Australia's States And Federal Politics Must Be Changed

130604 JUST DEFIANCE Australia's States And Federal Politics Must Be Changed Edition

Brisbane Times June 4, 2013 - 2:36PM
Amy Remeikis State political reporter

This report of Queensland's budget blowout, under the Newman Lib/Nat state government is timely, in regard the sad condition of the federal ALP/Greens/Independent's forecast of the September election drubbing, for it proves neither main Australian political party, are able to govern either in their own right, or as efficient and healthy organizations.

It clearly shows that the system is broken, and needs wholesale corrections, and that while Australians remain cowardly selfish and refuse to PROTEST for a better form of government, we will not escape the GFC as is slamming Eurape, Britain, the USA, and all other 1st world nations and regions.

Foreign tourism to here, 50% of which are singularly wealthy real estate hunters here to checkout our lands for to buy at comparatively bargain-basement prices, so-as to speculate on as investments for their next generations, will not sustain us once their wealth runs out, and once the airlines go under, and once the climate is so angry that flying will be too hazardous.

The real estate boom boom boom sending us crazy will not sustain even the richest landgrabbers once it busts and collapses.

Mining will be run by Hitlers and Goebels-type commandants, with miners having no union defenses and fair work rights, let alone “fly-in-fly-out” options and huge wages.

And neither mainstream or optional political party can hold the nation together without going to major major reforms, which unless we, the public, the voters, the people begin to demand them, will be as post WW2 Soviet enforcements, with weak and failing individuals lost in the oppression. Not just an oppression of a tyrannical right wing regime here, but by the new world order's global psychoses.

Women's rights will be gone again, military rape will be common, but only known, never reported on, or inquired into. Kids will be slave labor, and worse.

Famine, as likely, will strike billiions.

Rah rah rah...

So, seeing this report on how fucked up the federal ALP AND the Queensland Lib/Nats governments are, 1, shows neither is really responsible in either sense of the word, because it's a global thing caused by oooowh? about 500 years of bad corporate management, aka “all the kings men”, and 2, neither can possibly be fit and able to save the nation from being slugged right in the kisser, by the pending spread of the GFC, because A, our nation's system is broken, and B, so is the global western hegemonic system absolutely untenable and impossible to maintain for more than ooooowh? about 500 years, from 1492!

So, For want of my need for a daily BITCH, I threw this to the Brizzy Times tonight.

All added up, both major parties fail us badly. if both "leaders" in the Canberra race are minority popular, neither is fit to lead.
If a majority of us are not satisfied with either party, what option have we but PROTEST for wholesale changes.
States are unnecessary drains on us, the "3-tier" system is deliberately there for the ruling class "rum corps" laundry of public funds.'
We should not vote if the choices are clearly failing the public.
We should be voting for very different things.
VOTE 1 Shut down all State and Territory parliaments.
VOTE 2 Sack the constitutional monarchy.& replace it with our own Republic, led by a National Council of Local Councillors.
VOTE 3 Introduce the "national land tax" as per Ken Henry's Treasury recommendations of 2009, collected by Local Councils, paying the National Council assessed on per capita proportions, for the NCs administration and projected costs.
VOTE 4 Redefine agricultural land ownership, leave current owners occupiers to stay, but with change of farming to mixed-crop biodiversity and increased demographics. Open up all arable land for settlement by any Native Australians willing to move into agrarian occupations and associated development.
VOTE 5 remove all funding of the auto, coal, petroil and any polluting industries, redirecting it to ecologically sound projects, energy, transport, housing, food and clothing, etc.
VOTE 6 For cultural shift away from "jobs-jobs-jobs, development for the sake of development" culture.
VOTE 7 and-a-rahrahrah.
Elections as we know them, are frauds, and only take us further down the drain.
Wholesale corrections away from fundamentally corrupt structures, or we only go down, such that the next generations of all Australians will be 3rd worlders.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw
Australia - The Republic

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