Australian Labor Party Must Die

130621 JUST DEFIANCE Australian Labor Party Must Die Edition

When is “bad news” actually “good news”?

When tyranny ushers itself out. Or something.

The Australian Labor Party [ALP] with the far better overall policies a nation needs for good governance, has nevertheless gone down a very undemocratic path, and for good reasons, has built itself a “royalty” of upper-party executives.

Good reasons being primarily the fact that politics is not, and should never be allowed to become, a “fly-by-night” career option, affair for any one or group entering the business/game/affray.

In reality, it is, or needs to be, like the Proper process of the maturation of all children, pretty much a lifelong business for the parents.

However, this is restricted to the point of guaranteed failure, in single-unit, nuclear families, simply because the nuclear family model is an wholly, or unholy fabrication.

More perhaps on that later.

Like the nurturing of children in all non-”modern” cultures, that-is cultures distinct to the Roman versions post-about the 4th century CE, Aborigines raised their children from the earliest, to gain a whole of life knowledge, to ensure they become mature and Wise adults.

The Initiation ceremonies being the graduation from the child to the adult.

With each person having their distinct characteristics and talents, not all grow to fit leadership roles perfectly. But I put it that Aborigine education of their children was so much more complete, and egalitarian, that any of the adults could safely and with wisdom, take a leading part in the tribe or nation's affairs.

Surely, in most if not all of these Aborigine nations, there developed something of a “royalty”, in terms of Elders or Chieftains' families, who came to excel in the “arts”, but the “diplomacy” and other discerning features necessary for good and prolonged guidance of the group, tribe, nation to endure, but, not for the exclusive royal families, but for the whole of the nation.

And while the nation was functioning evenly and well, such “royal families” were allowed to play that role.

But the People still usually were able to express their concerns if such “nobility” were thinking too highly of themselves, to the point of effecting a “change of the guard” so-to-speak.

So, the point being, in relation to the ALP, that their evolved wisdom concerning this affected “royalty” across the higher echelons of the ALP, had good reason to it, because politics, which in REALPolitik terms is itself perhaps THE most serious erring of the process of government management, but politics is the mst complex and invlved affair, and cannot be governed well by as said, “fly-by-night” career politicians, and demands a certain close-knit inner circle to ensure they are , 1, within safe circles, to not endanger being diluted or subverted by infiltrators, 2, can be safe in discussing policies within those circles, so-as to be able to refine them, and 3, to ensure long-term approaches are allowed their proper and full consideration.

However, as in the ALP, the same in all these structures in an increasingly “individualist” and selfish, short term focus world, as well as, as said, within the actually extremely dangerous cultures surrounding, supporting and perpetuating [for all the wrong reasons] the nuclear family and housing models, any such idealized and rationally created inner circles are doomed to failure.

So we have it within the once highest of principles, Australian Labor Party.

Since it's beginnings in the 1890s, the war has raged between High and Wise Principles, their Advocates, and the divided divisive and unconsciously subversive members.

This in itself is another sound reason why the ALPs “royalty” or even just it's hierarchy have evolved.

In the world today, there was never any way it could survive all dilution, influences and subversions, as well as the ceaseless oppositions, warranted and merely oppositional for opposing's sake.

However, it does seem that with all the “good intentions”, and sound reasons to nurture an hierarchy, and even an exclusive inner circle of “royalty”, and with the undoubted “philosophizing and pondering” which becomes part of “after-dinner discussions around the fireplace” in the exclusive upper echelon's drawing rooms, clubs and party bars, the tendency is, wrongheaded, I insist, to drift from chats and supportive affirmations of the hierarchy, to deciding on the notion of a super-leader.

Indeed, of the messiah.

Albeit that a rightminded Democratic hierarchy should be working 100% toward guaranteeing that the party, but more it's Policies, and thus it's Polity, never arrive nor go near any need for such a beast as a messiah.

Simply because that phantasm is only necessary when a party, or a mob of wandering fools realizes they have wandered, or been led astray, and are so off the path, that none of them, one or a group, can discern the way back.

Hence someone to save them and set them aright again.

Perhaps this concept had the chance of leading a mob of fumbling idiots back to the mainstreet, centuries ago, when societies were far far farkingless populous, less complex, less distracted by every possible thing a “free market” could lure people away from clear thinking.

But today, of the last few centuries, not a chance.

