ALP & LNP Both Struck Down With NSW Dis-ease

140419 My Guardian ALP & LNP Both Struck Down With Comment

Structural impediments in both parties mean the medicine prescribed – democratisation – is a bitter pill to swallow
Lenore Taylor political editor
theguardian.com, Friday 18 April 2014 18.52 AEST

The biggest hurdle for any True Democracy to become the normal manner, in any political organization, to weeding out the 'interest parties' as-in anyone or number with a specific interest, who, on analysis is actually against the Best interests of the whole nation, and, planet, is getting the whole body of members and others, fully educated as to what 'politics' is really about.

It should be simple and clear.

Beyond being the landed gentry's constant war between them keeping their excessive land holdings, and the 'plebs' negotiating for a fair share, of the land, which is what 'politics' has always been about, politics, in voting Democracies, relies fully on The People knowing everything essential and fundamental to economic distribution.

"Democracy is dangerous, if the People are stupid!"

'Stupid' about the 1st laws necessary for it all to actually work - the laws of distribution, of us, on, the land.

If any party or system relies on voters uninformed, not knowledgeable on the essentials of the eternal relationship between humans and the source of all wealth - the land - then they will not be able to cast an informed vote and get the best candidate.

The whole concept becomes a farce. O! As it IS!

The ALP began on that 1st Principle of Proper Land [and Taxation] Laws.

The 'Tories' have always been the 'party' of spoiled [bought-off] sycophants, doing the bidding for the landed [monarchist] gentry, against the Common Weal of the whole of us.

The system fails us because the 'landed gentry' behind the 'oxymoron' Liberals, do everything to corrupt all politicians away from Just Land Distribution Laws.

So no 'reforms' in either of Australia's two main parties are likely to bring the best possible result, because the vast majority of Aussies - of all classes, and from the 'Grassroots', are so far off the Path of, and of knowing about the laws for, Good Government, and thus, for building Good People, in that they have been so badly mis-educated about 'economics' and taxation, and about what laws, land distribution laws, are necessary to provide for everyone's most important needs.

Until the Grassroots are ready and fully educated about Land Law, Taxation and Economics, and find their own fearless Integrity enough to take it to the streets, and 'to the barricades', they are more of the same danger to us all.

Getting the charletans out, only leaves space for the next troupe to weasel their ways in, so nothing changes.

Steve Woodhall
18 April 2014 11:38pm

Thanks for a good article Lenore, its about time the Liberal Party machine started receiving scrutiny as well. There is more ICAC pain to come for the NSW Libs, with Chris Hartcher and mates heading for their 15 minutes of fame under the spotlight. Keep it up !
Isn't it time for the media to start doing a bit of naming and shaming ? Who are the faceless men in Sussex St and the Liberal party power brokers ? Its not good enough for the media to just mention "union leaders" or "power brokers" after a deal has been stitched up. Let's know exactly who voted for who and who said what. Exposing such deals to the light of public scrutiny will help the electorate really know what's going on.
After BOF's experience, surely its time to just make it illegal to give a gift to a politician, no matter how small or trivial and make the receiving of gifts by politicians illegal. Full stop. No exceptions. No need for pollies to put a gift on the register and run the risk of public scrutiny for failing to do so. No free tickets to a footy game, no bottles of wine, no free lunches. Ministers and pollies get allowances, so they should pay their own way.
All Minister's diaries should be on the web within 24 hours saying who they met, who was represented and what they talked about. Specifics don't have be gone into, but the public have the right to know who is lobbying our pollies.
And while I'm at it, I think all election campaigns should be publicly funded. All parties get say $1m each to run as many tv and newspaper ads as they like. Make it illegal for them to spend their own money on campaigning. We will have a much leveller playing field, parties will really have to think about what they say and how they say it during campaigns, because their advertising will be so limited (they should be subject to truth in advertising laws too). The important thing is that big anonymous donors won't be secretly buying influence with an incoming government.

Me to Steve Woodhall's Comment

Right on!

Did you miss last week's The Guardian article by Antony Lowenstein, which had a link to a 'list' of our politicians who'd been bought-off by the Israel lobby?

Here's the link to the blog listing them:

It shows that our 'games' in Canberra, Sydney [of course] and the rest, are irreparable while such influences direct favors and policies in the ways they do.

And, as we are, few if any other 'parties' are not self-interest parties, so getting to a Proper system is the hardest call, until a majority are properly educated on politics, economics, what politics is about, and are aware that their own self-interest stands in the way of Proper and Good Government.

Get the 'Grassroots' fully educated about Economics, Law of the Land, and Taxation, then introduce the ideas you posit, and 'Democracy' might have a chance?


19 April 2014 12:36am

A politician takes votes from the poor and money from the rich to protect one from the other.
Sadly the current process in both major parties rewards people who wish only to attain and retain power. Genuine grassroot values and ideas are filtered out by this process.
The corrosive effect of money in the democratic process is undermining the very foundations of our society.
The financial status of politicians and civil servants must be made absolutely transparent and political campaign funds must be derived solely from the public purse. Also the ease where politicians and civil servants can move between the corporate and public sectors must be severely restricted.
If these steps are not taken, politics will become further corrupted and the general population will steadily regard themselves as disenfranchised. If people feel they cannot be heard at the ballot box they will take alternative measures.

KingCommo to DiddyWrote
19 April 2014 12:48am

Agree. Can it get any more corrupt though?
They 'allow' us wages and a perceived 'freedom' merely so we aren't pushed to revolt.
Wages and salaries [especially salaries] are bribes to stay mute and hiding in our nuclear disaster houses.

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