When Whistleblowing Becomes The Norm

130611 JUST DEFIANCE When Whistleblowing Becomes The Norm Edition

Edward Snowdon, CIA Whistleblower of the US government's “PRISM” internet surveillance, currently hiding somewhere long away from the CIA/NSA/Booth-Hamilton Witchworks Incorporated spying eyes, gives the world an inspired lift these last couple of days, by speaking to The Guardian UK about what and why he has revealed the PRISM secret program monitoring of the species phone in other electronic communications.

All Praise Ed Snowdon!

O course, I think most, above stupid people, have known since ooowh the late 1990s at least, that those secret sickos of the CIA NSA FBI and every other spy agency global, have been tracking our every keystroke for decades.

So, we ask, why the hooopla now?

Well, in light of the media's mainstream and underground and softcock concerns surrounding Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange's WikiLeaks setting off alarms for NWO government henchmen to clamp down on exposures of that same propensity of this new era government censorship and search-and-silence details of their fanaticism and tyranny, it's good to see the emphasis and spotlight on Ed Snowdon, albeit a concern for him, because the publicity feeds the beast of the tyrant to go after him all the more.

Never mind, to them, that he done good, by making the secret surveillance officially public.

But it does give media, those with Integrity, and that certain level of intelligence to see that the authoritarianism hidden, is NOT healthy for anyone, really, a spark of hope that the Whistleblower Business, is not yet been killed silent.

“....that the authoritarianism hidden, is NOT healthy...”, I put it, even for the fucking idiots on top of the devious corporate agendas. But they live in another universe, so I'm not going to loose sleep over their future lives.

And, that “Good Eddie” was able to expose such a level of perversion amongst the corporate elite with the PRISM shit, shows lots, but also that it is more likely than not, that the security agencies, public [HA!] and corporate, will never be able to keep their stalking secret.

While we are not totally censored, it gives the chance to journalists therefore the public, to discuss the veracity of all methods AND agendas of the multinational private interests, and, why they go to the delusional extents they do to spy on us, and to keep it all under wraps.

This, if there's any intellect alive across the species, would take the debate deeper into “motivation” of the power-crazed fucking wankers on top of the world, which should, given the ability to have media publicly discuss it, take us to making serious inquiries into the mental stability of said elite players.

And, whether my assertions, backed by decades-nay-centuries of records, history, Philosophy, thought, evidence, revolution and factual conclusions, that the elites have been quite quite insane for perhaps thousands of years [“Forgive them Lord, for they know not that they're hypnotized!”], is true.

Which, it IS!

So, while the species does still have some element of the right to PROTEST! Edward Snowdon, World Champion of The Order of Righteous Whistleblowers, Inspires the majority of the species to PROTEST their own Defense against the fucking psychos in high places.

In support of this, the species has only to recognize that today, the drive within the world's legal professions is accelerating apace, to take up this, these challenges, in, and before they get to court.

As the corporate wankers-er-world have been leading the way in this oft' feared “globalization”, or the coordination, and to a less healthy extent, the centralization of their own power, otherwise, also, the quite sensible collectivization of resources, management, control and authority, known as “economies of scale”, the more Intelligent members of we Homo Sapiens are doing the same.

So, maybe not today, nor tomorrow exactly, but as these things tend to “snowball” with the help of O! Snowdon ['pologies, Ed?], and the righteous outrage in the public, exponentially growing, the NWO cannot hope to hold it's advantage, and thus, the want by the Majority for Good Government will - not without a fight - slide us closer to that hazy notion of “the level playing field”.

But this does not necessarily give me reason for hope.

Thus far, without ORGANIZED GLOBAL PROTEST, for fundamental corrections to all aspects of - primarily, government revenue, ie., TAXATION - I remain cynical of our ability to stop the slide into the handbaskets of Hell.

