Bob Carr buys into a debate about zionist influence

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Carr’s more eccentric quotes certainly makes it tempting to dismiss his book, but to do so would be missing the vital importance of his remarks on the Israel/Palestine conflict
Antony Loewenstein
theguardian.com, Tuesday 15 April 2014 11.29 AEST

15 April 2014 11:27am

Thanks Antony [Lowenstein]! I read down the list of "Be astounded with this list, ..." and I am astounded, though [?] not surprised, if that makes sense.

Zion has positive aspects, but the neg's outweigh them hands down.

This lifts Carr up from where he'd fallen in my 'ratings' since his 'walk-in-walk-out' federal 'career' as Foreign Minister in the last ALP government.

[But the emphasis on Israel's 'bads', are expressed in this article, are they in Carr's book also? "“It’s an appalling situation if Australia allows a group of [Jewish] businessmen [in Melbourne] to veto policy on the Middle East”, Carr summarises...,”, from your article, shows he's aware of the courting and bribing of our officials, but what of his own history?

He WAS Premier of the most corrupt state, in the heyday of - 'The Firm', or as I call them, 'The Rum Club'. No-one can say they weren't in very deep with the same foreign powers, even if via Rome or Washington.

That he even accepted being back in the ALP government, with those named in the list, discredits him somewhat. A lot, in fact.

So, with his statements going to the dubious nature of Israeli lobbyists [SHOCK HORROR!] and Israel's general millennia-old 'cunning', is he actually trying to redeem himself? Or even begging for a free trip to Israel!

Also, being a part of either or any Australian political sphere, smacks of taking the bribes, maybe not free trips to 'get your head reprogrammed while we smoooszh you Israel', but the Canberra bighouse arena is drowning in zionism, since it's inception, surely?

Makes me reignite my suspicions about one of our 1st PMs, the 'Isaac[s]' fella, without ever having looked deeper?

Take a look at this vid,
of Michael Sheuer, an ex-CIA bloke giving in no uncertain terms his opinion of what the USA should do regards Israel.

Would it be that we had some Courage and power across our own nation, region and People?

But, REALITY CHECK! It'd take a well organized, and global campaign to dislodge the zionist lobbyist from the ears and minds of ALL nations' political class now, aye?

Perhaps the main problems with "laws", is that they protect the most evil people.

I note your name also, Antony?

In this counter-counter-counter-agent age, and such as information-gathering on We, The People occurring in the US govt., 'Psyop' in Nevada USA of recent weeks, tallying possible US citizen's Militia quantum against the federal govt........,

[see: http://12160.info/forum/topics/nevada-cattle-rancher-wins-range-war-with-feds?overrideMobileRedirect=1&id=2649739%3ATopic%3A1448977&page=2 and the other update links on 12160.info]

...., but wanting all the way to take you as a Man of the People, not of the cult/s, how can anyone know these days?

Israel has to be brought to account. Will Carr make it a mission to try?

Not bloody likely, mate!

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