So What If ALP/Greens/Indies Lose This Election?

130607 JUST DEFIANCE So What If ALP/Greens/Indies Lose This Election Edition

Yeah, so what?

The war is eternal.

The opposition romps it in this year, they walk around like roosters with amil nitrate vials up their arses, crowing proud of their superiority, then the global economy submerges so much it belts the crap out of us, civil wars break-out in all nations, the punters are on the streets everywhere, here included, and the Abbott-led government dies in the arse, because Abbott never knew what he was doing, so when the shit hits the fan and Australia can no longer ride on the mining boom, or the offshore realty speculator boom, or the drugs blackmarket, or on hyperbola of the last 205 years, the softcock Lib/Nats do a Labor, and implode!
Abbott's committed to a psyche clinic with Goebels, er, Pyne, and a few others.
Where did we go wrong?” they ask each other in midnight chat sessions in the hospital's exclusive ward.
It's the cycle of their game.
We win, they win. We win. They win.
However...? As the global economy, while artificially stimulated for centuries by the dominant force, of British East India Company heroin - er - laudanum trading, now run by the BEICs rebranded IMF, multiple factors have changed the game so much they have reached the end of the people's tether.
And the end of the ecology's tether. And the end of about every influential tether invented or evolved over the last oooowh! 1600 years.
Religion, once the force hiding in the cloisters running lawyers and politicians and schoolies from up their behinds, has also been caught out, bumming just about everything, from kiddies to housewives to demons to their boyfriends to politics to the economics of Honest Land Management, and the people have very sore backsides sitting listening to the inquiries in most western nations.
Military commanders are being pushed to the limit, made near insane by media and by paranoid corporate politicians blackmailing them to set-up another invasion for resources or for wider markets.
Technology is sending the younger generations right off the compass, led down the garden pup the garden path across the lawn into the drains and down the fucking sewers of insanity making the select few corporate executives mega-stupidly wealthy at the expense of the planet, of the people, of simple healthy and holy evern lifestyles.

And the kids, being kids, having no experience of such influences having taken down a species before, or any knowledge of such things influence on the mind, just keep bewitching mum and dad for MORE or they'll put a spell on 'em, nowhere NEAR recognizing the signs of their own psychological tollway pile-ups, so just enact the Harry Potter clause and go sick on the folks, or on the girl alone on a dark street, or bus, or train, if it ain't forthcoming - NOW!

I reckon people are simply stunned these days.

The rapidity of change, of almost everything in even childrens' lives, foisted upon their and the folks evermore nubile minds by the outright evil dumbing down process of force-marketing and advertizing - and of media in-general, but no less of politics and their spin factories pumping scandalous shit out by the newsflash, is just screwing their heads right off their neckbones, so NO intellect is operative, and like mindless whatevers, they wander or race down to the polling booth to tick the whatever box they have lodged in their eyeballs from the last ad they watched on the bigscreen.

There's no deep, incisive intelligent debate - ie., no one in politics has got the balls - since Mark Latham - to talk honestly and with REALITY about the ALL THINGS CONSIDERED future prospects for them, for the kids, for the mortgage, for the rent, for the storage shed, for the family living in the station wagon.

Or, for the psychotic warmongering military commanders and lords of sick hyper-elite national leaders who come to believe it's gone too far and flick the panic drop a fucking nuke on the bastards switch.

So, what's on the news tonight?

O! That fucking psycho has dropped a few bombs on Ooooowh SHIT, the Pacific “Ring of Fire” tectonic fault line, setting off a few quakes enough to shake breakfast bowls all round the world, and lift ALLAVASUDDEN, sea levels by a few metres, EVERYWHERE.

Hmmm? Anything else?” asked the Switz banker up the Alps.

So, what's a loose this year, in Canberra?

There's very little chance any politician or party of the offshore conservative-liberal's oxymoron cabal can hold the fort when things as bad as Eurape are now, finally make it down the pipe to Astrayliar.

So..., being a bit testy for being subverted by a whory bunch of superiorist psycho-pathological females - hardly Women any of them - let alone WISE Women - and not being able to be more effective, if only because I WILL play dead until the idiot bitches get off their prize bandwagon of thinking the female gender is on an unstoppable rise to take over the world and assert their ridiculous version of some mythological matriarchy, complete with every possible BITCH against the male gender for everything they've inflicted on the cunning lying witches since the fall from Eden, in 1788!!

So being a bit testy, at the expected and not necessarily unreasonable packing of bags across the Labor MP rooms, I do ask myself if there is any integrity amongst them these decades?

I think everyone knows too well how much politics today, is more a “career choice” encouraged by sycophantic workmates and sexed-up spouses, than that old, fine and noble commitment to fight fight fight until the last drop of blood is shed [wish I had a shed!].

What's more, worse than mere career choices, they're the shortest careers on the market, being more an addition to the CV for the next MACQUARIE BANK nice-little-earner, keeping the corruption data up to speed and the retiree in the know as to how the stocks of heroin are holding up. Or weapons of mass distraction-destruction.

So yeah, Labor NO! Labor DID NOT BLOW IT! Neither did the Greens nor the Indies!

The fucking OFFSHORE Murdoch-type hype media BLEW IT FOR US!

And...., it MUST be said, the Obied cabal ex-Sinny's rum clubsters.

