On Domestic Violence

140419 On Domestic Violence

I read the article about Anna Bligh, ex-Queensland ALP Premier [link below], then wrote the following to the comments section of the Slippery Matriarchal Ho's SMH, today, and they wouldn't print it!

Since my deducing that, then retracting my venom on suspicions that there's a global campaign by females to take all power off the males, via - religion, media and real estate - I've decided that they are way over board, and have passed 'psychotic'.

The amount of illogical, outright lies, unexplained pressure and absolutely unreasonable crazy actions the females around me have exacted upon me, over - NOT just the last few years, nor few decades, but for my whole 59 years, makes me ask how I can stay as balanced as I see myself?

I'm quite certain I am not crazy. But, I am not certain this, my 'life' [Ho! Ho! Ho!] is not a dream, a nightmare, into which I've been slotted, programmed, to suffer, by mum's catholic convent nuns, and the cabal most evil, centred in the Vatican, Rome.

[Yes, almost as if the hollywood blockbuster “The Matrix 1” was written about my 'captured' life!]

Nevertheless, bitching I'll not do, other than throw this possibly too REALPolitik comment the SMH wouldn't print.

It's notable that the article is written, and the comments 'moderated' or censored, by a woman.

However, the females have taken control of much of the ABC, and the new daily [if 'daily' can be applied now to the 24/7 online media cycle] kid on the Australian scene, The Guardian.

AND, well worth noting also, is that the ABC, and the Guardian are basically catholic enclaves, as per the global conspiracy based in the Cities of London, Washington DC and, the Vatican, against the Honest Peoples of the planet.

This [theory] has possible 'flaws' it though, because The Guardian has published many damning documents against the same global cabal.

However, in this age of counter-counter-counter agents and media corps drawing the cabal's enemies out, with that old chestnut -TRUST - I am totally open to believing the lot of them, even Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd, and Fox, etc, are not of the same 'conspiracy' to undermine every Human Justice Movement and counter-cabal Freedom Fighter Troupe on earth.

I know that some [but many] 'spirit' occupies my soul, and keeps me from being able to associate. I've heard for years that the planet has been invaded and taken over by reptilian aliens, and so their enemies in the galaxy, a 'female' species of aliens have responded to the calls sent out, for help, and are now at war against the reptilians.

If any of that is 'true', then I'd make a considered guess and say I was made manifest by the females, to be some somewhat tougher 'warrior' for them against the evil little green junkless fuckers, the 'greys' I'm told they're called.

It's more likely though, [so why ain't I dead yet?] that I'm a sacrificial lamb, yes, as per the fabricated puppet, Jesus of a few millennia ago, and so my fate is to fight endlessly and die, to save the softcock bitches who've set me up over oooowh” 59.9 years, as of 2 days ago.

So, as they are so fucking insane, all of them, and this is all an illusion, and as I do not see myself breaking free of the hexes, because, as the movie says, “only the truth will set you free!”, I do my intelligent best, and fight the fuckers at every turn.

Life is shit, thanks mum and nunnery. But while I regard myself as sentient, not out of control and able to remain self-disciplined, enough to stay healthy and fit enough to walk and breathe [but OOOOWH? I wanna beer, and a bag of Cannabis???], I deduce my only option, against all idiocy as per this failed nation of Astrayliar, is to remain in JUST DEFIANCE!

So should, I reckon, all Men be!

I have no doubt the females have taken over the land distribution and rental markets, and are quite sick with delight that they have, and that the males must bow to their farcical conditions - AGAIN!

The SMH article has many comments which go against the intended thread of the article, from men and women, who see that men are being done over, and by that exact type of fairy-floss BOOOOOLLLSHSHSHIT media trash.

However, I still cannot see myself moving to support the idiot in our pathetic prime minister, Tony Abbott, and his allegedly 'manly' take on politics and the roles of women. Even though his rhetoric and hyperbole is so thick with cowardly platitudes saying that he's “a feminist supporter more than a misogynist”, it is clear that the bullshit September 7th 2013 federal election here was a battle between the pro-feminism ALP of the alleged 'left' [centre-left] and the extreme right wing masculine Liberal/Nationals party masonic coalition.

Merely an offshoot, or 'branch office' of the same games being played out across the Pacific in the USA - Democrats, the feminists, - the catholics, and the Republicans, the Men, the masons.

However, from it all, and from today's bullshit article and recent experience with all 'feminist media', I see it's very and worryingly clear that Men have some work to do, methinks, in Reforming their 'gentler' attitudes to the modern, 'politically-correct' and specious, divisive and domineering feminists.

Personally, I've become very embittered for the deeply devious, specious and malicious campaign by the women I've been fooled to love and like.

I do not think I will ever be 'repatriated' into thinking even 'Respectfully' of women again.

However, the distinction has to be made, that the majority of those who've turned me against their gender, are 'white', of the mainstream western modern lifestyle culture.

The article about Anna Bligh's thoughts, which are farcical, and beyond all reality, is really, to a Realist, laughable.

More so, for them 'redacting' my perhaps too HONEST comments.

And here they are...;

April 19, 2014
Josephine Tovey
Saturday Print Deputy Editor

Violence against anyone is not healthy. Tell the global warmongers though. Tell the catholic perverts in Washington DC.

These campaigns against males belting a lying, cheating, cunning, manipulative female, only tell the violent side of the story.

Media employees come from the well-to-do church schooled classes, where the home is secure, the income is secure, the social network is secure, and the lawyers are secure, ET cetera.

The middle-to-upper class who champion these half-only campaigns ignore that women go to the lowest extents to 'own' a man, to have him broken, or bent to their every whim and fancy. Only to flick him when she's got her wants.

Like 'mar-riage', the word 'MATRImony' half says what it's about - women getting the house and car and kids [in brief].

For most Working Class males, life is often a constant war, out there, in work, or looking for and keeping work, dealing with the real world, then the home, not sure of what the spouse has been up to, etc.

The 'feminist movement' since the 1960s, has passed 'over-reach' and places even more strain on males ever having to prove their OK against assertive 'empowered' females, who rely on lies to 'win', and the female's blackmail [no more sex for YOU!] as often are why men go to extra lengths to look OK, to have the right stuff - cars, houses and superficial junk - making them less the 'Man' they would be capable of being, were they not under so much pressure to 'conform' to a females 'wishes'.

Women can be more harmful with what they say [and do behind a man's back], than his belting her after she's gone too far.

From a Sworn Misogynist, speaking from 59 years experience of filthy females setting him up very, very badly.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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