What Happens After September 14 Election

130605 JUST DEFIANCE What Happens After September 14 Election Edition

I guess it goes like this from Sept 14?

The fascists “conservative Liberals” and Nationals coalition oxymoron party, win in Canberra,

ALP implodes - again -

the rich get richer, pay no tax - still

indies, greens marginal parties are wiped out,

Abbott becomes Hitler - thinks he's god,

internal party wars increase,

Turnbull gets a go.

Abbott utterly insane with egomania power
and his failure to know what he's doing adds more vicious laws on the peoples heads,

foisted on by utterly psychotic Chris Pyne,

Gina Rhinoceros crowns herself Queen Elizabeth Victoria Tasmania the 1st, and is quite quite insane.

Fascist dictatorship takes over,

prison numbers explode to 10 times 2013 level

Marshall law implemented

no more elections,

death sentence reintroduced,

protestors and human justice advocates jailed, given death sentence and randomly disappeared,

coppers go crazy, arresting, torturing, shooting anyone who shows contempt,

the lower 70% get testy,

the bottom 40% get real testy,

violence increases over itself several times in but the first 2 and 3 years,

and after about 2 maybe 3 years it's declared a civil war,
with desperate vigilantes and crazed paintball wannabes from the lower 85% fighting themselves and anyone they can attack, no rules rules,

while the elite 30% fly over it all, from one safe gated city to another,

until huge weapons of mass destruction are finally acquired by rebels, enough to outblast the weaker fighting forces,
then amass to take on the elite's military,

regional gated cities are overrun,

major gated cities fortress walls are broached

bringing down accessible political and religious classholes, who the masses can get their ropes on, most but servants of the top 4%,

but the hyper-elite fly to Mecca, Bahrain or other global gated cities, or fortressed mountaintop retreats,

til the military introduces soviet-style totalitarianism,

sponsored by the Brit-Euro-US lords of sick.

In 10 years we're unrecognizable as Australia, with massive immigration from the 1st worlders of all northern nations effected by the nuclear war-wars ongoing across the Eurasian super-continent and what remains of the Americas and Africa.

Australia's next generations, when not starving in deserts, marauding in wild feral gangs, are slaves to the new oligarch class.

Happy Daze Astrayzzz



wars get out of control,

get bigger with more mass destruction bombs deployed because of commands falling into the hands of the most seriously mad psychopaths

Earthquakes started by the bombing of strategic faultlines set off endless series of quakes rippling around the globe almost for 150 years.

Tsunamis take out well over a billion along every coastline and lower island, taking also of course, every coastal town and city.

Tornadoes and hurricanes are constant in many regions.

Natural attrition, a global decimation as planned by old Rome for about 1600 years,

but other factors overwhelm their hopes,

and everyone is turned into ravaging insane mindless zombies and feral yobbos.

Bye bye Humanity.


2250 - 200 years on..., new brands resurface in spots around the planet.

And off we go again.

A few pockets of elites' progeny have survived atop mountain ranges and peaks,

using magic to flood to death all invaders,

having also amassed weapons and fuels and associated equipments in their cavernous underground mountain shelters, from the turn of the millennium 2000,

and have been repopulating their cults.

Some have maintained refined minds,

and with the crafts have elevated themselves to being beyond any previous incarnation of the species.

A new era dawns.

The planet has recuperated from the plundering and wars to about 2040, when the species finally exhausted it's weapons' ammunition supplies and/or obliterated all chances for survival on the surface, by the toxins of modern warfare, and the ecological and climate disruptions the wars also increased to being constantly stormy.


VOTE for KING TONY ABBOTT, if this scenario is for YOU!

Outgunned Extinct Human
Another time now gone.