What If Gillard Threw Rudd's Radical Left Reformist Policies Up As ALP/Greens/Indies Policies

130617 JUST DEFIANCE So What If Gillard Threw Rudd's Radical Left Reformist Policies Up As ALP/Greens/Indies Policies Edition

ABC Radio's “AM” Current Affairs morning 17-06-13

1st, Gillard has to show Honor, in being humble about her polled unpopularity.

2nd, she must repair the abyss her misogyny accusations have opened up, which have predictably been pounced on by idiot Abbott - the 32%-popularity boy.

These have shown, yeah, in polls, that Aussie males do see this awry and witch-powered rise by a secretive and as likely offshore-driven matriarchy, behind her stoicism, and will go to their trenches opposing anyone who refuses to be upfront on it.

Matriarchy might well have been right in Eden, but this ain't and Garden of Wisdom we're dealing with, nor anything we might even dream of in future.

My own experience with quite egomaniacal and thus idiotic “matriarchy” females, too shallow to qualify for the Esteemed title of “Woman” or even of “Human Being” of the white, catholic trend, is enough to put me off giving women any authority at all.

Witchcraft does kill the faculty of Reason, of our innate and fundamental Intellect, which is THE faculty with which the species establishes and maintains overall Balance in all affairs.

But try telling a female swallowed so deep in her “powers”?

Or, anyone who is still buzzing from becoming a witch, without the multi-generational traditions of preparation and initiation.

It cannot be emphasized enough, that witchcraft is NOT how to get through social, economic and this occultist “political” farce.

This is precisely what the Prophet Jesus of Nazareth was referring to in more than one of his treatises on how we must learn to live, so we can learn to live as a Solid, Wise, Balanced, Happy Community and world.

Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do!” but one of his references to why such shallow egocentric wars erupt in such as our media, societies and the supposed Highest Representative House of Humanity of all - PARLIAMENT!

And “the matriarchy” has been steeped and absorbed-blind in this very, most pernicious method for a long long time. At least since Blavatsky got into the heads of the world's wealthiest males, Cecil Rhodes, and others, in the mid-19th century.

They, of course it is a complex web they, have woven, and they've done so simply because we are all caught up in a demonic occult war.

Jews perhaps began it, and perhaps it actually began as far back as the fabled fall from Eden, and the erring, or not, of “Eve”, thus her being demonized since by the Jewry.

Which party was, and is, correct?

What am I supposed to say?

Being a bloke, and seeing these disparities, and their antecedents dating back millennia perhaps, and inquiring into all sides of the disparity, I will not be a gender-traitor to my own, for it's very clear to me as to why males and Men do have profound reasons to be “down on women” and to being misogynist.

So, in light of my own conclusions, backed by evidence and reasoned considerations, it also becomes vital, crucial, fundamental to my argument that I will put aside my own sound biases in considering the larger macro of this political BOOOLLLLSHSHSHIT, and do my best to sit above the throng of divisive shit, biases and idiocy of the occult type.

But, this is not me being god, or superior. It is me explaining [WHY!? Buddha! WHY?] how we all must be in this political arena, if any of us are intelligent enough to get above the lowest mental levels of “faith” ie., of witchcraft, to discern, to divine, from the fully impartial, universal mind of All Knowledge, All Consciousness, and All Bliss.

Abbott and his band of merry egomaniacs, a few, including Turnbull, the exceptions, are playing with gleeful [idiotic] delight with Gillards fanatical clinging to a denied, secret matriarchal agenda, if, in fact, it does exist, which I do believe it does.

So she, but more her backroom manipulators, have fucked up, seriously by trying to get the upper hand over the male gender, by their fanatical abuse of the occult powers. This as said, is not a recent method, by the sheilas.

But age does nothing to qualify this kind of shit as legitimate.

Granted, as said, this is an old war, perhaps since the Eve and Adam eviction from Eden, fabled, metaphorical, allegorical or not.

So we have to peruse the political horizon to see who else is playing “puppet masters”.

And O! Look OVER THERE! The fucking Jews, sitting on their pulpits laughing at the polity, and the politicians and the backroom sheilas and wannabe oxymoron males trying to play god, or YHVH, or the golden calf tribes Darth Vader.

CULTS. Male, female, whatever. Both majors are deep in their own cult beliefs and superiorities, delusions and deadly ones all!

Then, of course, well out of the spotlights here, dabble the hyper-elite of Brit-Eurape, coined as the illusive “Illuminati”, and others.

The most horrible irony, perhaps, is, that they are also in with the major Brit-Euro elite occultists from the mid-19th century, and also have their dirty little fingers in the Australian mix, and, AND, for myself, the most horrible irony, is that they too want insanely to have their little puppet rise to power and win the argument/war we see raging in our houses of parliament.

But the women here are so up themselves, and it seems cannot switch off their electric clitorii, to accept that Reason, is more useful, fundamental and important to the balanced governance of the species and thus the planetary biosphere. ET CETERA!

So, the war goes on, with every bewitched idiot deeming it their anti-intelligent right to throw their little little hexes into the mixture, so corrupting it more and terminally more.

Today, we are at such an expanded scale, that the fabled end of Sodom and Gomorrah, is global, and while the Reasoned minds see this stupid selfish entranced war, especially between the sexes refusing to cease, and to Intelligently, ie, HUMBLY, resolve it's/their ideological and false differences, the correct option is to drop the earth-shattering atomic bomb, ending everyone's little, little, fleck of dust delusion, for eternity.

