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Carl Fischer
Discussion - Yesterday 9:26 PM
Consider the following conjecture: The notion that science cannot measure God may stem from an era several hundred years ago where scientists were threatened with death for challenging church teaching. In order to preserve their own lives, scientists argued that they were not testing God, but rather observing the natural world around us. This argument served the scientist by placating the church.

In modern countries with a separation of church and state, this isolation of god from science is no longer necessary. Let us therefore claim that if God were real and relevant, it should be testable by science.


I agree with your point.


"In modern countries with a separation of church and state, ..." in word only.

The reality is treacherously otherwise.

But it mayn't be important to your Q?

I don't want to be hit with shallow egocentric objections for this..., but we might be looking at it incorrectly?

This is in the hackneyed word 'god'. It's so loaded now, that the less 'tangible', more 'mystical' element/s of what you're asking be tested by 'science'.., is/are either ignored, forgotten, or shouted out of any debate, and, really, are rejected, by egoists, without any serious dedicated, deep inquiry.

Some essence exists, we can't seem to explain.

Not all 'science' fails to, but usually the 'terms of reference' in public 'debates' like you ask for here, are of the common place, and person. [I'm all for your Q's, and points though. Don't get me wrong]

And any research, which necessitates forgetting the 'laboratory' kind of avenue, and taking 'the road less traveled' to borrow a phrase, are mocked and shunned, without any common critic ever having genuinely dedicated themselves to going down that FUCKING FRIGHTENING Path, deep into our own self, well beyond everything we've been erroneously indoctrinated to accept as our mind, thoughts, etc.

All wiser philosophies, a science itself, properly followed, 'testify' there is some 'godlike' light deep inside 'us'.

But the better of them, the Honest ones, reject the western concept of this our commanding, punishing, sentient, approachable in any 'conversant sense 'deity'.

So, I'm assuming you come from mainstream western, but thinking western culture, so may be haven't explored all the optional perspectives, as to the existence or not, of something which should not be described and intonated to be 'god'?

Because [not saying your a dumbass 'deep-south' whiteguy] 'modern' science, is that - modern - and assumes [mostly for the attached pride] it leads in the Arts' abilities to question and explore the unfathomable, such as, 'god', as we mistake or misbelieve or mis-assume [?] there to be or not to be, merely because western science has achieved amazing things in the material realm/s.

While, 'eastern' Cultures have also had immensely developed and advanced 'science/s' for millennia, and contrary to our whiteguys' sciences inquiring onto the nature of 'things', the 'east' has forever, been on a Right Path, and has not until the British East India Company marched in and fucked everything, and the jesuits from about the 17th century, hoodwinked the east with western bullshit, the eastern 'Sages' have remained in tune with the 'not thing' aspects of the spirit, and would run rings around the best of our western inquirers about the actual existence of that mysterious some-not-thing, the west has capitalized upon, and called 'god'.

So, as far as I'm concerned, there is no debate as to god, or no god.

There is no god as per the western definition/corruption/capitalization of the subtle-most 'spirit', and yes, god has to be gotten out of the culture in the west, and should be without the need for western science to prove it's non-existence.

And, there's no need for the cults, or our Finest Scientists, to prove by testing, that their precious big asshole exists.

What would be quicker, and probably less contentious, would be for a Movement of we whiteguys, to ask the Eastern Masters to put their views across into the west, and in that, educe, educate the western flockers, about what, where and how this big guy or big NOT guy does it's thing, or not thing.

But clearly, the av'rage mainstream low-IQ, christian-bible-bashed, westerner whiteguy god-botherers, need a long course in stopping their CRAZY heads from being so fucking crazy first!

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