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Retired Australian Secret Intelligence Service agent and wife searched in Canberra while lawyer's office is raided, say lawyers
Katharine Murphy and Lenore Taylor
theguardian.com, Tuesday 3 December 2013 20.20 AEST

What I wrote in response to one commenter:

03 December 2013 11:27pm

Its been a police state for at least 20 years.......... good to see 1 or 2% open their eyes .... a little.
Everyone makes a choice what to see.............

KingCommo to painfulreality
04 December 2013 12:52am

20 years?
My reckoning is that we - assuming you mean 'Astrayliar' - have been a police state at least since 26th January 1808!
And the USA began it's invasion here after WW2, making yes, a major incursion in 1996.
Me no friend of the maximum consumption USA, but the jury's still out as to whether the Yanks can be more egalitarian than the passed masters of the British 'lords of sick'?
Without a Revolution in the USA, 'twill be no better, and likely worse.

And, what I wrote but didn't post;

20 years?

My reckoning is that we - assuming you mean 'Astrayliar' - have been a police state at least since 26th January 1808!

The only difference to today is that now the American corporate crime cartels and gangs, working for the freemasons, own our police forces, and governments.

Perhaps why Rupert Murdoch got himself an American passport?

As to who ASIO is acting out on behalf of, well..., the corporations of course, Woodside, as one comment suggested, but clearly the multinationals run from the the upper-political-classes of the USA, UK and Eurape, and our 1% in Australia, ie., all of the world's 'maximum consumption' 1st world.

Then, what I posted as my own comment

Longer ago than these latest exposures of spying have many known the world's corporations run governments and spy agencies and all manner of culture.

Most of it, for around 3 centuries.

And there's an anonymous clique of super-elites - ancient dynasties - behind the boards, cults and schools of the elite corporations, especially of the most ecologically-destructive.

The duty and work cut-out for humanity from now on, is to discern corporations from governments, and to do battle in that arena, to assert our Democratic structures where they matter. On nationals scales, but also, now, primarily on the planetary scale.

Media, and thus those who glean insights - or deceits - on such affairs - the Readers/Commentators, Public/Voters, Dissenters/PROTESTERS! - have to correct their focus, thinking and reportage/comments to seeing the whole basket of 'economic development', and the concomitant over-resourcing of the natural environment, thus, the theft of a sustainable future from the 'life-on-earth' bunch, and the mal-distribution of resources, has next to nothing to do with 'government' but is sponsored, exactly as these filthy arrogant spy agencies are, by the insane auto-growth, as-in 'self-perpetuating', competitive corporations.

Our role as Democratic Citizens, is to bring to account in every way,

- from the bribes they pay their employees - so often YOU AND ME
- to the bribes, threats and blackmailing they issue upon politicians
- and universities, inventers, et al,

the corporate manipulation of the Democratic Processes of Good, Honest Government.

This goes also - and is crucial to see - into the whole curricula of our schools and universities, as well as the general 'trends' more manipulated than we know, of our cultures and social 'norms'. As well, most of our 'ambitions' and career aspirations.

Energy and transport - and communications-technology - being right up there as priorities to correct.

We have to get to the root of why these church schoolies run to being spies in the 1st place, and why they're so ready to be unconscionable bastards against the law, against the well-being of the species and against the sustainability of the world's delicate environment.

'Educated-ignorance' being part-and-parcel of religious school indoctrination - FOR THE CORPORATION.

So, while it may appear off-topic, TAXING RELIGIONS has more Merit and relevance, and gets to the root of our woes in these international spying scandals more than we may 1st realize, if we are to take the more intelligent, passive, political path instead of war.

Can today's 'Opposition', other parties and Independents take TAXING RELIGIONS up as a Priority Policy?


And more comments from others, with my add-ons

03 December 2013 10:46pm

Did Howard just go in there just for the oil?
In the light of this spying Howard's reason for going into Timor in the first place has to come under review.
When was Howard told that there was massive oil and gas reserves in the Timor Sea. Did he go into East Timor to protect people from slaughter? Or did he and Downer send our troops into danger to secure some oil. It did seem out of character for Howard to go to East Timor to stand up for human rights.
Previous to this I'd only given Howard ticks on only two things, gun control and East Timor. Now it appears I have to take one of his ticks away and replace it with a big cross.
The stakes must be high for Brandis to undertake this raid especially during a time parliament is sitting. Who is Brandis protecting and can we expect him to do his normal 'no comment' when asked in question time.
But we do need to know about all events surrounding East Timor, the oil and Howard and Downer. Brandis ain't going to help he will only hinder to protect his mates. Criminal and shocking.
Longerenong Longerenong
03 December 2013 10:59pm

Maybe I need to rethink Howard's tick for gun control also. With accusations that his Father and Grandfather were linked to the ' New Guard' an organisation that was prepared to trash democracy to gain control.
It's possible he wanted guns out of citizens hands if they ever had to protect themselves from Government.
I'm vary glad that the nation of East Timor was created and guns have been removed from our streets.
However I have to wonder now what were Howard's motives for these actions. As he stated them himself or like Brandis here stated as in the national interest but really in his own interest.

KingCommo to Longerenong
04 December 2013 2:13am

We've been doing the bidding and warring for the British and Euro IMF since 1788, Cobber.
As I recall, We sent Aussie troops into Timor L'Este to stop their slaughter.
But no doubt, as our corporation er - sorry our govt, have been talking in backrooms with the Indons, over the resources right across the region for decades, there was some conspiracy between them, and likely mostly to weaken Timor L'Este's want for Independence, which may've involved a 'staged' Indon invasion of Timor L'Este.
But Howard was aware that there was a massive public call for us to stop the carnage. I'd say he would've done nothing if we were lax.
While we sit back, the whole region will descend into violence, war, and possibly even US-controlled Martial Law here, unless we begin mass protests against the whole federal parliamentary structure, now.
But it's outside of any 23 million's power.
It's global, and has to be very soon.

And another comment from mememe, to a commenter who basically accused Jose Ramos Horta, of being wantonly corrupt...

Do you really think People like the Timor L'Este leadership are willingly 'corrupt'?

Their level, in such a vulnerable nation, cannot be classed as 'corrupt'.

Horta and Gusmou and others, went through the most harrowing personal crises during the Indon's invasion, because of these threats from outside, including from Australia, and for the decisions they were forced to make.

They had no option but to accept 'bakshish' as-it-were, and as little as it is, because to not would have meant the larger powers, the Indons and the US, via our own fascists, would simply have bombed the life out of their People, and taken the booty regardless.

Exactly as the British East India Company - the IMF - rode to being the world's most powerful corporate-government - ie., the British Empire.

As it is in Timor, they chose the Honorable Route, of staying somewhat poorer, rather than accepting the bullshit bribes of the major powers, of becoming 'rich' in imported material crap, thus shallow in soul, to the detriment of their islands' ecology, and to the detriment of the Spirit of their People, as against being a truly 'Rich' people, with Wisdom enough to know that their ways, culture and Spirit is superior and of far greater value than our western material garbage and the soulless lives we ourselves resort to.

West Papua is fighting the same war against western materialist shallowness of soul.

Something, we mainstream Australians have not the 1st clue about, being owned for 225 years, by Mammon.

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