O So We're Having A Federal Election Are We?

130616 JUST DEFIANCE O So We're Having A Federal Election Are We Edition
[I thought it was auction day at the Vic market!]

Greens federal leader, Senator Christine Milne

Sky News
Updated: 18:53, Sunday June 16, 2013

1st para: Prime Minister Julia Gillard is going into the final fortnight of the 43rd parliament with her leadership once again under threat, as more bad polls drown out her message on school funding reform.

So, we should be surprised the PM is being ignored by the Oxymoron party state governments on education reform?

Nothing to do with "playing politics", the states that is, holding the government down until the final bell, so their tag-team fed opposition oxymorons are assured of a win?

Nah! Course not!

I haven't red any content on the “Gonski” review, mainly because I was at yer local govnmnt primary school during Henry Bolte's oxymoron party era, I think, so wasn't coached to actually learn to read very well!

But it's likely most people accept that changes, aka reforms have to happen across the government schooling systems, which is shown by the gap of numbers between politicians from government schools and those from church, private, secret agenda schools.

So I can't really write that the Gonski reforms are worth our kids' future, or nothin'.

But, I have gotten the feeling that they do have merit.

The main problem being of course, that the oxymorons aren't innerested in teaching government school kids to read. Or to lift their standards higher than street-sweeper-class.

Mainly I'd postulate, 'cause if a significant number of government schoolies DID lift the standards for their lowly class, the chances of government schooled adults, A, getting passed 6th form and gaining entry to the universities, then, B, choosing LAW, then C, completing the grueling five or 6 or sevn years, using that classy degree or diploma or masters [GOD FORBID!? shout the Melbourne Clubsters!] to stand for parliament, the snobs-class would, were there more than one or two of the more grounded Human Beings with a Barrister's tag after their name in either or both houses of federal parliament, more likely be brought to account.

SHIT NO?? Scream the cream of upemselves upperclassholes.

So Gonski is sword with many sharp edges, to the incumbent state oxymoron parties.

And..., of course, any course as long as it's a church agenda oriented course, the snobs-class in parliament, that-is, pretty much all of them, would be getting severe whippings from their church-preistophiles and headmasters!

The patriarchs of the anglicans, aka the British freemasons, and the matriarchs from the catholics, aka Rome-antics.

So, we should be surprised the PM is being ignored by the Oxymoron partiarch's party state governments on education reform?

If no-one's noticed to now, some have, but these recent bitches between right and still heavily right, have exposed something of this really fucking styoooopid division of the genders with power-lust, as said, the oxymorons of the patriarchs, and the always-in-Labor, of the matriarchs.

Even with my recent antipathies toward the other power-hungry cult most likely to fuck the planet, the jews, or, perhaps to clarify, the zionist jews, I wonder, not a lot, but, I wonder, for the point of making the point, where the master puppeteers of Jerusalem would stand on the matriarch/patriarch division?

A! I think the book of Genesis answers that, with the eternal curse it infers [?] god cast on Eve, for being “eve-ill” [!?!?!] to Adam.

Well..., how about the Buddhists? I guess there's gender bias amongst their mobs too?

My point is, whether the forces behind either are extraterrestrial or not, if politics on any level above [the proven illegitimacy of] the monogamous married couple is driven by these physiological differences, then the whole lot of those making and taking issue around it, are so fucking wrong, as to disqualify themselves from their elected offices.

It is a sure sign that the species, or let's limit it to the MOST DYSFUNCTIONAL NATION, Astrayliar, is well out of order, if it is STILL after some millions years of sharing their environments and private parts with each other, if it's still bitching as to who should put out the fucking garbage!


But, HEY? What do I know??

I'm just yer humble sworn misogynist, daily given more evidence, as to how pathetic females are.

Yet, almost ALL of them, think they're fucking QUEENS?!#$%^&??

What say you HRH?

Sorry..., enjoy your cuppa.

However, to mememe, this debacle of a gender bitch happening in the House of WHO? Does show us that the leaders there are fighting for the wrong causes.

Men have plenty of sound evidence-based reasons to be misogynists, and women have a few sound reasons to be misanthropes.

{What? Did I forget EQUALITY???]

But underneath the onslaught against Ms PM Gillard, I do suspect that someone has either uncovered a female consiracy, or fabricated some form of myth that the ALP, or the CWA [Country/Catholic Womens/Witches Association] are in fact trying with very dark shit, to orchestrate the rise and rise of the “matriarchs” assuming authority over the male gender, to squash our nuts down to paste forever amen and shit that hurts?

