Australia - The Republic. Treasurer Wayne Swann - “How can inherited privilege be the sole qualification?"

130603 JUST DEFIANCE - Swann - “How can inherited privilege be the sole qualification?”

James Massola Political correspondent
Australian Financial Review

How can inherited privilege be the sole qualification? “
Wayne Swann on Australia reviving the putsch for a Republic.

Rarely have more important words been spoken by an Australian MP!

In his speech, Mr Swan will say that after a “long decade of inertia” it is time to re-start a national conversation about the republic, adding that some people would always argue that if the system isn’t broken, why fix it?”


And who”, might a cynic ask, “with any HONOR, says 'the system is NOT broken'?

For about every possible reason we could spend another century making clear just how broken this our own, but all world “Democracies” HA! Are!

And, what IS this “constitutional monarchy” bullshit, anyway?

Yes, Wayne Swann [2-”n”s I thought AFR?], you do good bringing this thorny issue to the fore even as an election stunt.

Though to be clear, I, and I'd guess-a-hazard, the majority of True Fella Australians, would not regard your sound point as an election stunt.

That 'election stunt' tactic, we Thinkers know, is the playtool of the oxymoronic “conservative Liberal” party and covens.

As the proposed referendum on recognizing that Local Councils do actually exist, for the same day as the September 14 election, a sound and efficient timing, I put it that indeed, this too, the VOTE FOR Australia to Stand Up for Our Independence as a Republic, to finally - or once more, aye Bleck Fella - free ourselves from a parasitical Britain, whose system has never been NOT BROKEN, and who is the most debilitating regime the world has suffered, what with it's industrial destruction of everything Holy, Sacred and - ergo - Natural..., ON EARTH!

Yes O Yaye! A Referendum for THE REPUBLIC - AUSTRALIA, on September 14th 2013.

Well done, Mr Swannie!

[How I love yer, How I need yer....! (?)]

Let not a single voice be given airtime against this single most important issue!

For without our own Authority, as an Independent Republic, we will never be “Democratic”!

Indeed, to not denigrate those now in any parliament here, all our politics is but sham, while we must bow and acquiesce to the Zionist Romans of Britain, Eurape et al!

One can only hope that there is time before the 14th 09, for the government to gather the momentum and paperwork for to include this VOTE into the same date's processes?

Were that possible, the public would surely see the government as being Good, and also in that, Efficient.

And, contrary to spending other people's drug money, by waging wars against innocent 3rd world People, as is the preference of the Liberal British private corporation, aka the IMF, and wasting precious resources, 2 referenda and a federal election on the same date would be the height of Economy, and too would reduce the burden for the People to find their feet for the future of True Democracy!

Such things are exquisite for Progress, not further down the slide to Armageddon, but to and for the People to be Sovereign in their own Lands, whence we CAN, thereafter, correct our ways, and our needs and wants, away from endless destruction FOR OTHER FOREIGN PEOPLE'S INSANE & SELFISH DESIRES, where we, as True Humans AT LAST [“ahem? AGAIN!], can be at Peace with ourselves, and with our neighbor nations, no longer beholden to the insanity of the never-there WRONG WAY breed from the north-western hemisphere.


YO! Swannie, and not to forget, the Honorable Malcolm Turnbull!

Mayhap, with undoubted massive support from within and from without the parliament, the two of you can muster the Right-minded of all of us to set straight this awry archaic and WRONG path of expecting ONE - JUST ONE? - leader, or of ONE - JUST ONE? - party, to think and act for us all?

Leadership” is contrary to Democratic Republicanism!!!

[“FORM A COMMITTEE! FORM A COMMITTEE!” unquote the Sex Pistol's]

Give everyone the Proper and True Laws, unquestionably inherent in an Independent Democratic Republic, and we will Govern aright, ourselves, and the lands we all own, by right of our births upon it!

And WHO, of the all the Republics of the planet, would disagree?

Not one objection, to be sure!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw
Australia, The Republic!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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