USA Laws, the mega-rich, Micro-States' Secessions, Bundy Ranch and a USA Revolution

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See the Blaze article on Harry Reid and the Nevada Rancher

Reply by JUST DEFIANCE on April 15, 2014 at 6:53pm

Comes down to the nation's laws.  But they're always designed in favor of the national elite, and don't usually recognize True Land Laws, and scientific economic distribution of lands, let alone the real day-to-day, but also the 'generational' concerns of We, The People.
The nation's oligarchs will cause a war to hold on, and states being states are under pressure from above, and from their own stubborn profiteers, who like it the way it is.

So whether states can separate, depends on the states getting fully familiar with the true laws, then merely for greater power against the national executive and it's federal military, have to group-up with as many other states as they can, before they mount a secession challenge.

But, while secession like in Spain, Italy and now Ukraine etc, has important and huge merit in restoring Democratic government to local autonomies, and as I rant about

["140414 Secession From Supra-States For All Micro-Nations - Global - The 21st Century Green Planet"

should be how the planet heads in future, the problem is the excessive and overwhelming "too big to fail, or be arrested" corruption, as corruption always does, centering itself in the largest bureaucracy, aka national governments.

And the core of these wrong designs for Democratic states/nation-states, is the ancient dynastic rulership of Eurape - the monarchies.

All minor cliques of 'elites' everywhere, have been bought into the higher wealth circles of those megarich-mega-WARRING Euros [IMF] to abide by this flawed local, state and national corrupted 'legal' structure/s.

So states all having their own cabals of elites, comply, against the People, and are always trying to win ownership of the land.  Land, which really belongs to "the Planet" to put an earthly entity in, in place of the false 'god' scenario.

And,"We The People" too, really owe everything to "The Planet", and it also really, owns us.  So all laws should be designed to cater from that planetary, or global scenario of 'ownership' down to us, and to the critters, in that, the Planet we have to imagine, is impartial, and thus distributes all it's resources equitably across all [earthly] beings.

That's how the laws from the Bundy Ranch shituation, to the BLM, to the states and national laws - and globally to any scumsucking multinational corporation which wants to pervert laws, and ownership and the environment - should be arranged.

If the elites followed those arrangements, she'd all be sweet.

But they don't.  So it's up to those who are able to, who are nearest, in reach of the, of their governments, aka the counties and states, to enlighten the sickos on all government treasuries and taxation departments, about how the laws have to be, then by numbers take the case to the feds.

But, as I started to say, good laws would not require 'secession'. That only becomes necessary because of the massive extent of corruption in the larger authorities.

[Spain's monarchy and political class.  The UK's Centrist Westminster.  Italy's centrist Roman elite.  Ukraine's 'nazi' elite, bought-off by the psycho EU.  EUROPE!  So it goes everywhere...]

IF, the feds, everywhere, were straightened up, then the whole system would be harmonious, and the federation and most of it's fiscal and planning infrastructures could remain.

But HEY!  Most 'nations' today, are but what the 16th to 20th century colonists carved up for their own elites, completely ignorant of 'ecological' demands, and without any care whatsoever, for The People, who were owned then, by the snobs.

So as US Democracy, full of corruption as it is, on paper at least, releases The People from being slaves, serfs, and chattels of the elite, it suggests The People can 'rule' themselves.

Therefore, to 'prove' they can, they have to transcend all the bullshit we've come to accept, from the past, about ourselves, the land, and the laws, relating The People, to The Land, and go for the most equitable 'Universal Laws of Distribution', as per the planet's, as written above.....


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