If so, as said in earlier paragraphs, it shows that the Australian version of the species has seriously lost the plot, and the acreage, and they all have 'roos loose in their top paddocks.

So.., I, sticking with my beliefs about politics, but more about who should lead the troops in times of disquiet and in war, trying to stay balanced, still think that the women cannot pursue such an agenda, especially if it's rooted in their resentments dating back to Eve and Adam.

It also shows me, at least, being pretty much androgynous now, for being a sexless puppet, and some, that the fixations in the minds of the protagonists, and of the servants of such pernicious agendas and ideals, have quick-fast to be dropped, or else the whole box and dice [that was close!] will fall apart, and no-one will have anyone to love, honor, respect and shag.

Surely, even the Sages of ancient China, would have both never seen this coming, and would agree, that such a division, signs the end of days?

I personally am so busted by women, who've led the manipulation of my life and soul for 58 years, that the thought of living with one or many is, without being gay, repulsive. I can only see them as scamming, manipulating, cunning scheming - BITCHES, now.

Add to that their secretive predilection to use witchcraft on men to achieve their desires and ends, and WHOHW! No thank you! I'll live out my years alone.

Add to that, the frightening rise of women in real estate, an increase running in parallel with the skyrocketing of land prices, since around 1970, and it does become a genuine concern for the male voters, leading up to an election shrouded in these gender-war distractions.

So, while it's not gonna happen, it would be most re-assuring for pro-ALP male voters, to hear the patriarch/matriarch issue aired WITH COMPLETE HONESTY somewhere in or around the federal parliamentary arena.

Like, for PM Gillard, WHO IS AS CAPABLE AS ANY MALE, no, not at rugby, but as a senior political/economic intelligent voice and mind [inferring my evidence-based antipathy to individual leaders] to put her bias on the table, her BIAS on the table, to the media, and, if, she's been pushed by some secretive matriarchal force, terrestrial or extra-, please make a case for a genuinely equal sharing of power. Or something?

For as long as punters have cause to suspect a putsch by matriarchs, they will reject Gillard as PM and as leader.

Even though most of them will be hopelessly rotten drunk by 7pm on September 14 evening, if the oxymorons get in.

But, I recall watching Rudd on a tele announcement a few months back, during the last leadership carry-on, stating his position of not challenging, with a tall and “interesting” woman standing behind him, looking at the back of his head all the while he was talking to the media, and, if one was to believe these stories about aliens, and about one mob being of the female gender, from the “Seven Sisters” star cluster to the west of the Orion “saucepan”, then with a bad smoke, one could conger delusions that she was one of them and was by telepathy, directing Rudd to say it as he did.

Wouldn't surprise me!

However, we're all susceptible to being seduced to believe all kinds of scary things, both about what we see in the occult realm, and what we come to think about ourselves.

I have seen a few women, with obviously “alien-esque” physiognomies, “faces and heads”, such thaqt society rejects them from the mainstream. This pushes them, and males of course, out from society, and after decades, essentially of isolation, it's unnerstandable that they'd be susceptible to being told, by someone who they crave affection from, or whom they come to look up to, that they are in fact [?] from another world.

I see them differently, merely as what I might call “unfortunate” people. But in their isolation from the mainstream, they more often also are not restrained from developing a sharp and massively advanced intellect, albeit that they can also be hypnotized to believe they're aliens.

So, like any poor bloke [?] whose been dropped in the shit by a cult and the cult has spread worldwide, rumors that he's Jesus on the rebound, no matter what he thinks what HE thinks, everyone's been bought off to be convinced he's THA WUN!

To himself, he's just as able as any.

But from his eyes, it's not that he's “enlightened” or superior or any god, it's just that everyone, or almost everyone else, has been kept stupid by the same cults who promote him as superior.

In other words, it's all down to education. If there's a division between people getting an education or not, it will grow and reflect across the culture, until we end up with every kind of division possible. Church versus government schooling. Male v female. Rich v poor. Landed v landless. Collingwood v Carlton CARN THE 'PIES!!!

So, that sheila behind Rudd - as likely highly intelligent, astute, and, a controller, by either her sheer physical presence, at about 6 foot tall, her “eerie” “alien-looking eyes”, and any of the myriad possibilities she herself has taken on as to her roots, perhaps about her actually being from the Seven Sisters star cluster - over THERE.

NOT to say, that I side with the male aliens, as I best deduce, from the Orion saucepan, or wherever.

But aliens or not, clearly the gender war is full of shit,and does nothing at all good for the species in general.

