Must Rudd Resume Authority?

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Updated June 9, 2013, 11:39 am

Here's the brief article off yahoo:

Labor's election chances would greatly improve if Kevin Rudd was reinstated as prime minister, a poll of key electorates suggests.

With Mr Rudd as leader, Labor would receive nearly seven per cent more votes on a two-party preferred basis, if results from the electorates were reflected across the country, the Fairfax Media/ReachTEL poll found.

Schools Education Minister Peter Garrett and Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare would lose their seats with Julia Gillard as prime minister, but if Mr Rudd were leading the party both would comfortably retain their seats, the poll found.

While they would retain their seats under Ms Gillard, the vote for Treasurer Wayne Swan and ministers Jenny Macklin and Bill Shorten would improve if Mr Rudd were leader.

Mr Shorten's two party preferred vote in his electorate would be higher if Kevin Rudd was prime minister than if he was prime minister himself.

The poll also showed that 29 per cent of people believe Prime Minister Gillard is doing a very poor job, compared to the 18 per cent of people who believe she is doing a very good job.

Voters are not happy with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's performance either.
Just 13 per cent believe he is doing a very good job, while 27 per cent believe he is doing a very poor job.

Hmmm? Rudd might be asking himself, and the family, which way must he face?

After my “advice” after the debacle of 2010 of his being usurped, that he shouldn't challenge again, it might be that the People are speaking, and are, actually correctly, weighing the various factors, to recall
Rudd was the elected PM, that
Rudd also took the gamble of going for the Most Honest Taxation policies ever, that
Rudd has remained honorable, loyal and courteous since that disgraceful event, and that,
even with a very justified “FUCK YOU!” to the party that knifed him after Gillard's sincere, not egocentred move, which saved the party and thus
lifted the necessary Greens, the Independents and their superior Policies compared to the draconian Lib/Nats' into government
Rudd, for his being a bloke,
for his being the exemplary blonde-haired-blue-eyed wunderkind, of all [white supremacist] ALP voters,
for his Courage previous to the sacking, on taxation policy, HONEST TAXATION POLICY, which was the sole reason the offshore oxymoron party shopfrontman Abbott and his media cabal shot endless shit Rudd's way [for cowards, it's always easier to shoot the messenger!]
making Gillard's move the best option for the better Policies, and for saving the party-cum-ALGI,
Rudd, being that bit wiser, more seasoned, so tougher, perhaps, and,
possibly a necessity,
reviewing his “allegiance” to Rome, by standing back a tad, taking a more Intellectual “agnostic” position,
perhaps, Rudd has the Duty to not so much challenge Gillard, but talk to her?

Gillard's not a fascist.

She might be a matriarch?

BOOOO! Call voters who agree that in times of battle, we do need a bloke at the helm, but with the balanced “partner” - other-gender Deputy-Sheriff, perhaps -

She might be a Zionist? She might be a Theosophist?

BOOOO! I shout.

But I do believe Gillard is also very intelligent, not at all any fanatic, nor power-crazy, has more than enough “common sense” “wisdom” evern, to “manage” the nation well, [“manage”, on the democratic science that the concept of “leaders” is part of the problem] not as a singular dictator, but in unison with like minds of both genders - [of A COMMITTEE].

However, treading on broken glass perhaps,
Gillard does want the best for the Wisdom of the current government coalition ALP/Greens/Independents [ALGI],
which does translate as her,
thus ALGI,
wanting the best for the People,
of today and
of tomorrow, and,
is where she is because she knew that dramatic take-over in 2010 was for the longer term good
[who recalls her “Anyone want to be prime minister?” but hours after her taking that chair?],
but also,
is not “proud” nor sick with feminism etc.,
to not concede that Rudd may now,
after the heat of the 2010 media BOOOOLLLLLSHSHSHIT blitz against Rudd and the Henry Review Tax Policies has been washed off, probably has both the Right,
and the Duty,
to talk with Gillard on a peaceful, non-contested, handing back of the chair to the originally-elected PM Rudd?

This is a time well passed the era when the system was devised. So we all must be in the present moment when considering which way to move.

I believe, that spell of "leaders" has been broken, on the learning of Wise Elders, from Bleck Fella True Fella Australia, and from like Minds of India and elsewhere, the USA no less, that Good Government, which Rudd, Gillard, and the whole of the present government have fought for, for many years/decades, lies not in the hands, heart nor mind of but one person, not Gillard, not Rudd, not king god, but in the Proper Laws.

Obviously we all need the best team to manage any transition from the old ways to the oldest Laws - playing on words there, - from the old ways to the Proper Way to govern.

And the best team does not bicker, split, conspire [other than to ensure the real idiots don't subvert good policies], or even need more than a functional Committee Chairperson, rotating around the table every set period.

Government and the PM's chair must never be the fight for the biggest egomaniac.

It never has been in the ALP of the last 9 years at least.

But narrow, flawed thinking on behalf of a backward media and elite and polity has kept us focusing on “leaders”, akin to foolish “all-your-eggs-in-one-basketcase” Jesus ideologies, which the offshore elite revel in, to keep us off the mark as to what GOOD Government is about.

ALGI is superior today, and deserves to be there to complete, or to further the necessary policies they used their Intellects to deduce, to confirm, and legislate in.

If Rudd is seen by the voters still, as the, as any type of “wunderkind”, then he's gotta put aside his “SHIT I'M DIRTY ON THE PARTY!” [which he's not, I reckon], and talk with the other straight-talking senior executive, Julia Gillard about, for now, resuming the Chair.

For now...” in that, I do think, the Voters here are now better informed on the whole tissue [TYPO!?!?] of government, and of government-v-leaders, and are better than ever ready to consider not “Communism”, but merely a more balancing way for the actual government, to operate itself.

Making any resumption a competition, is not healthy.

So, Rudd and Gillard, the Governing coalition and the Polity, have arrived at the time to lead us out of the dark ages of “kings versus kings” [versus queens], of that anti-democratic pothole, and with only beneficial effects across the realm [?!?], make the structure such that one poor pressured person is not forced into a corner.

Get back on that horse, Soldier!”

What didn't kill you, made you stronger!

I think Gillard would actually breath many sighs of relief.

However, should this prove a very good move, with the polity showing their “faith”, you all know the battle, let alone the war, still rages.

Tougher, as well as with everyone knowing well all your characters, should ALGI be re-elected, without hubris, but without fear, the Democratic Troops, all Australians, can resume their/our Advance.

The Science is in.


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