Parliament Must Be Our Houses Of Evidence-Based Law Courts

130628 JUST DEFIANCE Parliament Must Be Our Houses Of Evidence-Based Law Courts Edition

This WRONG WAY culture really is a farce.

For centuries our white peoples have been led along a downhill and windy path by our so-called leaders, and if predictions and prophesy are correct, the false gods owned by the elites lead the world down to our self-made Hell.

Since voting for leaders became possible, but only after thousands of years of the Working Classes fighting for it, we've been taken on a ride by the landlordal elites, who've used propaganda and the media to their advantage, and by the late 1940s had bought up all the larger media houses, to play to their tunes.

So the real issues which bring into being the whole arena and argument of politics are kept buried.

It is really a total farce when we are told by totally self-interested media houses what's going on in parliaments, in political parties, in the minds of the politicians, and in the minds of the voters, but, the media have refined manipulation of data, of figures, of opinion polls to be able to turn good arguments bad, and vice-a-versa.

Yet the readers/listeners/watchers accept what they are told, and vote accordingly.

Why don't we have better scrutiny of our media, of their opinion-makers, etc​?

To someone who sees the falsities, and the outright lies, it is altogether disgusting. An abomination.

First, that we do not know the hidden agendas, nor the complete pictures of the backgrounds of any of the politicians, as-in, which cult indoctrinated them to believe the things they do, which cult pays them to advocate what they do, to see the world as they do, we do not know the complete picture of their wealthy class, for all of them win their seats because of a circle of wealthy associates with their own aligning agendas, and tools of persuasion, what type of business they run outside, and prior to their entering politics and whether they employed unethical principles to succeed. Etc.

But what about the same criterion and standards for the media who dish the plates of garbage up to the voters?

A question needing answers is “Which is more powerful - politicians, parties, or media?”

Another question is, “which interested corporations have the most control and influence on these entities?”

How ethical, how much do all of them, politicians, media and corporations, live and make money within genuinely ethical criterion?

Because if they use unethical methods to succeed, mainly in wealth-creation, which determines the vast majority of the sort of lifestyle they lead, including the types of friends and society they have, thus their popularity, therefore the kinds of principles they live by, they are less likely to be ethical when it comes to sponsoring, reporting on, or championing policies.

So, when it comes, not, to leadership of governments, and nations, but to government itself, it is outrageously stupid that we unthinkingly vote for politicians, who we know bugger-all about, and always too late find out or realize they have deep psycho-pathologies they cannot see themselves so refuse to deal with and be rid of [this mental illness in power-seeking players at that top end of the games of power, are the exemplars of megalomania, and are the last people we need in government], yet we do nothing to ensure those who pay the political candidates' way up the popularity-ladder, and those who either write positively or negatively about them in the only mediums the voters have to help them make a decision, themselves have any genuine merit and credibility?

So, one idea is that the public should vote for journalists to comment on politics.

And the same would, in The Perfect Democracy, apply to any corporations who donate to politicians' campaigns and continued popularity.

However, this could only work, if the voters themselves were completely wise, knowledgeable and ethical.

But having to vote for that many more people would be too time-consuming, and soon enough, corruption would win the day.

And, for the fact that politics across the democratic world today is racing us all down the sewer, it's obvious that the voters are fucking idiots!

Evidence! To my “Factsis” [as-opposed to theoretical “thesis”], that political stupidity, equates with insanity.

Because voting for candidates and policies which do not stand up to the impartial scientific inquiry, assessment, and court, in determining the Veracity and Merit of their beliefs, lifestyles and assertions both about the policies they would introduce, but also their assertions about their opposition, all of whom the voters know so little about, as well, that the voters are so uninformed about what actually IS good policy, makes the whole business of politics utterly deadly and criminal farce.

So...? Who is the most guilty?

The politicians, who get away with unsubstantiated statements by the hour?

The media, who most often accept the general unsubstantiated threads and dogma politicians feed them, and add their own biases, all of which are encouraged and paid for by the most self-interested, profit-driven corporations, none of which do anything for the overall good of the People?

Or the corporations?

But, perhaps “guilty” is not the correct word?

No.., because, because the lot of them become so absorbed by the latte-career ego-trips all involve themselves in, and understandably enjoy so much, and are paid endless pieces of silver to stay with, they put their abilities to go back each day and talk with those who like talking to them, any paying them the bribes, ahead of the HARD Issues of being Ethical.

Were they to really be Ethical, they would be shunted OUT THE DOOR in no time flat. By the parliament houses' security, by the media houses' security, by the corporations' security, by first being set-up for a big fall by that three-sided-cabal of evil scumbags conspiring and sending in the spies.

All of the three-sided-cabal, directed by the churches and cults.

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, perhaps a prime example of being undermined and set-up, for the big fall.

So, until we vote for our media, there is no point voting for politicians.

To ensure we get honest reporting, and honesty in parliament, it should be made an offense, carrying prison sentences if found guilty, to say or write things which are untrue in affairs of how the nation is governed.

Clearly, many many new law courts would have to be opened in every nation to deal with the massive number of politicians and journalists who are found guilty of lying to the People.

But, then there are the judges...???

Law is god. God is law.

Laws have been clearly defined over centuries by the processes of evidence and precedence.

Parliament is, or should in fact be, a law court, in which rules, laws, are made or discarded according to the factual evidence.

Not hyperbola. Not rhetorical opinions. Not spin.

Just, Evidence-based Laws.

For unless this is how our parliaments function, we only have tyranny.

Sooooo....! We vote for tyrants, and must expect Armageddon to follow.

Wonder how kids see this, and their parents, knowing 1, how fucking stupid their parents are in their voting preferences, and 2, what legacy they leave the kids and the future?

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

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