The True Atheist Is A Happy Pauper

130604 JUST DEFIANCE The True Atheist Is A Happy Pauper Edition

I write this, purely for the sake of a healthy, as-in an Intelligent and Honest debate, since finding a new portal online to occupy my mind, and let out a bit of thinksteam, Google+, Atheists site.

The True Atheist Is A Happy Pauper!

I put this, because, in this modern world, those who enjoy any level of “riches”, above the majority of the planet's people, most often come from those “fortunate” enough to be educated by the churches, in their “private” schools. “Private schools”, as far as I'm concerned, means to a REALPolitik inquirer, “secret agenda”, to gain an unfair advantage over others.

Most unethical.

Of course, aside from a comparatively “easy life” in which genuinely hard work has never to be done, simply because of a guarantee of inherited wealth, as well therefore, one's “faith” is never genuinely tested, therefore one never has to take issue with which ever “faith” has given them their easy, opulent material life.

So “Atheism”, for 1st worlders, is more of a choice, or, is often seen as their responsibility for finding their religions so offensive, but may not necessarily be completely inquired into, by the most difficult path, the “road less traveled”, the High road, of renouncing every material thing one takes for granted, and dedicating oneself solely to finding the “Nirvana” the Great Gautama Buddha sought, and found.

But I see the fundamentalism in saying this, and don't say we who take the Atheist point of view, are false, by not following Buddha's path of austerity.

Atheism to me is always the far more honorable path, and does, open our self up to what Human Beings should primarily seek - their own supreme Intelligence.

The word “Buddha” has the same root as “Buddhi” in Sanskrit, the root language of most western languages, and they both mean among many, “reason” or “Intelligence”.

So, taking an extreme Atheist point of view, I argue that those who claim to be Atheist, must - well.., nobody has to prove anything - must prove, nevertheless, that they sincerely reject all facets of what cults claiming to have belief in god make available for them, and all the attachments, of - christianity, masons, judaism, islam, et al and Et Al, perhaps mostly what you take for granted in terms of what these cults hand you, give you - endless 1st-world material wealth, at least once you reach a certain level in their societies - to retain allegiance to their cult, when they are asked.

Being in this “extreme” position, merely to ensure Atheism is Pure, as-it-were, and being a fierce critic of any who purport to be one thing, merely as an expunging of another thing - “faith” in this case - or because they take the appealing, luring, desired things and reject any more serious, less YIPPEE! disciplines and aspects of their rejected faith, or merely to curry favor with their preferred “in crowd”, I suggest “puritanical Atheism” asks us to avoid as much product from the western, religious cultures as possible.

Again, I now have no doubt, that wealth makes idiots of us, in general.

So, dropping blind, acquiescence to say, the jewish, catholic or protestant religion which indoctrinated you, and to fully reject what they preach, and what comes “for granted” with the indoctrination - opulence - would, to a “fanatic” as I AM being here, merely for argument and debate sake, would require they shun all the benefits of the faith they were informed, indoctrinated, given knowledge by, to the point of finding their own levels of happiness, and, economic and physical and psychological and thus, “spiritual” freedom, without any of the accoutrements taken for granted living in an essentially christian, or jewish, or masonic society and culture.

These societies and cultures mentioned, are clearly, in general, 1st world societies and cultures.

True Atheism also demands the highest levels of honesty.

Therefore the True Atheist would know that those main, dominant creeds and their cultures have climbed to the top of the “class” and power scales, by being quite inhumane and - DIShonest - to all other societies and cultures.

Quite “unchristian” as-it-were.

And in honesty, such actions cannot be condoned, supported, nor lived-off, because, for the True Atheist, being honest, we do our sums and know, and admit to knowing, that the result of such behavior is deadly for life on earth, to our own creeds, deadly for far more Honorable, more Honest and Righteous cultures and peoples, than the expansionist, colonialist, evangelical “religious” mobs seem ready or able to admit to.

Requiring a creed of falsity, as jewish, christian and masonic do, to be Happy, is the height of cowardice and ignorance.

Indeed, it is in fact - in their terms - evil.

It also gives false justification to be evil, in such as the culture encouraging over-consumption, because fundamentally, it does not instruct the novice or flockers, on the true spiritual way, of finding Happiness in one's own core being, so leaves them always searching outside of themselves for things, material and psychological things, to consume, so-as to falsely satisfy them - which the truly wise know is the path to insatiability and insanity - which leads directly to the culture's need to plunder other peoples, cultures and nations.

A!  The "Lords of Sick"!

This should never be condoned by the Atheist. Nor, of course, by anyone. A dog knows better than to do as the modern western religions have done to the world.

Not condoned, to the point in fact, where the Atheist sees the lies, and thence, the corruption of the True Human Being, in everything these cultures of falsity and false faith push upon their followers, merely to keep them faithful to that creeds illusion, so the masters of the faith can keep plundering and destroying all that is good in others, for their own deeply dysfunctional mentality, psychology, egomania and profit.

Therefore - which is really a bitch - to be a True Atheist, one should reject all the fucking fabulous inventions the flockers of the false faiths have invented, and become a Mendicant, or what ever one must become to reject all aspects of what is available to us in these deadly false faith cultures and societies.


However...! The True Revolutionary, who would be the Ethical, Scientific Atheist, would from my “extremist” point of view, recognize my points, agree with them [of course!], but also see that we are duty-bound to use whatever tools our opposition invents which we find we need, in our eternal war against falsity and ignorance.

Therefore, we are quite Justified in using these efucking grouse tools - the computer the internet, the technology which has grown out of the enemies constant panic against truth and against facing their own insanity, where they've invented ever more deadly weaponry.

But I guess we should live in grass huts within range of the nearest telco transmitters, be Nomads [GO NOMAD! NO GO MAD!!], be vegetarians, cloth ourselves in grasses and leaves, make our own beverages from natural local ingredients, die when we get a cold, and …., and...., and...., o! SHIT! TOO HARD...!

mmMMmm! This coffee's nice!

If there's anything of worth in this e-ssay, I guess the reader has to read the hidden inferences.

But, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, it really does say that it is the Duty of Atheists, to “Collectivate” [?] and Organize the absolutely essential GLOBAL REVOLUTION against religious ignorance.

However, being Atheist, is being Reasonable.

So where it's known that People are - quote “Religious” - and in that culture do live in tune with and according to fully Natural ways, ie., not artificial, over-consumptive, materialistic ways, then the “faith” therein might be said to be Pure, and not false, as the dominant western creeds are.

So the Revolutionary Atheists will be good friends with them, leave them to practice their religion as they wish, and include them as allies in the war against falsity and ignorance.

And..., where it's known that people would be True, Honest, Modest in their ways, but are forced to over-consume and be dishonest, usually because of an invading false culture, if they are aware this is the case, and want to be better followers of their creeds, then as Allies, the Atheist will do whatever to help them regain the Honest pathways they have within their own “Faith”.

Methinks? Methinks methinks?

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

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