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[I removed the name of the poster just cause I can! But he's a teenager, I think from the USA.]

- 6:33 AM
Are we advancing along a path to our own destruction?
I think so. If we continue to advance at this rapid pace, we will strain the world's natural resources, or we could start a nuclear war. There are many different possibilities involving humans causing them. But they all start with human technology and advancement.
When we advance, we put more strain on the earth, because advancement needs resources. We could not have built the wheel without stone and wood. Huge cities need oil and fuel. Everything is caused by our own advancement. Eventually, our population will outgrow the earth, and we won,t go far. The nearest star is thousands of lightyears away. We have caused our own destruction. If we change, this could be averted.

Max Cook
4:37 PM
Fascinating debate! So fascinating I'll stay well clear of it.
I have a view siding with the negs about our fate and our being the cause of a global demise, supported by 97% of 29,000 scientists recently surveyed as to whether humans are contributing to the collapse of the planet's biosphere. [http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2013/may/16/climate-research-nearly-unanimous-humans-causes]. I haven't re-red the article, and think it talks about global warming, but I throw it in the same basket as "...contributing to the collapse of the planet's biosphere."
People who argue "all is well", are "interesting".
They vote in false [as-in "fixed"] elections for the candidates who are entirely egocentric, who uphold the biggest lies about how mankind is proven to best live with the planet, ie., with life-in-general on earth, in economic terms, by having the Land in common ownership, and it's properly, scientifically calculated economic value taxed for revenue, prefer endless consumption, and change their arguments not when better scientific knowledge proves them wrong, but because they are seen to be losing the debate/argument. Et cetera.
This argument is a no-win argument.
If the debaters cannot agree that our leadership is ridden with dangerous falsities, and that no useful large-scale solutions are being instituted, or that invention will not cure the sick, stop the floods, resolve food supplies, or, perhaps most important, cure the massive, now generic levels of mental disorders exploding out of this HA! modern technology culture, etc on any practical scales - ie., all the modern tech inventions serve only about 20% of humanity, the rest can only read about it, let alone afford IVF, prosthetics, land free of poisons, floods, wars, brutal paid-off policing, by outright evil landowners, and-on, then you/we all waste time playing wise here.
Politics is farce, but a distraction from the real issues, which are "laws".
Politics is about keeping the masses' attention and PROTEST off the scientific fact that we need not more invention, not more religion, not more speculation on whatever pays our food and roofing, but true land distribution laws.
A far cry from anything gone to here in this "debate", and as said, the main legal AND philosophical point avoided like the plague by most all involved.
But..., ready for, not wanting to "debate" it, ready for an enslaught of objection and derision, and trite picking apart a few of my words, I suggest the readers don't take it personally, it's a cultural thing.
Ie., the culture is rotten to the core with corruption, has been since Eve conned Adam with an apple [hence the biblical term "the fall" from the garden of Eden, or as I put it, the "garden of Wisdom", where our so-called "1st" forefathers were evicted from Eden for being ignorant and/or selfish, or something] but while we're fed and clothed and housed, no matter what lies and crimes are generic to the culture, we can delude ourselves we are not insane, the fact does appear, from as near to an impartial point of view as one can get to, that the majority who ascribe to the modern high tech western culture are lost, as in insane.
But, again, I don't care what people with houses and modern accoutrements have to say in objectionist retort.
It's a cultural thing, and unless we have gone to the limit in our search for some economic and psychological facts, and thence do everything to ensure we are living an honest and lawful life, by "sacrificing" our insatiable desires for all the yummy stuff modern society offers us [as bribes to stay silent about the hard truths of the dominant corruption] we really cannot criticize others, even though I take humorous glee in shitting on our politicians and 'experts" of the right wing, memememe persuasion in my REALPolitik blog.
I admit, if I lived in society, and was allowed to have the nice little earner 100% honest business I had, so had my own land, home, friends, regular shag, accoutrements, I'd be less critical of the mainstream.
But, 18 years chased around Australia by scum, christian idiots and outlaw motorcycle gangs, for mum's hidden agenda, living in cars, in exile, with $billions waiting me in inheritances, I assume the right to be "holier than thou" [in self-mockery].
Cynics of environmentalists, who blithely and quite insanely over-consume resources, wasting everything their eyes see and want, have to be fought against, merely for one's honor.
The planet has been over-resourced.
With a majority correcting their over-consumption and fighting for good laws of conservation of the biosphere to be institutionalized, such that they're not withdrawn by the next 'false leaders" elected in totally fixed elections, we might reduce the carnage on it's way down our future-now pipe.
But, I am a Realist, as best I can be, adding and figuring the information and knowledge I can find, and believe we've blown it globally.
Added to this is the filthy fact that the world's super-elite actually expect the resources of food and fuels, primarily, to collapse, [they are well informed as to our strain on the planet's ability to feed 7, 8, plus billion of us, especially if we were all to consume at the rates of the 1st worlders], and start wars of attrition, reducing the global population by a very high percentage, indeed, a decimation, simply so they can live in their insane excesses of having ready access to the resources others would have owned, without spending their precious gold on killing or controlling us.
So debate on dudes, but it remains a no-win argument, while we can all afford to buy connectivity, and hi-tech facilities to argue, to while away our idle hours.
Once those cynics of global warming have to get dirt under their soft fingernails digging out tubors and insects for a feed once every few days, if they can find them, and if they are not depleted in energy and limbs and life by fighting off others for the same, perhaps then they'll not be so ready to be small-minded and self-righteous?
I don't think "The Matrix" got it quite right.....
But..., what do I know?