What a good move to expel him and MacDonald from the ALP!

NOW? When did the pennies drop, executive???

Or, was the ICAC exposure all part of the sneaky British branch of the mason's timing to drive nails into the federal coffins at this critical juncture, by finally TOO LATE expelling the rot from the ships hull?

Well..., whatever...? Better now than never.

So..., a bunch of career adjusters desert the proud ship of rum corps corruption because on a few minor collapses in the masting?

And so who's gonna take over from the oxymorons when the reef comes to shore?

If any True Believer needs any more info, intel, time to ponder the data, about how the evil bastards from OVER THERE connived to subvert the government's chances, some ten years ago, then perhaps they should leave now, while the ropes' are still in the cupboard.

The last six years, and the couple prior, were healthy with optimism, but not always sound optimism.

Over-confidence always threatens with narcissism, if we put too much emphasis on faith, on false prospects.

Get that shit out of the way and out of the cult-ure, and the chances of winning significant victories improve majorly.

Yep! The policies were all good. For the good of all.

Abbott and the pooh club won - er, are winning, in the, their media - by keeping your heads spinning on dealing with his bullshit false provocations.

One of their oldest and finest tricks, to keep you off seeing the other tricks they installed and sat waiting to mature.

However, they don't have the exclusive on long term thinking.

Nor on Intelligent governance.

Evidenced by the last 200-plus years here, and about 500 years everywhere else.

They're all about “everything's fine, while there's more natives to plunder”.

Not any more.

So.., while the True Believers have died waiting for THE Time, for oooowh about five thousand years, every True Worker Volunteering for the Struggle, knows the War against right wing ignorance is eternal, and that win or lose, as long as we can, we must fight.

This accumulates, as it has for millennia, such that not this election perhaps, not the next one perhaps, if the world still has political elections by 2020, but things are edging closer to the lords of sick being forced to surrender, all things considered, so it's worth taking stock - yeah, again - taking a week of deep breaths in some clean air, and settle down.

The current government with or without the Rudd-Gillard sorry-time, has done well.

And, were Australians able to show their appreciation, by thinking about what you all have achieved, amidst the demonic bullshit from the doctors NO media and their front-bitches campaigns, they would re-elect you.

But if they cannot add up, and see your policies are the far better ones, and did have their larger, longer term best interests in heart and mind, they will after a few years of the flipped coin of a Lib/Nat misgovernment.

Especially once the global financial-and ecological crises-plural really dig in.

It's not unreasonable to expect that any Lib/Nat coalition will fall before the following election year, amid massive calamity on economics, wars, immigration and environment disputes and wide-scale public anger.

They might be able to fool some of the voters for some of the time, even a dumbshit majority, but not once the hard times really come down under.

It's always the way. Socialists do it better when times are hard. Because Socialism works better when people need to work for a common good.

Simple. Logic. Fact.

Idiots like Abbott delight in talking shit about what they dream of, in their upclub nurseries, and blurt all manner of crap about how they can introduce a new wave of wealth for the people.

If only the people had better long term memories, and better education on our political history, to recall all the failed promises over the last 112 years of democracy here.

And of who was behind the deliberate failures.

If..., the government loses on September 14, the hardest battle will be to not be made to feel suicidal by the gleeful insanity and taunts of the dicks on the other side.

Yeah, it'll be sickening to listen to, no matter how close one might be.

But, I still reckon there's a greater misery on it's way.

The Lib/Nats will fall apart once it hits home, so people will be calling for a seasoned organization of experienced economic managers to take over.

When that happens, it's far more likely, than ever, that it'll be for a long long time.

They've played subversion for centuries, but each time the Just gain ground, whittling away their unjust advantages.

All factions have their Wise Minds, and they do see what's needed. They also know it has to creep into everyone's consciousness eventually, and will only speed up as times get closer to the line, of failing after failing national leadership and economies, and systems and structures.

The oxymorons cannot reform the structures to the extent the structures need reforming.

It goes against everything they've come to have faith in - shallowness, ignorance of the masses, fear, deceit, stagnation, born to rule.

While you've got incomes, stay with it.

ICAC and even this debacle - of media - shows the ALP does need a reshaping.

There ARE Solid scientific policies in existence, which are the only policies the world should have, and needs most.

Obviously we're all too well off to have to think with the full component of the Intellect. So once the harder times arrive, reform will be easier, and your current team has the talent, too good to see go just now.

Don't suffer any shame. Just refocus your anger.

Time will expose the other side's weaknesses, guaranteed, so be patient, sit back, watch and wait.

But keep your spirit's up from now to the big day. Give them as much as they give you.

Better to go Fighting than to slip away in undeserved shame or sadness.

But please, let go of the “matriarchy” dream.

We're all off the path, so either gender trying to dominate will just add to the general fuckup of the species.

Laws, not leaders!”

Form a Committee. Rotating Chair. No super-leader.
Shut down state parliaments.
Secondary Federal Committee of Local Councilors. Promising Members promoted to the 1st level Federal Committee after set term of service.
Local Councils collecting Land Rent for Revenue.
Prioritize the Republic.
End funding to religious schools.
Tax religions the same as businesses.
Re-open a public-owned bank.
Remove compound interest on loans.
Organize globally.

Green Green Green everything in transport, housing, energy, occupations.


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All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
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