When Mental Illness Becomes Cultural, or, The Dominant Paradigm

130625 JUST DEFIANCE When Mental Illness Becomes Cultural Edition

Being on the outer from all social contacts for about 20 years, with my preceding years following a deep journey of self-analysis and exploration of the “superficial” or, the “superficiality” of my and our culture's psychology, now, more than ever, I observe that there is very little about Australian, therefore, American and Brit-Eurapean culture and social trends, which are not deeply immersed in a negative psychosis.

Whether I refer to a “class” or sub-section of our worlds, always, an honest and impartial analysis discerns a clear and in the long term, dangerous level of mental, psychological dysfunction.

Environmentalism, for decades disgustingly insulted by a majority of “mainstream” “westerners”, has rightly, to my scientific approach to culture, sought to educate the majority as to the errant nature of their accepted, yet quite shallow, ignorant and dangerous lifestyles.

However, as the planet's dominant paradigm in culture, the white, Brit-Euro “christian” and jewish fashion is/are totally the WRONG WAY beliefs system, of seeking happiness thus inner peace in material gain and product, and as their elites, the world's most ruthless and intransigent land owners, have for at least 60 or so years bought out the “free press” news media of their and increasingly of the whole world, propaganda supporting this errant way of life, overrides all attempts by Wise, Humble, Intelligent and thus, content people, and whole peoples, to effect the True and Proper Laws of Government.

So, as I say above in para 1, “...there is very little about Australian, therefore, American and Brit-Eurapean culture and social trends, which are not deeply immersed in a negative psychosis.”

By “negative psychosis” I mean “illness”, or, ways of thinking, believing and of acting on these thoughts and beliefs which do not work for any sustenance of healthy and viable ways of living, thus work in the negative for the thinker's own life, thus for their progeny, and thus, for their and the future generally.

The worst aspect of discerning these facts, is that this general cultural psychosis is exactly what prevents the sufferers from seeing it, then from acting in proven ways to disgorge the maladies from their own minds.

And.., pretty-much every field of psychological but especially religious assistance to that end, is itself deeply astray and perverted in ways which only add to, by “band-aid” measures and therapy, to the collective chaos, denial and final destruction.

As said, no matter which level of society, or indeed culture, referring to the variants across the globe, and adherent individuals born into such cultures, I look at, investigate and draw a conclusion about, there is always a deep and accepted, though actually denied, dysfunction within and across them.

This is a general rule, but accepts of course that within each and every “class” or subsection, there are some, I estimate but 1% of each, usually individuals not united with like minds, who see the cultural dysfunction in the society, suburb, rural town or whichever they're born and raised in, and/or similar dysfunctionality across their whole region, nation and world.

Always, as they mature, and find their independence enough to nurture their own lifestyle, they are drawn toward and/or seek out like minds, and enclaves develop.

Rarely though are genuine and intelligently dissident “micro-groups” allowed by the ruthless and anti-intellectual dominant paradigm to grow to being anywhere near powerful enough to become their own autonomous social organ. Certainly they're blocked from acquiring any real influence against the endemic cultural corruptions.

Those who are drawn together, whether of any high level of intellectuality or not, see their dilemmas and either drift apart eventually, while remaining close in their sympathies, spread out into mainstream society or subsets thereof, and assume something of the usual superficial lives, usually somewhat reclusive and relatively unknown by those living around them.

Others, who are more “driven” by their rejection of the dishonesty around them, as well as either finding their own characteristics do not fit into any more mainstream grouping, or are unremittingly disgusted with what they witness across the general social “norms”, go that extra-length and unite to form clubs.

However, for their personal disgruntlement at mainstream culture, bringing them together, rarely, for outside and for their own psychological “forces”, can they disgorge the endemic maladies completely.

So any allegedly “dissident” club or party, is a united compromise between their pre-unity disgust and discernment against the dominant ways of living, and their own un-expunged cravings and weaknesses of willpower for the very products and trends and advertized material the culture they form dissident clubs to counter.

From the lowest classes to the upper most, this is the case.

Errant beliefs underlying all of them.

No matter which group, mainstream or dissident, decides on acting to claim some power over any dangerous culture or ways of life, with as-often Honorable and even Noble ideals, of slaying the bullshit, and/or of instituting a better, purer more perennial culture, they all are riddled with those passed errors in thought, belief and action.

So, the long and the short of it, in terms of hoping for a “salvational” outcome, is that no-one succeeds in implementing truly, genuinely, scientific reforms and thus policies of good government.

But, try getting any party, crime group, political parties, monarchic elite dynasties to recognize this reality, to the extent that they choose the Most Dignified Path and go to war against their own dysfunctional beliefs and culture?


So..., the world, dominated by utterly unbelievably false political rhetoric and psychological games, keeps heading for disaster.

It should become clear, then, that no matter what mindset or group or individual manages by which ever means to assume authority and power in any nation or culture, the point of actually instituting Good, Scientific, Wholistic [haven't used that word for years!] is never reached.

Not just for the evils dominant outside their own beliefs and/or a circle of allies, but for the deepest internal discrepancies inhabiting their own psychic and psychological organ/organs.

Basically, “politics” across the “modern” world, is built on and has engineered into it's whole structure, self-destructive and self-sabotaging “programming” to use a modern term.

