuscation, but a court of law - the Real High Court - hearing only evidence for cases for and against one policy or another, Abbott and those mentioned opposition MPs would have been charged and imprisoned, for perjury and crimes against the nation.

They exemplify exactly the childish and spoiled brat mentality the wealthy class exhibit when they can't have their toys. Their “toys” being the majority of Australian citizens, and their footballs being the underclasses and the Aborigines. O! And “boatie” Refugees.

For the number of the opposition members to display their aggrieved, spoiled immaturity so openly, and in the Houses we all must respect the most - albeit that I say the parliaments, federal and state, should not really exist anything like we know them to - shows firstly that they and their ilk do not qualify as government MPs, that they get their way only by being foot-stomping children, that they do not have credible policies otherwise they would champion them rather than shouting abuses at the most Honorable we've seen for decades, that they repeatedly go for the person and not for the policies, shows they are inept in terms of policies, and so, in terms of personalities. So, in terms of being elected to govern.

Et cetera!

But, to that photo of Abbott sitting wearing his grinning HAHAHA face, before Rudd resumed the PMs chair, should be thrown back at him daily now, because it shows his arrogance, and stupidity in believing his previous demonic, unjust and perjurous denigration of Rudd during the ALP's first 3 year term, to be sure winners.

So first of three parts in the government's election campaign to Sept 14, is to throw back at Abbott and his sycophantic gangsters, Pyne, Bishop, et al, replays of their immature and untrue explosions.

Will the member for opposition house business please resume his psycho-analysis!” HAHAHAHA!!!

But trying to find a shrink with any real understanding of the human mind, and who is also sympathetic to the interests and megalomania of the right wingers we see in parliament, of the extremely self-interested illness “Lords of Sick” psychoses as predominate in the opposition's circles, is an impossibility.

Second of the three part Offensive to retain government, is to assert, reassert and reassert over and again, the evidence backing the successes of all policies the government has implemented since 2007.

This would be aided by an akin readiness to shut the opposition down when they begin talking the negative shit they have, and repeatedly try, merely to put the constructive government on the back foot, and of course, so typical of the monarchists, to distract the Houses from deducing, divining true policy.

These methods of keeping the focus off Honest Policy are how the monarchists have always held to floor, and should be telling the Honorable and Rightminded, Egalitarian polies and public, that the Houses of Parliament are NOT in fact, these shallow, whorey houses of clever-tongued upclub, upperclasshole upemselves debate, but are, or need to be regarded as Houses, Court-Houses of LAW, where evidence is put, heard, weighed by impartial judges, and ruled upon, Credible, thus passed into Law, or unsusbtantiable, unsubstantiated, unqualified, thus rejected out of hand.

Further to that, it is proper that all serious politicians lobby for a reduction in the hours given to open debates, because that is the chance the distraction parties use to dilute and subvert the issues of evidence-based LAWS, which is the real purpose of parliament.

[All the issues and laws a government need and must fight to introduce, are known and can be proven scientifically.
So, if they can be held up to the light of scrutiny, and can maintain their proof of evidence, then there really should not be any further need for these Houses of debate, we call “parliament”?

But for the incredibly low level of intelligence across the populations, the Houses remain.]

And, I put it, to the same extent as it is in Proper Courts of Law, those found to be telling untruths, not evidence-based facts, must be held to account for the lies, and charged with perjury, and worse, with charges of “Crimes Against The State”, “Crimes Against The People”, etc., in trying to mislead policy to their own classes advantage.

There is no reason why these should not carry substantial prison sentences, for they are the largest of crimes.

Abbott and his professed preference for “politics, not economics” would be out of politics in an instant, and so would most of the opposition's members.

So, the government must assert the legal aspect of why the Houses exist, to kill the false debate styles of the corporate monarchists, whenever trite opposition objections and attempts at debate show themselves.

Obviously now parliament has closed until after September 14, in their election campaigning.

This also should be bolstered by keeping track of the opposition's campaigning trail, and being attended by well-versed and comparably intelligent [to the current Cabinet] and informed pro-ALP-Greens-Independents voices, ready to interject during the opposition's bullshit as they waffle their way around the hustings.

Sad, however, that Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott are retiring.

But, against the cheap and untrue sloganeering from the bitter-bitches class, misinforming the voters that the Indies and Greens and ALP have been poor performers in the coalition minority government, they have been the opposite.

