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Clean Energy Council says uncertainty over the renewable energy target is hindering investment, letting other countries take the lead
Oliver Milman

Most moves thus-far, anywhere, to "Go Green" are more or less irrelevant to the big issue of repairing the global environment and it's 'breadbasket', the global ecology - flora mainly.

Neither of the two major parties, nor the lesser right wingers, are serious, nor capable of taking humanity as far as is necessary from now, to make any significant corrections and reparations to the damage done over the last, say, 250 years, by utterly greed-and-power centred industrialist dynasties, corporations and nations. All 3, as-much, one-and-the-same.

One of the best changes Australia has had recently, toward revolutionizing our industries, is the shutdown of the totally anti-environmental 'auto-industry', in the next few years.

But that's still minuscule to what we need, if..., IF..., Australians are serious about making things cleaner, safer, and ecologically-cheaper, short and long term.

Obviously neither major party IS 'serious', because of their corporate preferences, allegiances, and support-bases.

Ridiculously filthy, greedy, IGNORANT, anti-social and anti-ecological corporations, and shareholder, boardroom and dynastic families.

The auto-industry's closures opens the doors for such as the Brilliant, innovative, progressive and ecologically sound "Tesla" motors of California, stepping right away from the carbon [fossil-fuel]-powered concept.

The reasons we cling to the severely dated products using fossil fuels and all the ancillary pieces, from metals and fossil plastics, to farcical 'hi-tech' lo-lifespan extras, is because the economy and 'employment' - "slave-waged labor" in fact - are addicted to the old regimes merely, mostly, of all the accounting behind these basically 19th century industrial concepts.

'Pyramid' financial structures in effect, with profits trickling UP to the global "1%". And the environment, and future generations BE DAMNED!

Few mainstream politicians, or accounting firms or treasury departments are close to having the gumption, enough to start looking at reforming all the ties between and within the many unsustainable industries, governments' subsidies, and massive reorientations from the dated oils-and-ores, petroleum and metals' refining, processing and deliveries systems, to what an Intelligent, practical managing body would function like.

"Too big to encapsulate", into any one party, or government. To effect the needed adjustments, globally, requires an whole new design of an international department taking on that cooperative renewal of managerial approach.

[So, while that worldwide concept has also to begin, this also actually tends toward the logic of smaller nations, and their local democratic government, under a, the, much much larger international, federation. But that's also beyond todays' political class, or any mythological monarchic design.]

Plus, there are other underlying economics issues that HAVE to be addressed, if Australians, and the species, are serious about reducing things like, the carbon footprint, waste disposal, Green Energy, etc.

So, all things considered, we have to correct our accounting habits to move forward with effective pro-environmental measures.

As the multinational finance, accounting, military and religion corporations and parochially selfish people everywhere, are so welded to their dark ages concepts of profiteering for power, and 'by any means' for food and a roof, we are lost.

An LNP or ALP federal govt are the last people we need if we are serious about our own welfare, incomes, employment, environment and future generations.

Perhaps a small but healthy start to the necessary corrections is to release cannabis from it's bad-press, false reputation and illegality as a source of food, and as a fuel, and as a component of any new-day auto industry?





An Intelligent Species would disband all current government and parliamentary structures, have a Global Council of Indigenous and Green managers, and some 5% of the pollution we suffer today, as a result, in next to no time.

But I 'have visions' so the specious myopics have someone to mock.

JerzyBalowski KingCommo
08 April 2014 2:20am

I saw a couple of Teslas (didn't hear them) in California recently and was interested enough to visit a showroom where a chassis and drive train (if you could call it that) and complete vehicles were on display. They are absolutely stunning cars and quite practical unless you are embarking on interstate trips. I've seen only one in Australia so far now I know what I'm looking for.
One of the big news stories during my visit was Elon Musk’s search for a location for a US$5,000,000,000 battery factory to be run energy neutral. Australia mines lithium in areas of high insolation. Why could we not be doing this also?
The cost will come down as development costs are recovered and batteries become cheaper and there is no doubt that I have bought my last traditional vehicle.
With all the automotive closures about to happen I sincerely hope that some of our engineering talent will be directed towards this new technology but to it’s going to take a bigger mind than Tony Abbott’s to incubate this emerging industry.

Me back

IN the last 20 years, perhaps less..., I saw something somewhere, about "aluminum-cell" batteries.

Obviously, if the info was genuine, the massive advantage of alum over lead for the plates, is huge.

I might also be correct in recalling that the alum-cell batteries were 'removed' from publicity by the lead-cell industry cartels, exactly like the fossil oils cartels keep Cannabis demonised.

However, as I say, above, the species has to move a long long way forward, from all these archaic designs for energy etc., and so combining technology, science and R&D, I suspect it's not impossible for us to move away from the trad batteries concept altogether.

There's a lot of USA and other Euro websites, suggesting alternatives to these old energy storage systems, and lots of unsubstantiated ones cracking-on about 'free energy'. They're too techie and complex for my Luddite mind.

But I do suspect, like Tesla himself, there's a trove of free energy waiting for the species to shout down the fossil fuels and other profit-addicted providers.

And, to vote down the current mainstream party bastards who call themselves 'politicians'!

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