Indeed, it's not too far-fetched to say that the whole system of “democratic debate” we accept as the way for government to fairly operate, in which we have two contending cults, ideals, political perspectives, in the two party system, is itself the height of this “self-destructive and self-sabotaging” way, system of political and species genocide.

So, people who urge ex-PM Rudd to stand against PM Gillard, do him no favors.

Unless they also have a clear understanding of the BOOOLLLSHSHSHIT which IS politics today, and has been since at least the century of Sir Oliver Cromwell's attempts at introducing Democratic, or “Social Egalitarianism” in England.

Not for Cromwell's Highly Intelligent and Most Noble try, but for, and since, the subversive elements in England's landlordal elites, working ceaselessly to undermine Cromwell, succeeded in destroying the Egalitarian Reforms Cromwell sought to introduce.

For it has been that same elite landlordal subset of our western nations, who have constructed what we call our “democratic political system” to function completely for their own successes.

While the smallminded modern middle-class “technocrats” of the last few hundred years, almost none knowing the dysfunction in their own psychologies and beliefs and how they incorrectly employ their mental faculties to “think”, champ-at-the-bit for the modern techno-centric culture, so against any as exampled “environmentalist” alternatives,of living in accordance with the universal and natural laws and causes and effects, on earth, and as they really, actually are but frightened of and cowardly in addressing any malady their mind has dominate it and their views, they side with the evolved ignorance of the dominant, “self-interested” paradigm, and cannot not think and act to subvert any growth and evolution toward Genuine, Scientifically Divined GOOD Government.

This applies across especially today's western political parties, “right” and “left”. And to similar degrees within most “extreme” and marginal political organizations.

So..., anyone, anyone, thinking they should stand for leadership of our nation, especially our nation, perhaps the most criminal, corrupted and dysfunctional culture and nation on earth, for and with the intention of saving a party, ideal or even the polity, left, right, informal or dissident, is fooling themselves, if they are not dysfunctional in their processing the data of the nation's actual condition, to small or complete degrees.

As I penned years ago in song lyrics “Everyone is mentally ill, Phil.....”

So, what can one or a number do to cure this evil?

We should by now all realize the failings of words and actions and good intentions, when inside a doomed to fail, too big to not fail, culture and “political” structure.

As this deeply fucked “culture” and self-motivating, autonomically-driven beliefs system of “Democracy” has grown well out-of-control globally, there's not much at all which can correct it, slow it down to a speed where the majority can, 1st, GET AN EDUCATION, learning how to use their thinking apparatus correctly, 2nd, employ such newly programmed thinks-tanks to shed the shit from the shyches, and replace it all with the Proper tools of discernment and divination, and knowledge of the Eternal Principles of thought, action, government formation, policy, and LAW, and 3rd, take what they've learned of themselves and of how they are Duty-bound to live, work, think and recreate, individually and culturally, to where they and their clear minds can actually effect something USEFUL, especially before September 14th 2013.

Casting a line into the ether for any most probable and possible answer to Australia's really fucking seriously erroneous economic/political/cultural situation, it might drop in the mouth of a fish full of simple solutions?


I s'pose, if I'm hearing the oceans correctly, they are saying that Democracy is POWER BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE AND OF THE PEOPLE?

But there might be a tautology in that?

Voting, at polling booths, for the seriously restricted and censored range of candidates, has been a very effective way for the dominant paradigm-ists to totally control who gets to sit in the top level of ruling chairs.

Always, it ends being their candidates, who follow their line of fundamental and eventually mostly well-dragged-out corruption, to the detriment of eventually, everyone, and every living thing on earth.

But that is along as long a timeline as they can administer, and keep the polity ignorant of.

Not a whole lot of people, of the modern technocratic whiteguy, christian and jewish cultures and dominant paradigm care a bit about their own progeny, say, 100 years from now in the future.

For thousands of years of western jewish, and branch-office christian WRONG WAY beliefs systems, next to none of us have the slightest control of our mind, thus of our desires, and so cannot possibly live outside of the dominant paradigm of self-and-planetary destruction.

If there is any option for Australia, in terms of getting good government in Canberra and down at the local levels, then it has to be where the masses drop their bongs and iphones and toys of mass-distraction, get out of their big-boyz-toy motor vehicles, leave their precious little money-spinner occupations, and for kids too, to “wag-school” for the day, or for the remaining three months, and OK, distance is tyrannical here, drive or bike it or train it to the current centre of the action, meaning from now until September 14, Canberra, and then with the brilliance of an highly trained organized army, arrange food and ablutions blocks around the bighouse, then proceed to sit, or stand, and I guess dancing is good, IN SILENCE, outside parliament, with a conscious call for correction to the whole debacle we know as “poolitics” [TYPO!#$%^??] “politics”.

I harp on with the slogan-cum-chant, getting to the heart of all we need,


In the Perfect Revolution, these would be the only words one and the Collective are heard to sing, chant, and say.

But...., being a Realist, this is beyond the mental illness we call “society”, “culture”, “modern humanity”.

Even with certain groups in Australia trying for a more honorable and intelligent governmental structure, plying the ether with their “good intentions” they always become infatuated with their hopes, and lose the plot, adding to the downward plummet of the species.

Amoeba to Empire, to Self-Extermination”.

So it goes!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

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All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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