If any of the opinion polls are true, and if the average punter is not as dim as was allegedly evidenced by sliding popularity of the successful government coalition, then they will also deduce that the Independents, and indeed, the Greens, have been a very good thing for Australia, and should be encouraged by THE PEOPLE, to break the grip on our country the elitist essentially foreign parties have had.

Even Big Hat Bob Katter would agree with that, methinks?

So, while the ALP has been sent into spins for the endless opposition immaturity, divisiveness, selfishness and offshore media cabals promotion of paltry and untrue slogans, the facts, the EVIDENCE actually proves the ALP have been aided in better government by the presence of the other members of the government coalition.

To further the necessary and totally rightminded reforms toward a Greener Australia, all of the news from the globe must be collated and inserted in the government campaign.

A few I saw, were in fact, of the most optimistic items, with the announcement that even the whorey extreme rightwing USA CIA and war-office HQ Pentagon has decidedly chosen to “Green-Up” it's headquarters in Virginia, and also, to go as Green as they can across their military forces.

The opposition cannot possibly have a credible answer or response to this news, for it kills where it staggers, their argument against any Greening of our continent and citizens.

Ex-PM Gillard's campaigners were onto Arnold Schwarzenegger's Republican reforms of pollution laws in his Governorship of California some years ago now, and Arnie was talking-up Gillard's Carbon Tax, etc, here, in the last few weeks.

The government must put together the clear facts about how much all of us have actually become Green-conscious over the last 3 or 4 decades, with auto makers doing everything to reduce the pollutant outputs of their vehicles etc. Building construction architects and builders have included now as standards much more efficient energy consumption methods designs and equipment, and all departments and councils require such rules be met for any house or office or factory. So, the opposition have no legs to stand on when they try to denigrate any government and Greens attempts to take the Greening of the nation further.

And much, much, much further Green we all must go, no question.


This, and other obvious law adjustments if-not reforms by US and other 1st world governments, have to be included in all Greens-Indies-ALP campaigns now, with the requisite invectives aimed straight at Abbott's and his over-consumption sycophants' agendas.

That Abbott and covens have changed their tunes since the “Greening-Up Issues” of the Planet have been established as fact, and as absolute necessities in terms of “Human Behavioral Reforms”, firstly exposes their ignorance and self-centredness [a tautology there], destroys anything and everything his fools have employed and abused to delude the masses that they are credible politicians, let alone as intelligent and responsible Human Beings fit to govern more than their childish upclub board-games.

And.., as far as I can keep my focus on what I dribble out to the keyboard, the third part of the campaign from here to and beyond, and beyond, September 14, is to reassert the Absolute Credibility of the Reforms and Policies the ALP-Greens-Independents' Coalition Government, and the ALP government of 2007-to-2010, were introducing.

To know how much the “centre-left” government post September 14 can with confidence, for having the majority of the People behind them, resume their Excellence of Policy, can only really be known once re-elected.

So confidence has to be weighed carefully. The pic of Abbott might serve well to keep the “confidence/over-confidence” factors and warnings in mind.

But assuming from here to 09/14, the popularity of the government returns to where it should be, 60% and more - and this has to be, surely, after the last three years of demonic distraction monarchist politrix from the opposition, constant reminders to the public that Good Government is NOT about charisma, therefore is NOT about debate and rhetoric, nor therefore is it about “leaders”, but that Good Government is ONLY Good if the Policies are Good, for everyone, Rich, Poor, White, Bleck and Brindle - then with gusto, the new Centre-left government is given the kudos to go many steps further in areas of policy such as Aborigine Rights and Equalization with the invader population [PRISON IS NOT AN OPTION FOR BLECK FELLAS!!!], Refugee Acknowledgment, and, the Piece Of the Most Noble, Taxation Reforms, to the extent as Most Honorably Recommended by Ken Henry's “National Land Tax”, and which the opposition, media and mining cabals so traitorously attacked Rudd over.

PM Rudd, and whoever he Appoints to the Cabinet knows that the Land Tax Issue is Critical to Good Government.

But clearly, the forces who refuse, for their spoiled mentalities and unearned inherited incomes, to see the Perennial Merit of Land Tax, are large.

But this is the 21st century. Not the 19th, 18th, or 14th century dark ages, even though Abbott and covens would wish it was, so they can play-play-play like fancy spoiled softcocks in frilly underwear, at the expense and suffering of the lesser classes. [Where's Downer?!]

