Uncertainty Of The Certain Demise Of The Auto Industry

130615 JUST DEFIANCE Uncertainty Of The Certain Edition

That's a strange title?

Uncertain of it's meaning, are you?

Let it go, and read on, dust.

Myself more than uncertain of the reality I've been dropped into, some say by a cult located on a satellite of our nearest neighbor-star, Alpha-Centauri, some say the descendent of both Jesus of Nazareth AND of Ancient Wales' Master Magician Merlin, I nevertheless, withdraw more each day from my home nation's society, and, use the intellect - which I can't claim as my own, for it being, as best as I can discern, more a portal, than any software programme loaded in my brain, into my biological super-computer - to divine, perhaps in actuality a word meaning that of a portal, being opened up to the infinite knowledge contained in the super-macro, of the universal mind, which would equate with the fallen peoples' notions of a supreme god, and pump-out monologues on things like - the Uncertainty Of The Certain.

Well...! That explains it, aye!

So, pressing on, regardless of the criticisms of dust, news bulletins remind me daily of the poor suffering robots about to be shutdown in Ford Australia's auto plants, and how they can in future earn enough to pay the offshore drug-running banks for their right to live under roofs.

Annd.., to add to the dilemma known as the auto industry, this morning's bulletin told of X-hundred robots-er-workers at GMH's plants who're for the axe.

Being pro-robots, particularly those forecast by hollywood to be back from the future to mash our present day imbeciles who cannot stop still and enjoy the “Now”, and instead, in their insanity keep inventing more over-consuming shit, all of it with deep planned obsolescence, making everything many times worse, I feel for the brilliant plant machinery about to be turned-off in our psycho-auto factories, and open my portal[s] to divine how they can be recycled into productive, not consuming FUCK EVERYTHING occupations.

And ALAS! The gods of auto have answered me!

“Motorized perambulators”, Shit called. [Shit being a contraction of the hermaphroditic “She-He-It” god]

Of course, being sent this Wisdom from the Autogod, my 1st response was to bow to this, as superior wisdom.

However, as Shit is a compassionate and open-minded god, Shit lets me bitch with and at it.

So, I let my portals open to Shit's Countergod, Wind, whence came the challenge, “The two-wheeled versions!”

So...! here it is, the determination of the two autogods!

Make motorcycles!

I scribe in this critical manner because there is clearly a dearth of intelligent responses from those about to be re-educated from the Ford and Holden automills, to the whatevertheycanfind factories, and thus take their next steps on the ever-downward slide into utter degradation of all of their puerile hopes of “the good life”, on this soon to be 3rd world planet.

1st, while in the confines and grips of such obviously failing auto cartels, who cannot employ intelligence to discern their best course for production and profit, from here until Armageddon, it seems the employees and robots suffer from “I can't think-itis”, about what might be an ALL THINGS CONSIDERED route, to help themselves while going in absolute contradiction to the industries favored direction of FUCKING THINGS, large small and natural.

The 1st steps a Collective of fractured dis-employees need consider, is to “Collectivize”. Group up. Put down your credit-cards and have a smoke together, and consider the woes - actually the pluses - bringing your favorite slave-jobs to ruin.

Green, is the future, if the species is to have one, outside of the expected “decimation”, and inside of it too, the remaining, residual 10% might see.

This really includes most every other aspect of life, were robots to do their maths.

Efficiency, economy, practicality, and any foolish notions of ensuring the best air quality and rubbish-dump recycle-station quality for their sproggies, and for their sproggies-sproggies, etc-and-on.

As we're obviously cursed by the WRONG WAY cults with their technology, and it's parallel endless-invention psychoses, quite erroneously labelled “Progress”, and while there are bulk stores full of slaves and robots offshore somewheres still inventing and over-producing technological excessories, we may as well scavenge some to use as technology was invented by the Apes for. To save a bit of skin on their knuckles, by using the techno-advance of the club, instead of their fists. Or teeth.

But, as we're also slaves to the corporate fuckheads of the world's WRONG WAY elite, no less than the same who plan “the decimation” [dark musical tones accompanying the words], we cannot return to making Lamborghinis, Mercs, and Rollers from wood, flour-and-water glue, ocre and seashells, etc., and are more or less forced, purely for their successes in advertising shit, as distinct from Shit, so the clones, biorobots and slaves, as well as the zombies all who regard themselves as Human Beings, would revolt if wise and sensibly minded auto manufacturers were to go “Luddite” and strive to make cars, or motorcycles, or prams, out of oooowh? Recycled materials? Organic materials? And whatever we call things that GROW in the ground, like naturally, like polycarbonate-producing plants, like Marijuana, ET CETERA!?

NOT TO MENTION...., so I wont mention them...!

YES I WILL!!! Not to mention the hectares of over-produced NEW autos sitting waiting to be old stock, so sold for less than market value on the marginal lands of every major city on earth!!!!!!!


And the heads of Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota, GM, Merc, Renault, rararahrah, hold a tele-conference [with the latest hi-tech telephone TOYS!] and as one they all say “DERRR!?!?!#$%?!?!?”, then return to sucking their dumbies. A Ford dumbie, and a Mitsu dumbie, and a GM dumbie, all with their logo stamped on 'em, of course!


So..., with a bit of ponderization...., it becomes clear that we have to engage in an exercise of ATC thought. NOT a popular occupation in the boardrooms of auto makers, or chemicals makers, or makers of drugs to dull the minds of the slaves, and CEO's housewives.

Nor, it seems, is ATC Thinking popular in governments and unions.

Like giving healthy and inspiring employment to millions by starting government run, GREEN light rail networks projects across the country, re-employing the factory fodder of Ford et al into their own, Collectively owned -[ YOU WILL SOON BE FREE OF THE HEX AND HOLD OF THE AUTO CULTS AND THEIR TYRANT BANKS, TO CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVANCES OR DECLINES IN LIFE ]- production houses of GREEN vehicles, as divined from Wind-In-Yer-Hair, the most efficient, economical, pleasurable, fun and practical means of transport on the planet - motorcycle making ventures.

And.., or..., sunpowered four-seaters!


To do the ongoing right thing, it would be incumbent upon those who can get off their miseries, to seek government finance for any such GREEN ventures, so avoiding being endebted to the tyrant banker cabal, as much as possible.

But.., being mere factory fodder, not yet advanced enough to compute your own best practices, unlike the future's robots who/which are coming back through the time-portals to MASH YOU, for being so lame, you probably struggle with any such wisdom.

Poor robot fodder!


Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of


Hell's Gate Warmongers

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