Yukutee POOOOH!

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Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

Which reminds me "WHERE'S ME ROYALITIES, ARNIE???"

Had a few critical responses from other viewers of the same Google+ pages, none going near the most controversial issues I raise in that little monologue, showing they were more interested in sticking one up the rich kid here, for pretty pernicious reasons.

Classic examples of the malady I talk to below, in O! HELL-OH! America!

As wrote in response to another critic from O! The USA, [Los Angeles] “Reset your bias, America”.

My short play on Google+ serves one thing of my never-ending inquiry into the general mental health of the species, confirming that those in the most toxic “capitalist” nations are indeed, the most ill.

As said for a while now, the tragedy is that they can never free themselves from their mental illnesses, simply because the illness is the most active part of their psyche.

In religious terms, it is the devil interfering with their ability to live clean lives, preventing them from following a clean culture with constant vigilance against that very same incursion, and with regular clean-up practices, first and foremost, of Meditation, “morning-noon-and-night” as-it-were.

People with an advantage of being away from such populated concentrations of the USA-especially, type of insanity in the culture, shouldn't have to Meditate thrice-minimum a day, and once right out of sleep/bed, at first light, and once in the evening, before dinner, would be enough.

But, once making a custom of it, Meditation is the place to be, so adherents often take to Meditating as often as the can, several times a day. But it can become both a distraction from doing the usual necessities of daily life, and also, a fanaticism can grow, which is also capable of taking them off a balanced Pure path. So good counsel, good likeminded company and wise guidance is known to be of the highest value.

This is how many private schools and closed societies develop. But like “Waco” in Texas, and David Koresh, it's founder-leader, pressure from the sickest cunts on earth, the USA's CIA, do everything they can to infiltrate and subvert, eventually as happen there, to destroy anyone who sees the faults of the modern western mainstream fuckup, and goes it alone, forming a community outside the main models.

This again, is why a wise sage [!] would recommend people find the flaws in their own ways, find the knowledge on pure ways, then build their own altar in their own home, treating Meditation - which is easy enough once the first few years are gotten through - HA! - as a personal and private affair/practice/dedication.

But because the USA, but pretty-much all western nations, have been led so far off the path of rightmindedness, of clear thinking and of placing highest on their psychological priorities list, the purification and constant improvement of the Intellect, those in these most mentally ill countries who accept their culture, for well over a century, therefore they and all the people they know there, are so insane, need to give the majority of their waking hours to the purification of their mind.