Also, while we rarely hear good news about the USA government administration, or of any of the rest of the 1st world dictatorships, and while I remain essentially pessimistic about mainly WHITEFACE's abilities [inabilities] to reformulate it's/their beliefs' systems and greed-centred FUCK EVERYTHING agendas, the changes necessary, while urgent, are gonna be slow, like turning a supertanker around.

With the sensational, quite insane, counter-intuitive and counter-intelligent secrecy by big government, world-over,
PRISM” as confirmed by Whistleblower Ed Snowden,
war-crimes, as confirmed by Whistleblowers Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange/Wikileaks,
John Kiriakou and his disclosure of CIA torture methods,
and the several others whom I'd name but for forgetting their names,
with the alarms sounding globally in all media houses about the threats by big administrations to freedom of speech, of anonymity of informants and Whistleblowers, and, somewhat speculation,
but my belief that every nation has more than a majority of lawyers waiting and acting for the time when they coalesce into a Global Law Mill, ready willing and able to take on big government dictatorial-ism, and asserting fundamental laws toward “Citizens' Freedom Rights”, and thus, Duties Toward Freedom of all levels of government, and corporations,
the draconian and super, self-interests of the idiots of the corporate right wing class and parties, cannot endure.

Their deceits are known by more than ever, and more than ever, globally, people are better informed as to their Rights and Duties with regard to the Collective.

The Collective, many many more now also know, as being the whole of life's species on this one tiny little planet.


So Law, and Good Government can and will coincide, putting the evils of distraction politics out of business.

So, while there's heaps of work to do, I do think that the voters here will reelect the current government, and that, with Rudd's Forces communicating globally to increase Rightminded Policy, globally, the hardest REALPolitik Policies can be looked at again, by the Australian Federal government, as well within realistic reach and introduction.

As said, Good Corrections to a most seriously corrupted Office of Central Management - Federal and Local Government - is supertanker-turning stuff.

Rudd is intelligent enough to know his priority is to keep the lid on his ego, and in that, to keep the focus off himself, photo-shoots notwithstanding the temptation, and on the Hard Policy Issues. HPIs he knows were why the Australian Polity voted him in, in 2007.

Keeping his Balance between his re-found confidence [and joy!] on his reassertion to the chair, and being a Hard, Tough and Strong PM, might be the balancing act he is kept aware of most?

According to the propaganda from inside Labor, after his deposition, it was his leaning toward being a dictatorial leader that put him offside with many of his Cabinet.

I don't know, but do have the strong suspicion that that was mostly media food from the rum club. They always do that to leaders who are axed, I reckon to keep face, and to appease the demons who loiter waiting to pounce on any who show honorable recognition to party-demonized people.

The NSW ICAC inquiry into corruption and leading figures in the NSW branch of the ALP, might have forced the party to expel those who should have been given concrete boots decades ago. So the character and manners of the ALP “faceless men” might be expelled to some extent as well.

Therefore, Rudd, might not have to face that type of shit from within the party now, and for that, may again be able to be strong willed, and to some extent dictatorial, if that's necessary to get Good Policy consensus, in the party, and in the parliament.

But one things for sure, nothing the opposition have accused the ALP-Greens-Independents of has been accurate. So, the new Centre-left government must retell that truth until the opposition is sunk, or “dead, buried, and cremated”.

For 60 years or so, the unintelligent forces of the extreme right have been driving their witchcraft into all wisdom, and we all have been forced onto our backs, to acquiescing to their dark agendas, and outright stupidity.

Better than I've been able, millions of others have maintained optimism and tenacity in the fight against monarchist and jewish-christian ignorance and faith-based centrist messianic bullshit stupidity and greed.

While we still have air to breathe and food to keep us healthy and able to think clearly, the War is winnable, and slowly, those who were bred to be spoiled-stupid, are coming across to the side of Intelligent Existence.

So, the fanatics and fools of the forces who trudge along mindless and try to enact outright stupid policies and “laws” have limited lifespans.

I do believe that we have a way to go to reach that critical mass, enough to give media no option but to make headlines about the changes to stop the FUCK EVERYTHING mentality, winning.

Surging seas can be abated. No one leader, or superwitch, can do that, because there's always a demon waiting to subvert, corrupt it or to raise a storm again.

All those myths only get wind when a large enough number follow the myth, and will it's deception into reality.

Better far better that the majority learn the rules, the LAWS, and Work Together to have them implemented. Today, Globally.

That's what Democracy can become, on the planetary scale, and is the only thing that will give us a future worth knowing.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw
Australia, The Republic!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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