That, is the played-out scenario of how this insane and quite quite juvenile gender war is fated to conclude.

So, cease and desist.

GILLARD! ABBOTT! And all parties and individuals glued to their delusions of grandeur.

Granted, I actually do see sense in the matriarch's fight against the equally psychotic masculine patriarchal designs on supreme power and domination, as so immaturely toyed with by the exceedingly stupid, entranced Abbott, et al, and his foreign masters.

And, quite so, it was womens' Duty to Resist.

But, again, once you begin, which is far too easy, such is the way of opening up to being tempted by power [this, is what JC referred to in the “Lord's Prayer”, with “...lead us not into temptation...”], it's a far, far very distant cry from maintaining balance, and of being able to restrain the powers, so keeping the mind clear and open to Wisdom.

Ask ANY Elder Bleck Fella, Man or Woman!

And of a certainty, as said, totally in agreement with the profound Wisdom of the last Tibetan Buddhist, Dalai Lama, who advised that His Schools do NOT recommend the Purest Buddhist Meditations for whiteguys.

He didn't go so far, as far as I'm aware, as saying that the reason is because we're all fuckheaded zombies of the western jewish and christian LOST TRIBES, WRONG WAY cults and errant religious practices. But that is the case.

So, any egomaniac, and I stick with my assertions that women are most often the bigger egomaniacs, with occult powers, WILL FUCK UP!

Hence, the last 500, 2000, 5000 years of lost tribes fucking everything and still calling it PROGRESS!?!?!#$%^&


Albeit that is a combination of two really lost and wrong way genders loose to speculate on everything that is not theirs, other than by the totally illegitimate means of acquisition. Weapons of mass destruction.

HELLO! Uncle Earl of Sutherland!

Well....? There's my take on the current load of shit we are mediated with, from Canberra.

Therefore, given that Gillard, Rudd, and the whole of the ALGI Collective Government, are distinguished by their intelligence, and that I do believe they would all quite readily and happily discard the secretive agendas of either and both genders, for the sake of the future, and of the nation, et al, and, AND, of BOTH genders, and considering that Aussie Voter Bloke [AVB] may not be so easily convinced that Gillard and her goils can prove any way, that they can function without the matriarchal agenda in them, the “olive branch” perhaps not entirely appropriate as metaphor, would probably convince a guarded skepticism in AVB, to vote for ALGI, that she, the big she, is indeed, wanting both a return of the ALGI, and of the best for all genders, by throwing the dropposition off their giggleheaded game, by throwing the Irrefutable Best, Most Honest Economic, Taxation Policies back into the forefront of their Campaign.

Rudd, surely would be only too jumping for fucking JOY happy, were Gillard, and the Caucus to decide such an approach.

Murdoch, mining and offshore Media would be befuddled, and try everything to put voters, especially AVB off the ALGI.

But, were they to go head on into the debate from now, standing proud and true on these Policies, AVB, and a vast majority of the sheilas, Queen Gina Ginormous excluded, would not be persuaded by “agenda-media”, and would be on the streets and out front of parliament with every salutary cheer-squad PUMPING for ALGI, and for every healthy thing the lot of them could muster.

The pollsters, shock jocks and opposition would die in the arse, and, I'd be straight down to Canberra to arrest the British High Commissioner, and bring forth the Republic Agenda in a flash.

How does 80% popularity sound Madam PM?

Of course, other fundamental re-structurings would be imperative, to complete the corrections we all now, know the nation and the planet need, starting with a few Amigos stepping up to the front steps and assuming Authority of the New Central Committee, as put in previous blog posts inum hereum.

The leading figures in the ALGI coalition are Smart and Sharp and even Righteously Angry enough to want to go the full distance of the known Reforms, and would be 100% with any such Coup D'Etat.

Especially, HA! If it/they had the Legitimate Endorsement of a majority of Australian voters.

So, Humility. Honesty. [Gender] Equality.

If, by the way, Labor, thus ALGI is destined to be wiped off the boards, there are two options.

1, is to stay the fools you're being with the shallow and distractive non-issues, and loose badly, but, therefore justifiably.

2, is to throw Saachi and Saachi [or whomever] back to England,

and throw out all the draconian and anachronistic “traditions” LOST TRIBES as most are, and conventions of this proven flawed and deadly “leaders” phenomenon, and offer the Demos, the True and only Legitimate Way, of a Balanced, United All Party Central Committee, with the concomitant disbanding of the offices of offshore corruption mismanagement, the states.

You know the rest!

I know, that if I could be there, with the ALGI Collective, arguing the Merits of these points, policies and cases, NONE of ALGI would dispute not ME, but them. The Policies and Reforms.

Well, for as many reasons as a wise mind can educe, I'm not there, and shall not be, ineth the forcomingeth futureth.

It is not Democracy to act in that way.

YOU, are the legitimately elected Representatives, and should be sure that the vast majority of voters are with you, even many on the other side of the Houses.

Even, I put it, Murdoch would be over here in a flash, with whatever he and the boys discern as appropriate Gifts of Appreciation for Your Victories and Prospects.


Now...? Can I make myself a HOME!?!?!?!??!!???

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw
Australia, The Republic!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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