Are Any Elites On Our Side?

130608 JUST DEFIANCE Are Any Elites On Our Side Edition

This qvestion sprung to mind today, for being the puppet the elites of an awry cult and culture have built me to be, something of their "king god".

Yet seeing this too late, and after years/decades of being a Republican Democrat, backed up by years/decades of sincere and honest inquiry into the national and global fuckup we know as “politics”, to find that not only are classes the result of really bad, really very bad management from the elite, usually for the lesser sycophants propensity to gravitate to the centres of power, then go about in their extremely selfish megalomaniacal ways to subvert any Honorable “leadership” thus making the whole concept of ”leadership” more a threat to any one nation, and now, in this global era, to the whole of the species, I take the side of DEMOCRACY, flawed though all extant models be, and RESIST and DEFY ideologies of a centrist powerhouse kind, such as that which the world's inbred and clearly quite insane elites are trying to fabricate.

So, whiling away my life's latter years, I sit in forests and contemplate such ponderables.

Are any of today's super-wealthy, upclub, uptop, upemselves elites, really on the side of the majority of the species, fallen in the main though we lower beasts are?

Define “elites”?


Rich! Arrogant! Ignorant of the realpolitik of the times!

Refined. Well educated, or is that, well indoctrinated?

So far above the throng as to be massively aloof to our plights, and, for the “breeding” to be upemselves snobs, just ride over us without any want to understand or care for, or about us.

Treat the 99% as cannon fodder, slaves, servants and fools, born to our fate for religious, or “karmic” causes.

Shallow, superficial, “nice” [old french, I think, meaning 'false', 'superficial'], “nice” so-as to not raise any more antipathy against them than they do.

Inbred, genetically and culturally, being so far above everyone else, they have become insular in their social parameters and mostly “myopic”, concerned more with keeping up appearances and acceptances within their own well-guarded 1% super-class, than with any Fight for a more peaceful, ie., for a more Just planet, or even nation/monarchy.

So? The qvestion again...,

Are Any Elites On Our Side?”

Being outside all of human society, it's mostly speculation and guesswork [if they're not a tautology].

Wanting to see SOME Honor in them, anywhere, one starts with those I'm most familiar with, if indeed, mother's casual, yet intended directed “chats” I remember from my youth did have veracity, one starts with those I'm most FAMILY with.

Spensers/Spencers”, or, the family of the assassinated Lady Dianna Spenser/Spencer, ex-wife of Britain's Prince Charles, for one.

And the rest, descendent's of the Tudor Kings of England and Wales, back to the 2nd century BCE. Et Al, AND an et al.

Are any of them of such Honor as to be truly said to be “on the side of the majority” of generally crude, uncultured, uncivilized, moronic, mongrel fallen criminals [that's mainly the whiteguys] and of other skins, non-white, non-christian, non-jewish, non-mason Humans?



Lady Dianna was assassinated for Her fearless work/service at bringing the various weapons-makers to account, mainly those making and selling things like landmines, and cluster bombs.

Dying for such Principles wins a big TICK, from this contest judge.

Define “service”?

O shit! This could be laborious?

Serving in a military force is called “service”. But few if any from the elite serve in REAL honest to death wars.

Britain's Prince William looks fucking dashing in his red uniform, aye Katie?

Can't remember if he was sent to any active warzones before she nabbed him, but they'd say of course he's serviced with distinction, no doubt.

And his younger bros, Prince whasizname, went somewhere recently and is said to have actually shot some enemy scoundrel dead!

We'll never know whether it was all set-up for the media, which I suspect it was?

But, O! Even Queenie 'Liz'beth is recorded in pictures and film footage in military outfits during world war 2, and even learned a thing or 2 about driving military vehicles, their old trusty Land Rovers, etc.

But I don't think 'Lizzie went to the frontlines with a rifle?

So, considering the approach, not totally unreasonable, of protecting the snobs from DEATH, or even from breaking a fingernail in any declared warzone, “service” becomes “relative”, dunnit?

Besides, in the case of either Princes' William and his Bros, “Harry”! Tha's right! Whose side were/thus/are they on, when they go-a-shootin' Afghani's fighting to protect their own lands?

Hardly the working class, rurals of Afghanistan.

So.....? Ponder-ponder.....?


No doubt there' lots of examples of the elite going to warzones like Vietnam, the Balkans, Iraq, Gallipoli, but not a whole whole whole lot of them.

What would the gin club think, were one of them, or one of the grandkiddies of Lord Sick of Buckinghorsedom went to war for the poor Palestinians, for example?

No-o dear! This is NOT how we do things, you MUST understand!”

And..., edged-on to rabbit about this qvestion this morning, by the news that Prince Phillip has been chauffeured to hospital for an abdomen problem, at his nice-innings 91 years, it brings me [are we cousins, Uncle Phil?] to ponder what a Fine Fellow like Phil-the Greek-er-Russian might think on it?

