You Have To PROTEST For The Facts, Voter!

130602 JUST DEFIANCE You Have To PROTEST For The Facts, Voter Edition

ABC's Jonathan Green
Updated Thu May 30, 2013

Getting too lazy, whatwith having always had bad juju in me head stopping me from being able to read faster than one word at a time, I didn't read much of Johnny Green's [link atop] article. [sadmax]

But skipping down the comments, to throw my 2-bob's worth in, I stopped and did read the following comment, from perhaps a mysterious “Kevin”.

Now, if it is from Kevin Rudd, why not?

Nevertheless...., his points were well put, and also say, while unsaid, that there is some “mysterious” lack across media, but appallingly, from the ALP/Greens/Independents government itself, for failing to keep these successes as Kev tells, in the front of media, in the front of the public's minds, but, in the front of the marketing of the ALP/Greens/Indies re-election campaign.

And, in front of the offshore media cabal's frontman Tiny Habit and his merry girls of bullshit politics.

[How's the psycho-analysis going Cwistopher?]

As with the inhouse scandal behind the 2004 pre-election dive of Mark Latham falling ill, so without the ALP's latest marketed messiah to lead us out of the Howardian right wing ditch, every other aspect of what the ALP, and supportive MPs of other parties and Indies had in top class policies, went out the window of their advertising corporation, Britain's Saachi and Saachi, so Labor lost the '04 election.

I have lost faith, and of the last month or two have looked away from almost all media coverage, for knowing too much about the big game of false prophets and false politics, albeit toooo late, and that the “tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb” game of the FOREIGN, cabals in far-too-high-priests-to-be-wise places like the utter psychos of the ILO Switzerland, the freemasons, catholics and jews, the Club of Rome, and the Illuminati, all of the WRONG WAY faiths and cults ex-Brit-Eurape, have for all the wrong way reasons decided our next one or two electoral cycles must be that much more toward the ignorance of idiot politics, aka the “conservatives-liberals” [but one oxymoron of ours which is NEVER picked up and sternly dealt with in a court of law, within which any Moral legal eagle would take the Liberal party to task for the incorrect, thus false marketing name of the extreme right wing, anti-liberal party] under superidiot Abbott, and coven.

I don't want to see the fools of self-aggrandizement aka the Lib/Nats win government, who cannot be seen as other than inept and thus dangerous to have in governmental power.

But having seen at last just how false the whole game is, I cannot side with any of them, while the “left” of Labor, fails to get down to the REALPolitik issues, as I discern not with “faith”, but with my try with the Intellect, as the foremost items and issues and policies we all must get passed our new-found Harry Potter BOOOOLLLLSHSHSHSH-IT with and do the right thing politically. Economically. Humanitarianly.

As our filthy traitorous right wing churchie media is so intent on jumping up and down gleeful at having killed off the yes, disgusting false messiah myth, promoted by catholic Kevin Rudd, and many too many within both parties, but all have factions responsible for that fallacy, and for that fallacy's previous popularity, promoted by idiots incorporated in zzZZING-nut Brit-Eurape's elite, and for that assume they can now march over all honesty in - politics - almost an oxymoron - and push their illusion of extreme selfishness to the hilt, thus slaying the idea of Good Government and Honest Taxation and thus an Honest People forever, the current government really has to get off it's “O SHIT WE BLEW IT!” doomed to failure sorryforourselves backsides and use the successes as put by “Kevin” here below, in quality promotions from now to September 14.

Being cowards, out of a deserved sense of SHAME for being duped by Rome and and and which ever other world powerbroker pulls your strings, is NOT what most Australians, filthy rotten corrupt cowards though most might be, want to see from any so-called “leaders”.

Albeit that I might have made - belted - a dent or hole for some intellectual light in their shrouds of ignorance as to the complete evil inherent in the “leaders”, “Jesus” “messiah” narrative and black mass charade of the last ooooowh! 1600 years.

Media is not government.

Neither is the church. And, with what we've all been through, there is still light down the pipe, a flickering flame though it be, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED.

That word “DEMOCRACY” means something quite other, quite HIGHER, than most of what we've been “LED”, yes led, by whom....? By LEADERS, of every persuasion to believe and leave our faith in.

FAITH” is what Turkey's Masses are up PROTESTING in their cities against as I scribble.

Globally, the DEMOS, The Masses, The People, are leaving their comfy-fanny living ER - dying rooms to express not once more, to the top of the agenda, but, in fact, after centuries of every try at it, being subverted, undermined and recaptured back into the hands of - Tony Abbott's masters - the FORIEGN landocracy, the DEMOS are for the FIRST time, expressing this only true form of government to the top of the agenda.

While most Australians, it seems to me, are lost in their new powers of NOTHING AT ALL, and thus the endless ability to find ways to buy A NEW CA-AR, yip-fuckin-eee? And be real clever fucks, they are more sick than ever, for refusing to do some honest work, top of the list priority HONEST WORK, which from my view, is too hard, but is nevertheless, in the perfect world, work in which they should be PROTESTING OUT all our politicians, for Honest Land Laws - HAHAHAHAHA!!! - I know.

So, as that's too hard for the masses here in comfy-fannyland, as much shit-scared-fannyland, then they must at least do some work of reading the political situation correctly, and see, that, yes, the ALP mainly, should be given a slap on the whatever, for falling for the false leadership scenario, ex-Rome, and do their sums by demanding things like honesty in media, honesty from all politicians, but most crucially SOME HONESTY FROM OUR RELIGIONS - and calling them out when they blithely talk utter shit, in this case, about the ALP/Greens/Indies' government.

