Putin Tells Snowden "We're Totally Nice!"

140418 My Guardian Putin Tells Snowden Comment

Claims by Russian president to NSA whistleblower in TV show will be treated with scepticism by western intelligence officials
Amelia Gentleman and Nick Hopkins
theguardian.com, Thursday 17 April 2014 08.08 EDT

The NOT-free market crapitalist west is the expansionist cabal, creating such dangerously unsustainable, inefficient social, religious and economic cultures, which cannot stop pushing every human over a big cliff, in the relentless supply of product to insatiable fools, that mankind's Intellect, Honesty, Balance and Wisdom have been submerged until as good as dead.

In this world, run by shallow egomaniacs, any Intelligent group of Dissidents to the materialist madness, have to 'play the game' against the crapitalist's ruthless oligarchs, plutocrats and monarchist regimes, for all manner of relevant and superficial reasons.

Funding the defense of the simple Rectitude of 'The Community' aka, the group, the Society, the Culture, which runs on Intelligent, Most Efficient Cooperation, against a mass of utterly insane, specious, selfish insatiable liars, aka, the modern free market corporate capitalists, demands something similar in terms of 'diplomacy', and 'political language'.

In funding the monitoring of threats, counter-espionage and counter offensives against the ever-expanding crazies of the insatiable free markets, who are always first to resort to lying, then to taking-up military arms to assert their mad points, all Wisdom regrets but determines that similar approaches are necessary.

Were we living on a planet not consumed by fractured communities, and resultant mad selfishness, and selfish madness, where everyone understood the disciplines of self-control in our cultures, traditions, ways of living, and in personal desires, etc., there would be no madness we call 'capitalism' buying off governments.

So there'd be no want by specious, 'evil' oligarchs and plutocrats to keep reaching onto other peoples' pockets [for their resources and land] to satisfy the unsatisfiable.

Honesty, Dignity, Respect, Et Al, would still prevail, and appointed leaders like President Putin would not have to defend themselves against unintelligent assaults on the institutes from the 99.999% of us who have not a clue as to how to keep nations' safe. Nor how to speak with Honor, aka, with an Honest Tongue.

Not one of the critics, mockers or denigrators of either President Putin, or of Socialism, Communism and all systems contrary to endless consumption crapitalism of the west's 'NOT-free markets', would have the 1st clue as to how to run such complex and huge nations, nor even small ones, especially with utterly insane and seriously perverted oligarchs from afar ever-trying to corrupt and buy their ways in.

Because they've all bent over for the western ideologues, usually the christian religious school masters, so are 'guaranteed' 'a life' in which they're getting PAID, for their useless slave labor, with house and land attached, but without 'a soul', they write with confidence from their anonymity, deriding those who are doing generally exceedingly well, all things considered.

Western NOT free market crapitalist 'democracy' - the freedom to be absolutely soulless and selfish, specious imbeciles!

PROST! Good, Strong, Intelligent and Wise President Putin!


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All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
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