Would a last wish of his be that one or all of his grandsons took the side of fighting for a genuinely more equitable, more just world, Britain, empire?

Not having had tea nor gin with him lately, I can't say.

What we see of his manner on media can never be regard as fully informing us as to his mental health, or his level of intellect.

But I give him the benefit of the doubt, and put it that he has been fully awake to the general inequitable travesty of both monarchy, and of the decline on all Honorable Standards across the empire and the globe [if not the galaxy], and that what we are shown of him, in his public appearances - sideways-humorous, somewhat mocking, etc., - are his way of expressing, as much as he's allowed, his general disdain toward the way the world has fallen, even just in the last 90 years or so.

From what I assess of the “freedoms” of that family particularly, I think they are very much under the hammer to “perform” for the media and for the appearances of the elites, rather than be allowed to tell the subjects of how filthy rotten evil and corrupt the empire has been, fo-o-o-or, about 1000 years.

They ain't idiots. More captured souls, free enough to inquire privately about the various influential events and conspirings going on past, present and future, but NEVER allowed to say what they might really feel.

So, if, as they are free enough and able to do their Maths, even with wee Katie ever-nearby trying to ensure a comfy - future for bubba - it's not unreasonable to conclude that some, if not most of them, have found that capitalism is the world's curse, or one of them, and that a more Socialist world is the far Greater, more Honorable and more Noble Ideal.

Prince Charles has always shown, to me, he's a Thinker, and would push for a far different culture than the one/ones he and we are mired in.

His humility does not appeal to the subject however, I think, which is unfortunate. For that is a Valuable attitude, especially in places of power.

But, clearly he too, is under the hammer of the multinational corporate war and heroin machinery, if not other beings altogether, so, at his age, should be let alone to pursue his preferred and humble, simpler life.

It came to me last night I think, apparently having this morning's qvestion in mind then, that I/we wait for Prince Charles fire up his Mojo, put on his shiniest bright red Military uniform, ribbons, badges, medals, big hat and all, and mount his Trusty Warhorse Steed and lead the British Military in a Revolution against say, Fleet Street, or Canary Wharf, and the Threadneedle Street bankers cabals, ex-Switzerlandenenen and O! Israel.

Now that'd be a Good News Story!!!

Even the Hell's Angel chasps would be raising their glasses to that!

Wild imagination, of course?

And..., getting back to this illusion's realism [?], were any one or a platoon of elites, the stealth of Princes William and Harry, to muster troops enough to assert some True Authority, outside of the delusional media circus inventory propaganda parades, to take on the newspaper stands, and corporate weapons makers, how far would they get?

What would the dyed-in-the-BOOOOLLLLSHSHSHSH-ITTTT sycophants clubs be doing other than calling like crazy every subversive agent they know to redirect drones and war planes over strategic weapons caches to set the world on fire in their mutually assured destruction scenarios?

Would, for example, the USA military command, let alone the bulk of the US military service-personnel trust any such Nobility and any such moves?

Being 1, fucking psychos, 2, therefore unable to weigh any evidence correctly, 3, with the massive misinformation industry set-on automatic [Tammany Hall, etc], and 4, with the evil forces of the big corporate Darth Vader [are WE cousins, Uncle Darth???] set also to automatic “respond with weapons” shoot-first policies, the chances of any US support should not be counted upon, as 1, assured, and 2, of not being subverted by the sycophants within, after any initial and inspiring victories.

And then, of course, there's the old, “hidden agendas” of every elite, me, them, passed and of the past?

How safe ARE we/they???

As for the rest of the global elite, siding with the dross of the species....
I ….. don't ….. think so.

But shit it'd be nice - “nice”? - fucking GROUSE, to wake up one morning to news that the red jacket Princes have done a bunk from the elite ponses in their laudanum clubs, and gathered the whole of the British and American military, Et Al, Et Al, China, Russia, India, Iran and NORTH KOREA included, and taken out the centres of evil in the gated CRAPitalist corporate enclaves and exclusivist suburbs.

Now, a short HELL OH! To my CIA monitors!

HELLO!”, ya fucking psychos!

How should we dispense of the priesthood, General Meanee!” A Prince inquired.

Shark tucker! After a long, slow, hot semi-roasting at the stake.”


He might be around for a while yet, but in case Prince Phillip is on the last innings,

Travel Well, Sire! If, as I suspect, You do have some Honor, and would like to know some similar thing was imbued in yer Progeny, Travel on with that thought in mind Sire! You never know....!”

I know my own Father, Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith, a, if not THE, Noble Man of the Victorious People, of the Great Lord, now up there with the Immortals, thinks still of the same Hopes.

However he too, was/is also a Realist......

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw
Australia, the Democratic Republic.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of


Hell's Gate Warmongers

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