Religions we know are behind all the bullshit in the political arenas, and while they are under the hammer of inquiries as to their perversions, we cannot be allowed to focus only on one event at a time.

Politics IS religion. Religion IS politics, and thus we lose while either is allowed to distract the Demos Ekonimos - the People within the Economy - ALL OF US -from attacking the whole falsity of upper political/religious class deception.

Australia, America, WORLD! You not only have the right, and the duty, to PROTEST, you have no choice, if you value at all your freedoms, your kids and future generations, freedoms, and anything near honesty on earth.

And must I say it?

No Freedom without HONESTY!

So, if any of you do actually exist, as living thinking reasoning potentially wise people, outside of the images that flash around in my head, and if you are not the zombies I'm more inclined by the minute to believe you are - or are fating yourselves to be reborn as - then it's up to YOU, not puppet me, to make a noise and pick up a half brick if need be, to bring the - THE issues out before September 14.

And, from what I'm seeing, that really means taking aim at our appalling media, for letting BOOOOOLLLSHSHSHSH-IT bias run the election campaign, with every BOOOOOLLLSHSHSHSH-IT piece if BLAH from Abbott's and covens' mouths winning the spotlight and the opinion polls.

Here, as I was inspired to comment on, are the clear AND FACTUAL “Successes” of our current ALP/Greens/Independents federal government, well put by “Kevin”, and which need to be made into a list by the government propaganda OOOP! Policy-Promotions department.

A list with every BOOOOOLLLSHSHSHSH-IT accusation from the other side, next to each, with each of these FACTS, proving the incredibility of the opposition's false promises and accusations.

There is no way the opposition has a leg to stand on.

But..., I remain skeptical as to whether Australians are Human Beings, having been pushed down for 2 centuries by the brutish British, of christianity and it's aftermath monarchic shit, to being subhuman.



Save yourselves, idiots.....

So..., READ THIS SHORT AND PRECISE FACT LIST courtesy of one “Kevin”, as per the comments section off the linked article atop of this post.

And....., you probably should read Johnny Green's article as well. Some said it was very good.

30 May 2013 2:15:48pm

This perception is based on the disgraceful political coverage of the MSM ["MainStream Media", I presume?] and the pitiful level and standard of political debate that this bias reporting inspires.
If we ever took a factual and un-bias look at the achievements of this government then the public would see much to be proud of:

World's best economic management steering us through the GFC without large losses of jobs or recession and our economy back to strong fundamentals quickly.

Properly addressing climate change with a proper comprehensive policy that is the most effective, efficient and cost effective possible. When this policy was announced it received praise from economists and environmentalists. Has this ever happened before? And it is working exactly as planned but achieving much better results than forecast.

Finally, after decades of talk, paid parental leave that is fair.

$2.2 billion already invested in disabilities with the NDIS beginning soon.

After 11.5 years of declining productivity under the coalition, finally we have good and constantly improving productivity.

Removing the disgraceful policy that was work choices (but for how long?)

Saying sorry to the stolen generation and to those who had their children removed from them and adopted out.

Education reform correcting poor coalition policy with a plan for the future.

Investing $12 billion in renewable R&D.

Marine parks, 

Plain packaging for cigarettes, 

Increase child care rebate to 50%, increase compulsory super, eliminating tax on super contributions for low paid workers, 

MRRT, etc.

If Australia was ever allowed to look at the facts, not hidden or lied about by the MSM then maybe people would find some faith in their politicians again? 

Hard to do considering the coalition and MSM relentless efforts to drag everything into the gutter. 

E.g. Hockey attacking treasury because the facts don't support his lies or Abbott, despite admitting this government have increased security spending by 27% and numbers by 32% still trying to scare the public with dishonest claims about reduced spending and numbers.

You may say, regarding parliamentary behaviour, that they are all as bad as each other but that is not true. Look at how many coalition member have been thrown out of the HOR compared to Labor. There were 4 shadow ministers including Abbott, standing in from of the "ditch the witch" sign. Mirabella and a mob of fanatics turned up outside a Labor ministers local office with a coffin. Coalition ministers call across the HOR telling ministers they have targets on their heads. Abbott advisors threaten to cut peoples throats. Bernardi likens homosexuality to bestiality. I don't remember Labor members doing anything similar to this?

Well said, Kev!


A!  Just to add,  it's encouraging that one of our Australian military's Lieutenant Colonels, this week left 26 years of obviously good service in our Armed Forces, to stand as a candidate for the Greens in Queensland.

Good Job, Sir!

Often, officers are seen by their underlings with skepticism.  That this Fella, has chosen to give his later years to such an Intelligent Cause, yeah, albeit that a handsome retirement package awaits all our polies, should win the Respect of our forces, thus, if they ARE Rightminded, Well Disciplined Troopers, they should all see that the Colonel is using his nut to Properly Serve further his Country, and not the party-political machine.

Let's hope those in the armed forces in his electorate in Queensland, see this as a very good move, and seek to stand with him, by voting for him, come September 14?

Therefore, if we Australians stand supportive of our military, and would have them make the Best Decisions ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, it follows that they/we will vote him up to the Senate, as I think he's standing for a seat in.


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