So, because the ALP has in fact become pretty-much inbred, no less in fact than the world's elites, of royalties and the super-wealthy landowner class, the “1%” of the OCCUPY Movement's “1%”, but not in the sense of actual genetic inbreeding, simply inbreeding of certain criteria and ways of going about maintaining their power and influence and hold on, the royal thrones of power, thus, this adding to be quite, quite UNDemocratic, and so in the same tyrannical and failing basket as the other side of the Australian political classes' coin, the Lib/Nats parties and upper class cronies it has to either see it's ow failures and bring itself down, or it has to be brought down by the people.

Other factors play to this conclusion as well. Factions, as said on an ABC News Radio interview this morning, eventually, and long ago now, end up fighting each other for power within the party, so being divided and distracted from fighting THE REAL FIGHT against the other half of the world's elite - the landlordal class, the actual enemy.

So.., while the current federal opposition drool with insane delight watching the implosion of the ALP, readying their backsides for sitting again in the government's chairs, as usual, they too are distracted from the real job of good government, and being largely immature, they will merely rush in and rush through all their preferred policies, favoring their own types - spoiled developmentally-retarded selfish small-minded brats of the aspiring and middle-upper, upper classes essentially - to the heaviest detriment to anyone seeing wisdom in Policies protecting the Collective.

They all suffer the most dangerous disease of the mind, of being too self-confident.

This has them fail to see the consequences of the egomania, longterm, and that this same flaw in their breeds' political thinking has been the driver behind the last oooowh 400 years of “politics” across the western world.

The last thing today's right wing egomaniacs, here about to assume power, once more not for their own intelligence, or good policies, but for their combined subversions of every good policy put forward by the Collective of ALP, Greens and Independents, the last thing they are capable of deducing, seeing and thus avoiding, is the fact that their own landlordal flippant unintelligent policies, now enshrined to be seen as “tradition”, have been behind the overall and pending degradation of all western societies for the last 4-to-500 years.

And, for their over-consumption of their own nation's resources, have forced themselves to be expansionist, colonialist and thus force their errant ideologies onto the whole world.

All of which the clearer minded people of today's world, determine to fight to correct, be it in social justice groups, NGOs and even Freedom Fighter Militias, called erroneously “terrorists”.

And, just to add to this evil, these same “conservative” political organs and instrumentalities label people who see the danger to life on earth from these fucking egomaniac right wing psychos, and go to war to stop them, “extremists”!

But, the clear evidence-based, unambiguous truth is that these elite right wing selfish landlord class elites are the extremists, to any Sound, Wise, Balanced Culture and way of living in harmony and respect with the world.

However, this is off-topic.

The ALP does the same thing though.

Their refusing to support Julian Assange is one of their most blatant signs of their arrogance, and twisting of the parties once right minded approach to culture, to society and their best traditions.

Without a revolution within the ALP, at this late juncture nearing the September 124 federal election, there's not a lot anyone, or UNION can do to save the party.

But, the right wing “royalty” rot has set in, and so the party has to be left to bring itself down, methinks.

Therefore, and however, leaving it to fall, does not mean the only option is for the dicks in opposition to walk-it-in?


Party allegiances aside, factional allegiances aside, one might hope there are some in the ALP cabinet, who can still look above the parapet, above the battle between factions, above the battle against the egomania-oxymoron parties on the other side of the houses, and still see the Nation as that which they must fight to the death to defend, or keep afloat.

All things considered, regards the seemingly necessary fall of the ALP, and that the “party-system” in general is passed use-friendly and use-by dates, “Revolution” pops it's Heads up, to put it that those within that aforementioned long term nurturing within political circles, dismayed and or disgusted with the failings and the ways they've had to be exposed, might still, or more so now, see a place for some Righteous Action by themselves?


As I wrote in a few previous blogs, probably the actual BEST Option for the good of all here, is that a few non-aligned MPs step up to the plate, with organized support across the nation, and demand a cessation of the usual political BOOOLLLSHSHIT, by staging a peaceful takeover of the parliament.

This does, essentially, amount to a coup d'etat, and the temporary imposition of Marshal Law, merely so the whole debacle from the top down, can be corrected, sorted out, and settled, so Proper Government is, actually for the 1st time, allowed to operate.

Obviously no one or even a large party could hope to effect such a dramatic maneuver without near as possible to 100% military, civilian and policing support.

And as what I see across Australia today, is pretty much wholesale individualism, it does seem that such a move is doomed to failure from before it starts the tanks.

With all my alleged credibility, nobility, integrity and shitloads of dynastic heredity, the highest on earth, I am also wise to the serious ill psychologies of the vast majority of Australians today.