However, the utterly insane work-a-day culture across the “free world” [HA!] is designed to quite deliberately prevent people from being in that pure and peaceful place, found in the practice of “Silent Mind Meditation”, and keeps them out working-slaving-dying just for a roof over their head, and food to eat.

Indeed, in being the most insane, it's also the most criminal culture. Yet, the majority of Americans cannot see this, and thus cannot see why Islam is so often ready to die to kill Americans. Britons. Eurapeans. Israelis. Australians.

Australia, is at least as sick as the USA. Australia's only possible advantage, is that we are so low in population, so the concentration of an illness is something like 15 times less than the US.

However, this may work in the opposite, in that the corrupters of clear-thinking have greater opportunity to fully “penetrate” the smaller population.

Besides, we are a younger nation, in whiteguy terms, are welded, singularly by subterfuge and a much refined system of corruption from the world's most evil regime of monarchist Britain, to Britain's WRONG WAY psychology, psychosis, culture, religion, traditions etc.,

the most of us are from convict lines,

and, from the generations born of convicts, and the rejected half-cast, quarter-cast and-on Aborigines.

Rejected by the now hard to fathom [being so separated from that highest way of being], Full-Blood Aborigines, who were 1, and Enlightened People, continent-wide, and 2, in that, lived completely honest lives, lifestyles and cultures.

So when the invaders came and raped the Aborigine women, the progeny were known by the Full Bloods to be damaged psychologically, and genetically, so, the Full Bloods knowing their True Fella ways were Paramount, knew that the half-casts would water-down the culture, and only cause it's demise if they were allowed to stay with the Full Bloods. So they rejected them.

The long term result, mainly because the half-casts were left to grow in the already deeply insane whiteguy culture, but, for their “black” heritage, were regarded by the insane whiteguys as inferior.

Indeed, the Aborigine were not regarded as Human Beings by the whites [which begs the question - “if so, the white invaders were so base, as to engage in bestiality?”]

Surely a clear sign that the whites were seriously insane, and, for everything that's come after those horrendous early decades, shows plainly that the whites were not Human Beings.

Not to mention their complete failure to recognize that the Aborigine were Enlightened People.

So the “residue” from the rape of the Aborigine Women, and their progeny, have always been maltreated as lesser peoples, rarely given the opportunities in schooling, employment, housing, and any recognition as suitable for any higher levels of society.

This may be why the governments of all persuasions of our states and of the federal arena, have been inclined to ignore the rural peoples? Institutionalized racism.

Yes, they are a “busted” people psychologically, but that is purely education, going of course, as well, to the unrefined home-life cultures they were dumped in, from suffering and rejected underclass parents, etc.

So, most of them have been forced to survive however they can, which, in a completely corrupted society, leaves them no choice but to assume criminal ways, and ever-degrading cultures.

Therefore, with little or no understanding of what a True Culture is, and being left no choice but to adopt the racist attitudes of the white mainstream, they prevent themselves from acknowledging the Purity and Higher Quality of the True Fella Aborigine ways, so regard also their own ancestors as animals, or as heathens, or as lesser beings to the whites, whom they mostly, ironically, also hate. At least the “magpies” got that part right!

But, to the global mental illness problem, the USA, Eurape, Britain [Israel] are the most highly populated regions of the WRONG WAY cultures, so the mental illness is the most concentrated.

So if they, just one of them, or their whole People, see their own inner maladies, and determine to clean out their bad practices, beliefs, faith, and mentality in general, then they are for their own sakes, obliged to give the majority of their waking hours to the sincere and, for them, being so deeply imbued, immensely hard practices of Meditation, guided constantly by every bit of “True Fella” schooling to guide them on that “road less traveled” and for their own need to expunge these devils from their minds, the most difficult.

However, for the concentration of the psychosis, and for the megalithic machinery that has grown across the US and Eurape, Britain and others, it's almost impossible for one or a number to be able to change their habits and personal culture.

Therefore, when a bloke like myself makes points in this regard, on the internet sites reaching the chat-rooms of the USA et al, I am treated with the typical insanity those free thinking fools do so well.

Making me that much more wanting isolation from them.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

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