Is There An Origin To The Universe ?

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A post appeared on G+ asking about the beginning of the Universe of something, so I drop into “space mode” and channeled this.

[DISCLAIMER: I don't old to what's written here as true! But is reads nice an' sloppy as a bedtime story or such....]

Could be that the universe comes into existence when we are brought into being by the physical process of conception?

It's the same Q; as "when does [our] life begin", methinks?

Here's an hypothesis;

There's some mysterious '1st light' say, always there.

[What it is.., the mystery!]

To support that, all religions and all philosophies have it that there's some similar 'existence' or 'non-existence' extant, before, during and after 'life' of us and the universe.

I'm Atheist, but remain open to 'spiritual' inquiry/ies and findings of those teachings which appear near enough the same in these questions, worldwide, in their basic tenets.

'Raja' Meditation instructs to go further in than the thinking mind, into the 'realm' of 'no mind'.

Spooky, to typical, shallow people.

Some, the best philosophies, say the core, the centre, of being, is where 'all knowledge, all consciousness, all bliss' exists.

But thinking can only take us to asking questions, then, at some stage, if we're meant to, we have to abandon thought and question, etc. to get to an higher/deeper 'place'.

Mainstreamers, all 'forgiven, for they know not they are hypnotized', react badly when they 1st actually hear their own mental processes of discursive chatter and ask ask ask, etc.

Their hypnotist/s at work behind the surface of the conscious layers of mind. [They got ya' in the baptismal, baby! lol]

But, in, at the deepest 'mental' level, in beyond it, there's a light. I 'accept' for want of a better description/explanation, that it is the origin of us, and of everything we perceive outside of it, and of our mind and being.

So too, is the universe ' outside' or 'after' the permanent existence of that 1st light, and is possibly the 1st thing, 1st phenomena we come to, we go/come through, when being brought into the physical being at conception of the egg and sperm.

The universe has to be some common and fixed phenomenon, as we all see it, pretty-much the same.

The pic here, whether 'enhanced' or not, has been compared to the remarkably similar microscopic pictures of our brains' synapses etc.

I don't know how they get those 'brain pics'. Maybe, like the atom, they are imagined, and are a theoretical composite, by hi-tech experts, and not actually seen?

But if the microscopic photographs of the synapses are actual shots of a brain's electric activity or such, then maybe the similarities between them and the pic above, of some parts of the universe, is/are not coincidence?

I accept that it's all brought into being via, our imagination.

Australian Aborigine applied the term "The Dreaming" to life and the existence, inferring the world is how we are destined, perhaps, to perceive it?

But then, there must be some 'fabric' which we are all stuck to, to see the imagined universe the same way, more or less?

As to the Post's question, "Is there an origin to the universe?"

I think [?] my hypothesis is trying to say "It's all in the mind, you know?"

But, of course, "WHAT, is the mind?"

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