So, while I might prefer a life outside of avoiding and enduring occult stalkers and harassers and cheap gutless terrorizers, living in high times comfort running the nation, I also see far larger “poisoned chalices” waiting for me to have to drink.

With that, I do not trust one other person here now, and would not go near making any move to this effect.

As well..., I am so disappointed in the quality of mind, in general, of your average whiteguy Australian, that I refuse to throw myself into the fray only to end having to do juvenile and insane battle with utter utter fucking idiots, from all levels of this “society” and from farther afield.

Besides, this would merely add weight to the evil ideal of christianity, and so the nation of fools would not grow at all, but instead like children would throw parties to stay the stupid same as they've always been. At least since Rome and the jews stole our souls.

Were Rudd, Kevin, to find his balls, and demand the bitches behind him LET GO, he would leave the ALP this minute, to sit as an Independent on the cross bench.

There, all sitting Independents, as well as those others who UNDERSTAND the Rectitude of these suggestions, should rally toward a Democratic Coup D'Etet, by putting Rudd, Kevin, up as the nation's 1st Independent Prime Minister. Not for 3 years, merely until he, and the Collective of Balanced MPs, who should be able to decide for themselves who should be the First Members of the Top Council Committee, ie, those who do not try to stop it, have settled the focus back down to good government, such that further corrective reforms can be effected and instituted.

I'm sure there'd be all manner of strictures officially preventing such a coup.

As well, I'm sure an hell of a lot of foreign diplomats would be rushing to the airport, phoning their governments, calling military forces to alert, and waiting for the necking parties to knock on their cushy doors.

Regrettably, the self interest up at their levels is a psychosis, and they cannot see beyond their comfort zone agendas and lifestyles. I actually think the best thing all round, for Australia and for the world, is for our police and military to place a cordon around Canberra, stopping all flights out of the whole country for the 1st few days at least, then have our diplomats - selected and volunteer - make peaceful visits to each consulate and embassy, to inform the occupants of the situations and the plans.


Stay calm. Relax. Do some writing. Think about the dream.

The current bullshit cannot go on. Something much nastier will SNAP if some honorable thing is not effected.

This is the best option.

Stay calm. Relax. Do some writing. Think about the dream.

Law Reforms, of the Land/People Distribution kind.

A few days of Celebration. Back to work, with the easy corrections to the base laws of distribution within all government authorities which administer them.

Start reforms at the bottom most levels, revenue assessments, collection, and redistribution to appropriate authorities.

Advisers on Land Rent, be employed locally. State governments to wind down their functions over the next months, by re-distributing them to local councils.

Local councils to be re-zoned and by population and geography resized, to combine smaller neighouring ones, into larger topographical regions.

The amount of reforms is huge, no doubt. They will, with clear heads, become clear and simple, logical.

Education becomes a priority. Oldies 1st, eventually down to kids.

Education on the LAWS of the Land. The People's Land.

However, were such a move mooted by media or by the members themselves, I do suspect that Australians would jump to, and would flock to Canberra to give their physical and vocal support.

Quite possibly the vast majority would support the motion.

Of those unable to get to Canberra, it would be the next best and most effective move in support, for them to go to their state parliament houses, and to their local council town halls, and rally, stage sit-ins, play music, smoke marijuana [No. Smoke it at home!] , and dance a fucking lot, out front, in yer face to the coppers, ASIO, the CIA and MI6 ponses.

It would, for the sake of the nation, of the planet, of Democracy, and of the future, be incumbent upon all security forces, military included, to amass at said centres as well, preferably without weapons of messy destruction.

All-in-all, the Wisest, Most Democratic mass event ever seen on earth.

Whats more, I have no doubt once the Murdoch media has been detained and closed down nationwide, leaving all other media, and social media free and open, the idea would shiver around the planet in but hours.

The walls of tyranny would crumble like those Joshua blew his whistle at, around Jericho, in no time.

A Chaos of Happiness would reverberate globally for months, east west middle north and south, and about every other type of uncontrollable disorganization would manifest, unless the world's military and police were also up to speed and saw the events needed supplies, and honorable voices on loudhailers asking people to keep dancing, and telling them where the tucker and toilets are.


So..., Rudd? You've got a choice!

Federal Indies, Greens, Katter's Herd? You too!

A coup! A coup! Sorry, I've got a sniffle!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

O! Ceremonial, but involved President of the New Top Council Committee, Marcia Langton, if I may, Madame?

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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