So if neither can come clean, then neither are fit to govern.

Get passed it pronto.

Back to reality of this illusion...

from the same Sky news page, with my thinks in [brackets]

Last bunch of para's:

Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop says the Australian people are fed up with the Labor 'merry-go-round'.

[the merry-go-round YOUR SIDE, J. Bishop, drove to the front of YOUR MURDOCH MEDIA CABAL's news items and sensational subversive BOOOLLLSHSHIT! All because Kev had the BALLS to introduce the MOST HONEST TAX!!!]

'I don't think it will matter to Labor's fortunes at the next election whether they have Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd because they both embrace the same policies on border protection that have failed,' Ms Bishop told Network Ten on Sunday.

[What drivvle from the deputy opposition leader! Keeping a boollshshit racist classist NON-ISSUE of refugees on top of policy debates to keep the focus on shitful and piss weak political bitching, and the government on an unjustifiable backfoot! So-o easy to do from an irresponsible opposition bench. Julia Bishop has nothing like the intellect of any of the ALP/Greens/Independent government MPs, and would be a complete farce and failure as our nation's deputy PM.

Bishop is simply an upper class housewife, bought, not brought, bought into politics for her looks, aging though they are. Ooop! She's getting lipo!]

'I think people are sick of this game, the office of prime minister being passed around like a game of pass the parcel.'


Ms Gillard's deputy, Treasurer Wayne Swan, says the government is not focusing on the polls.

'Opinion polls used to come every month, then they came every fortnight, then they came every week, and now they come every day,' he told reporters in Brisbane as he was bombarded with questions about the leadership.

Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury reaffirmed his support for Ms Gillard while Schools Minister Peter Garrett said he stood by his earlier statement that he would not serve on the frontbench in a new Rudd government.

Greens Leader Christine Milne called on Labor to get the leadership settled as soon as possible.

'I wish they'd get on with it because I think the country would like to actually debate some issues leading into the election,' she told Sky News on Sunday.

[ISSUES?!$%^!?? SHSHIT NO! That's what all the bullshit is about! To keep them from talking ISSUES!]

Lower house crossbench MP Andrew Wilkie said people wanted to see Labor cease its 'self-indulgent navel-gazing'.

[So, Gillard is as good as any to lead, and a lot better than many.

Rudd would do as good a job. He's been dragged through the mud, and still walks straight and clean. It has toughened him up a lot, and that the opposition admits they'd be worried if he was reinstated, tells Labor, if the “polls” (FUCK THE POLLS!) don't turn, catholic matriarchy or not, the male might be the better option.

However, no-one outside the war rooms of the ALP is to know what they're really thinking, and by how much they're steered by the ILO/IMF/Euro-Socialists and Russia/China longterm agendas.

Serious thinkers up at those levels do question the two-side debate, and now, the question of leaders in general.

Putting our little “middle power” democracy through the hoops, holding back with this, and the other current issues, perhaps to see how one promised son of elite conspirators might influence the debacle from now 'til 14/9, and/or if the Aussie voters can get off their arses and do some really useful and righteous thing like oust the lot of them and demand a central committee, could well be how the puppet masters are controlling things here, and why they are forcing the irrelevant issues to the front of the media showcases.

However, to me, I still reckon we'd all be winners if The Three Amigos I alluded to in a “Frank Hardy” type fiction, or “Yarn” as they were known in Frank's time, did their damnedest and effected a coup d'etat, introducing a Top Council committee from all parties and independents, according to their signing on to a slender agreed set of primary policies, etc.

But, for more on that dream, read the “Mouses Up Whose Sick of Elections” or whatever I called it a few weeks back, on this blog.

But, as to the matriarch issue, real or imagined, Rudd is welded onto the Catholic, thus the, to my perspective, matriarch delusion.

For his intellect, equal to Gillards, but both to me, tarnished by the unspoken agendas of either matriarchs or aliens, something has to either be severed, or shift.

To now, neither show any interest in either, so they might be deliberately bringing the demise of what really is a party in need of a pretty large re-arrangement, in structure and of course, in policies.

But still the focus on trivial shit is too much to not be a deliberate distraction, hoping for Jesus, or for an asteroid, or for Clark Kent, or for the People to park themselves out front of parliament and start chanting


Et cetera.

Whatever, it's all bullshit, while we don't go totally Green, hang the clergy, tax the religions, put land into full public ownership, and tell Britain to fuck off, AND TAKE YER FUCKING COWS WITH YER!!!

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