Nevada USA Rancher v Feds over Land Rights

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An ongoing dispute between a Nevada USA cattle rancher, Cliven Bundy, and the federal 'Bureau of Land Management' BLM, got 'hot' last month and showed promise of a USA Revolt, from the Citizens!  

From some substantial numbers of heavy-weapons-carrying Civilians, who joined Cliven and family at his ranch, ready to have a bigtime shoot out with the evil federal government agents.

We all held our breath and pounded the keyboards trying to assert we, all 7 billion of us, knew best about how the hoped for Revolution there, should be managed and of course WON.

I'm still unsure of all the facts behind it, and the rancher, and the feds, but it's not front page on the alternews page I saw and followed it on - 12160.info - now, [the US and even Astraylairn mainstream news media had it on for a few days], so I guess the Revolution will have to wait, a little bit longer?

I've put my thoughts up already here, so scroll down and down to find them if'n they're worth anything now.  But as of 12th April, this is what I was thunking about it....

Ummm...? You're gonna hate me MORE for this...., but....?

While the Bundy's are probably cool Americans, and the feds are usually assholes, be sure the underlying laws, and circumstances creating this Bundy Ranch stand-off, are clear.

I haven't time or energy to go through all the evidence and case history, and am usually against such as law enforcement authorities doing this type of thing, against land owners.

But from what I read, the Bundys are claiming rights to national parks or such, to use for grazing their cattle on.

The parks were not created with so strong an emphasis on ecological preservation initially [Open to correction though? I do recall that America's ForeFathers were well aware of the importance of 'Nature'.]. But of the last several decades, this has become recognized as important, and that everyone, everywhere on earth, must do everything they/we can to ensure the environment is sustained, as best as possible. This is where national parks and forests etc, become critical to the future.

When not deforested, then replanted, ignoring the importance of the original native varieties of 'plant, and feeding animal biodiversity', they are often the last vestige for the 'culture' in them, of the varieties of plant and critter life, to maintain the larger atmospheric balance/s.
Even natural grassy plains have that same contributing critical balance, once perfect, before over grazing and other alterations [us] were introduced. I know that Buffalo used to graze in the millions on some American plains. That was then, without every other 'introduced' practice and alteration to the natural order.

While we cannot compare the past to today, in most of these factors and terms, we also have to, by recognizing the things we, whiteguy humans do, are well out of balance regards the natural and extremely delicate ecological interactivity.

So every effort should be applied to restoring and preserving whatever we can, related to nature's biodiversity.

This demands laws which ensure farmers are farming within [evermore] strict practices. I say 'evermore strict', because whiteguy still has a long way to go to come fully to terms with how far off 'the critical balance path' we've wandered. And farming is well off the track, in almost every western, 'traditional' aspect. [Wanna talk about -MONSANTO!?]
And, cattle, in the Americas, might be little different to the Buffaloes [and other bovines?] which roamed, in terms of their impacts on the soils, etc, but here in Astrayliar, cattle are entirely introduced. They really fuck the soils, which are the oldest on earth, with their cloven hooves, soils that have naturally evolved to and with very different fauna and flora species, all fitting in together very well balanced.

But, the BIGGEST downer for us meat-loving munchers, is that cattle fart methane at huge levels, which is one of the most destructive 'greenhouse gases'.

This, like most of the hippies' pseudo-drive to 'save the planet' is a futile appeal, I know.

But these factors as to allowing privately-owned cattle to graze in what should be preserved AND restored natural fauna and flora habitats, and which is land owned by the Public - few natural fauna and flora habitats as there are left in the 'developed nations' - make this pending feds v the People war something all True Blooded Americans have to question.

Be sure of the facts as to whose right, in this type of fracas.

And, also, there's the question of land in all economic debates, and laws, and the underlying science, of distribution, and, thus, the proper use of whatever land there is.

That, everywhere, is so badly awry, and perhaps THE reason we're ALL lost to an 'end-of-days' scenario, that we're DOOMED for it.

And all governments, but especially, in the USA, the land-grabbing corporations, owned by the same families as the original 'robber-barons', are GUILTY! of ignoring the economic science of distribution, etc., to everyone's peril.

The likes of the Bundy family, across the plains, everywhere, are inheritors of those 19th century bad laws of distribution. And, as things are getting 'hot' in all economics, local, national and global, this type of underlying factor cannot help but rise closer to the surface of peoples' considerations about political and economic and cultural reform/s.

So..., I do doubt the feds are getting on the right track of economic laws, and thus of distribution, [and 'tax]. And, I doubt the same of the Bundy Mobs, Solid Dudes though I'm sure they are.

But, America is steeped in anti-government, and even anti-law defiance, and often these have gone well off the charts/scales of balance, and away from any intellectual discernment as to what laws ARE right and proper.

But they usually go off the charts/scales of balance, because the fucking lawmakers are so demonicly corrupt, and pervert every! reasonable! and balanced! law! to suit their own fucking POCKETS! Damn!

So, I still say "Good On Yer! Bundy and Coy!"

And "FUCK THE POLICE!" as per the feds, there.

But while the process has begun, and the feds being automatons as they are, will 'process' the mission to their satisfactory conclusion, the problem will not end.

The Bundys will still have grievances, as they have for decades already.

But in support of the People there, and those who side with them, against the clearly tyrannical feds, et al, if, as it may, this Defiance grows further afield, then do yourselves the biggest favor, and align your Fight with Proper Laws of Distribution, and, Environmental Laws, little realized and recognized in the USA, I know.

But Better now than never.

All the way up to the top of the IMF, etc., believe it or not, things and approaches ARE trying hard - NOT HARD ENOUGH, LAGUARDE! to be corrected [?]
More people on top are at last speaking out about these types of laws too, and their predominance in stabilizing - everything.

So, as the Fight for "LAND" [he screamed] Justice, is pretty much what all Freedom Fighters, and their wars against 'the establishment' have always been about, so it ain't gonna end tonight, thus everyone,

1, has to come to terms with the local/global need to CHANGE a hellavalot of our 'traditional' practices, habits, and beliefs about the 'good life', [and farming!] and

2, as it's not over yet, the best thing we have left to do, is make sure WE are on the CORRECT side of the True Laws, of the Land.

Whether we 'win' or not, is beside the point, I believe.

We win or lose, we go on, and die, KNOWING, we done good.

So "FUCK 'EM!" to anyone who fights 'cause they merely think they're right!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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