But, again, those who have always been too fucking - uneducated - on their own Responsibilities, DUTIES, toward Democratic Government, and in their stupidity have been either afraid or blind to the, their right, and need to join such as the “OCCUPY WALL STREET Movement” Et Al, Et Al, and to PROTEST FOR WIKILEAKS AND FOR THE RELEASE OF BRADLEY MANNING, JOHN KIRIAKOU, JULIAN ASSANGE, Et Al, Et Al, and for the few other PRIORITES OF LAW we all must champion, Ed Snowdon and His Compatriots for a more Just planet, takes the lead, with the growing support networks of the Righteous Lawyers of the world, behind them.

The lower and boring classes who don't wanna become entwined with legal-speak in and out of courts should they PROTEST and be arrested by the cowards of bad laws, really have to step up to the plate now, and join the Movement of Humanity against the idiots with power.

Doing this, yer, in our dreams, with THE MAJORITY, not an assessed “1 million” or even 500 million on the streets, but with THE MAJORITY PROTESTING AGAINST THE 1%, the walls of inequity would crumble, no doubt.

So, we ain't gonna get THE MAJORITY, because the science shows that, in western, modern, democratic culture, the majority are stupid and wrong.

But a healthy 100 thousand on the streets of key cities globally, is enough to force government to review it's centralist, profit-motivated, development-driven “progress” agendas, and thus, with such a strong united, sustained, organized Movement, the bottomline, corrections to the corruption of the laws, would be, could be instigated.

While few are privy to discussions by such as today's major-nation leaders, Presidents Obama and Xi, of the USA and China, and I'd wager, even of the two Koreas, these last few days, that they have been getting into this very point, of “laws versus leaders”, and, or, the priority they, thus the world must asap give to correcting the fundamental laws.

The corruption of which, being the sole reason why spy organizations have boomed over the last 10-to-20 decades, and now, in their corporate top down pressure tanks, are getting right out of order, right out of intelligent balanced assessment of where they are taking themselves and us, and therefore, the cause of people to join forces in O! PROTEST! For better liberty.

Those who lead in thought on why and how the crap becomes fetid, culturally, should [!?!], also lead in seeing that the natural progression of the species, through and beyond this relatively short era of CRAPitalism, explosive industrialization, and the intimately entwined negatives, to the ecology and the psychology, if we the species can be Human about it all, does gravitate toward a far more Honest, and therefore less secretive, naturally SOCIALIST world.

My dalliance into the “Communities” on Google+ lately has shown me that this is only objected to by idiots with severe levels of anti-intellectual bias, and that, they, being 1st world, “upperclass” with electro-comm-toys, enough to deceive themselves that, because they can type, and have read a few contemporary journals on the freedoms they think are fundamental, they are fit to push their beliefs, awry most of them, and are right in demanding a sick and deadly culture.

It's these egomaniacs, unable to explore their own psyches, identify and expunge that demon from within, who fuck societies, cultures and the very thing they reckon they must champion - FWEEEDUMB!

So, as I've got in another as yet unposted e-ssay, there's a whory IRONY, in this line of reasoning, when it arrives at the conclusion, that, if, the CIA/NSA/FBI., and other cabals of think-police HAVE grown out of their cribs of stupidity, in terms of corporate agendas, and the heinous threats that poses the world, and the individual-collective, then they are right in pursuing yer average “I GOT A COMPUTA, AN' CAN TALK SHIT GLOBALLY, expressing their warped, narrow and selfish CRAPitalist viewpoints enough to seriously-negatively influence society, culture and any “Free Markets” they deem as the holy grail.

But, being totally trustless of any whitefaced western jobhead in a suit-and-tie, 'secially wearing a “dark” suit, and who opens with, “we're from the government and we're here to help you!' I remain pessimistic for the species, for the planet, and for my ever getting out of the driver's seat to scribe these sorts of missives.

Therefore, FUCK YOU! To all officials within such organizations NOT bashing people who do not PROTEST for Equitable Land Distribution, and Complete Taxation Reforms, GLOBALLY.

HmmMMmm? There's a sum-up!


Or something...!?

One day maybe, baby, Whistle-blowing will be "the norm" in the world, if Humans do eventually become True Humans, and re-find the irrefutable Common Sense, in PROTESTING and Fighting, for Honest Laws.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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