Australian Customs Corruption & Illicit Drugs Spend Blowout!

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Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker,
The Saturday Age of Melbourne
June 22, 2013

Oooowh! Here's a sensational piece of news!

[the link above, Sssllllooowww!]

Here's my discerned response;

Hi Richard!

Yeah, didn't read the article. Nothing new, aye? Like the PRISM exposures by Ed Snowden.

This "customs" corruption has, by your Esteemed Journal, to be put in it's proper perspective, which must, I say MUST, include our history back to at least the infamous 1808 rum rebellion.

It MUST take into any current allegations, proven or not, facts such as we - the whole nation - have always been the illegitimate "property" of the IMF, previously the British East India Company, who bought the English parliament out of bankruptcy in 1783, and has since owned her, thus the "Commonwealth" etc.

Corruption has always been the underlying strength of Australia's corporate owners, aka the IMF, and whichever political party governs, and whichever corporations pull the strings behind the newspapers and scenes, such relatively important affairs, such as this "Customs" corruption issue, today, talking about "OMGs" Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, or to my disgusted Outlaw way of seeing things, "Crims-on-bikes", they, crims or genuine economic Dissidents or not, are merely another corporate takeover of one small but important area of our economics and trade. Mainly of our "barriers" to healthy, legitimate and Just trade.

Having lost everything to the crims-on-bikes, for them being too stupid to recognize a genuine Outlaw when they bash them, steal their possessions, or denigrate them globally [led to, by spoiled similarly stupid church school kiddies], I have lost all respect for them.

But the facts remain, they, working an horribly corrupt tax and general economic system, owned by the biggest corporate corruption mobs, have, in this "Customs" arena, and in other business and marketing fields, the most obvious being the "illicit" drugs arenas, simply effected another corporate takeover.

Or, are trying to.

So, what I'm saying is that media demonizing "OMGs" distracts from the REAL, present danger to our lives, and to a bettering of our worlds of trade.

To not dig deep into such affairs' histories is 'shallow journalism".

Of the last series of months, I have noticed the Fairfax media group rising to the challenge of reporting and journaling higher quality articles than your competitor, mainly Murdoch's scrum [TYPO!?!#$%?], and commend you all for it.

So, it seems incumbent upon you, with your high standards of media, to go deeper into this/these phenomena of corruption, in effectively "side issues" as Customs corruption, and whose controlling it this week.

No matter how much corruption exists and is controlled by bikies, the far more important issue of corruption rests in the hands of the global hegemony, based deep in the heart of the Eurapean elite, the IMF/ILO/Illumi-naughties, et al.

To try to put the focus on usually lower class "bikies" avoids THE issue, that must be addressed especially by media.

And, to that, I do give credit to Murdoch's Wall Street Journal, for it, or it's journos do succeed in going deeper into some important issues, not dissimilar to this one, albeit their focus is usually in the USA.

I guess everyone's problem is that a report, and articles and frontpage issues are constantly removed from our attention by the next sensation, exposure, revelation or scandal, begging then the question of how do we keep the focus on important econo-politico-cultural issues?

From here, it would be to drive reportage and commentary hardest on the largest deepest, most corrupting crimes.

Because, with them in the spotlight constantly such that politicians cannot ignore their importance, so get to actually doing something about them, most all other "crimes" actually merely responses from the masses to the largest crimes, would be reduced to non-issues.

Taking this line of reasoning to it's proper conclusion, cannot help but have us arrive at the Rectitude and absolute necessity of Australia becoming our own Nation, in becoming an Independent Democratic Republic.

Food for thought.

Thanks for Fairfax's Quality journalism.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

Amy Corderoy
Health Editor, Sydney Morning Herald

And in the same Fairfax webpages, is this little pearler!

Timely, only in that it doesn't warrant me writing any more on it, because the same content of what went to the Customs and bikies article, applies here.

Howvaarr? It does beg questions such as, if Australians spent that much on their illegitimately demonized-thus-illegalized drugs, with our population being a mere 23 million, how much do Americans, Canadians, Brits and Eurapeans spend, on their illegitimately demonized-thus-illegalized drugs???

A few global GDPs I bet!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

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