This is Personal!

Hi Don, Wendy, Mum.

As my last email to Don noted, I find your persistence in 'pushing me around' offensive, undeserved and rather typical of those suffering 'the older brother' syndrome, of dominating the younger.

Where this errant attitude toward myself comes from begs discussion.  But clearly, something stands in the way of us getting to the facts as to why.

So..., being one who 'accepts one's fate', I couldn't be bothered, when neither of you, including mum, answer any of my questions, related to your psychological maladies or, more specifically, to the land hunt issues.

I await your explosive replies to these words.

More testimony of your maladies.

Accepting that a person has a problem with their own mentality is the hardest thing people have to face.

As I write on, it is almost always, not a personal thing, but is usually induced, as-in it is a cultural thing.  Nevertheless, that actually makes it harder for an individual to accept their own mental illness or illnesses, especially when they appear to get-by okay in their own social network/s.

So...,, I leave you with those thoughts, for yourselves to ponder, and move forward to the issue we are chatting about - finding me a place to live.

If..., as this article, and others suggest, that we, are headed for another and larger economic crisis,  I guess I'm best to get something, as soon as possible?

I've also written a lot about this same expectation, prediction, since before the 2008 GFC, and yet nothing except the government's slashing of funding etc, eventuates.  That puts us in a serious delusion, that "all is well" and that we shouldn't be concerned.

So, all things considered, I return to my earlier point, repeatedly ignored by yourselves, that I'm best to find the best patch of land possible, for the money I have available.

That, is why I wrote more about the 52 acres in Dargo, Don.

The soil is not degraded to being useless, whether for stock, or for simply growing vegies for my own consumption.  Or, in fact, as a small-scale commercial concern, further down the track, time-wise.

Yes, the regulations to now, do not allow a residence to be built.  But as I wrote, which you once more ignored, it is recognized in politics and across the polity in Victoria at least, that the land occupation and bushfire overlay regulations are dated, or too strict, and do need another revision.

So we are smart to look at the best 'carrying country' because of it's general fertility, etc, and consider that it is likely to be re-zoned sometime in the next decade, or less, to allow me to build on.

Also, as I repeat, I'm not a 'housey' type of person now, and can live, comfortably and thus happily, on the roads of Australia, if and when, I am able to finish my ute hut, and trailer, etc, to a secure state.  So having a house is not the priority for myself, although I know mum has other plans for me.

It's clearly pointless me asking what they might be.  Never have any of you answered any of my questions to that.

Even if I were a king, my observations of today's society are that it is not anything I would want to be included in, and part of, let alone someone of influence over it.

So, all I want now, at 59 years of age, is enough to keep me dry and warm, cool and comfortable, minimally, while I can survive alone, outside of a fallen culture.

I doubt you'll even read this, Don or Wendy.

Nevertheless..., the linked article tells me, I, or 'we' should do as I suggest, and look for to buy some acreage with the best potential, as-in, having it's best possible aspects for self-sufficiency.

That is one reason I did not like the look of the Tumbarumba 1.8 acres, Don.


[for the blog....]

Max Nichols Cook