ALP Kev & Julia Punch & Judy Show Written By The OFFSHORE-Run MSM

130624 JUST DEFIANCE ALP Kev & Julia Punch & Judy Show Written by The MSM Edition

Mark Kenny
Chief political correspondent

The Australian Labor Party Punch & Judy show, allegedly between the two most recent leaders, Gillard and Rudd, or, probably correctly, Rudd and Gillard, is being deliberately kept in the spotlights of our shooting parties within our quite unbelievable mainstream media.

I personally believe that the ALP has run it's course, and really has to slay itself. Not only for their faceless cabals here and in Eurape and Britain trying to orchestrate the biggest fraud upon all of humanity, by foisting a puppet false Jesus up to the captain's office, but for the evolved in-egalitarianism now entrenched in the party.

The federal opposition are milking it for all it's worth, and their masters offshore are only to happy to control everything Australian and political, and, it seems, to the point of killing the ALP altogether.

But the tragedy is the that the ALP's, and their coalition partners, the Greens and a few Independents, have actually done a very good job of government since their election in 2007.

So, again, Australian's are not being told everything politics, and the MSM is leading us up the garden path - AGAIN - or that-should-be - STILL - and for their evil power, the MSM is leading the ALP, AND their quite a bit more Honorable, coalition partners, the Greens and the Indies, down the sewer, to a really shittie demise post-September 14th this year.

So, while the ALP and it seems the MSM are in a hell of a jam, neither seem able to keep the light on the issues that matter - POLICIES - and, AND, the successful rightminded work the government coalition have begun and continue to now.

So, reading the comments after the sad article in the smh, it was once more, having seen the same positive and accurate weighing of the ALP/Greens/Independents' performance over the last 3 years, a bit of a relief to read the following from one semi-mysterious commenter named “Kevin”.

It's actually a crime that the Murdoch media mainly, refuses to acknowledge and add together the range of policy positives from the last NOT THREE, BUT SIX years of the current government, in the different coalition as as come since 2010.

So, somebody give “Kevin” a job, in marketing the government to September!

Heeeeere's “Kevin”:

What policy disasters? World's best economic management? Rescuing public health and education from the crimes of Howard/ Abbott? Proper Infrastructure investment? 7 quarters of rising productivity? visionary policies such as NDIS, NBN, Gonski, Carbon price, Foreign policy, Asian century? $2.2 billion already invested in disabilities? Universally applauded Aged care reforms? Paid parental leave, record pension increases, Super reform helping 3.6 million of the most needy? Historic Murray-Darling, Tasmania forests, marine parks? Increased child care rebate to 50% including increased cap along with many other measures helping to increase work participation? 1 million new jobs with jobs growth continuing strongly despite the fear mongering about the carbon price being a wrecking ball etc?
Had we an honest, credible MSM there would be no leadership issue. The MSM have spent almost this entire term of politics relentlessly focussing on distractions to prevent policy debate, because proper policy debate would ensure Gillard wins the next election, and to undermine Gillard's leadership. Without this relentless MSM campaign the Gillard government would not have the unpopularity issues and no reason for anyone within Labor to think about changing the leader. Nobody from the Rudd camp is questioning the quality or value of the government's policies, in fact they all acknowledge the government's policy performance has been very good.
The MSM ran their leadership campaign relentlessly for 18 months before they managed to force Rudd to challenge only to find his support had not increased since he was replaced. This proves that at least until the last few weeks, the leadership issue has been 95% MSM bs and 5 % substance. The nearness of the election along with the inevitable popularity outcome of the relentless MSM campaign may or may not have made the leadership issue more real?
Kevin. Wentworth Falls
June 24, 2013, 8:17AM

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